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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dec 3 2017

Obama - climate change

ABC fake news

Trump to Fox News - No Collusion

Trump's lawyer

Tax Reform

MSM won't cover Kate Steinle Verdict

Merkel & Hitler were photographed when she was so little

FBI - Loretta Lynch



DOJ FBI destroyed to protect Hillary

Documents reveal the coverup

Muslims throwing gays off buildings


Rosie won't stop,

House holds FBI in contempt of Congress


Tom Fitton

fake news is going to honor women now  OMG

Sean Hannity Tweet to Comey

FBI to Trump

Sean Hannity tick tock

James Woods on Kate Steinle Murder

Killed by a shark

Trump - Being Normal
Gold Standard

Roy Moore leading


NFL empty


FBI in trouble for covering for Hilary

Obama should be charged w/ sedition