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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dec 7 2017

Peal Harbor Anniversary

Whitehouse Flag at half staff

Donald Trump Jr on twitter

South Dakota  Mt. Rushmore = All Trump

Twitter wars Mitt Romney Steve Bannon Trump

James O'Keefe

man saves wild rabbit in Calif fire

Mueller - it's over, pack it up dude

Judicial Watch on Mueller

Why is CLinton Foundation still in operation?

Political bias of FBI

Mueller witch hunt - tucker

New Contract for Goodall

US asks Israel to accept the move

Flynn interviews without his lawyer & they tried to set him up

Obama scandals

Huma Affair

FBI body parts factory

Al Franken has no class

Obama  MLord & God

Obama warns about Hitler

Swamp creature McCabe

private schools


Obama 1st Pres w/ Felony Indictment


Strzok's lover seen

Ethics Panel clears Nunes

CNN wrote a true story

GOP Introduces jail bill for people that harbor fugitives

The death of a fake story

Planned Parenthood under investigation

Judge in Flynn case recuses himself

California Fires

Porn Star commits suicide

Lifetime Movie - 2 Corey's

Witch hunting Julian now?

Obama thanks himself  OMG and lies in the process

San Diego Hepatitus outbreak

Trey Gowdy On Mueller Anti trump staff?

Hillary is powerless now

Fallen Angel Resistmas figures of Hillary

shutdown avoided for 2 weeks

Mueller is scum

Each member of DOJ gets 1 monitored cell phone

Federal Gov't abuse of power

Christopher way Refuses to answer the truth

Director being questioned, he refuses to answer

N Word