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The truth never changes, lies always do

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dec 8 2017

CA fire destroys home after purchase 5 days ago

Real Indian taking down Senator Warren in 2018

Going After Hillary is not yet done

Mark Zuckerberg changing diapers  - scary photo for me

Deep state still trying to operate & run a 2nd gov't 2 sets of rules

Ungrateful basketball players

Joe Arpaio

Mueller Investigation crumbles

Mueller getting ready to get out

Shooter dresses as a student

Ouch, Kevin Spacey

Roy Moore Accuser


Wikileaks Calling Out Fake News


Julian to CNN = 18 questions

Defending Julian

Donald Trump JR


Tooooo Funny, Doggie Dress Up

Tomi Lahren

Mueller dirty cop

Manafort working on case while under house arrest

Cop Workout

Moore - Yearbook Forgery

Made up story unfolds

Trump keeping campaign promises

Take Down

Trump & the Troops

New Homeland Sec & Building the wall

Bannon Protecting Trump

Florida Trump Rally

PItiful Obama trying to take credit for Trump's growth

Obama used Brits to spy on Trump

Democrats crash the DNC - they know it's all rigged now

purple tie

banning plexiglas in PA

Seth Rich

Trump - periscope in FL

The Christmas sign in FL

Trump called out everyone

Not worshiping gov't, we worship God

Annonymous - not reporting news is also fake news

Getting our Christmas wish - end fake news

65th record high on dow jones

Auditing the Budget

Baby Trump

Joel Osteen - moving away from church

Standing for National Anthem

Arab news ( they are a day ahead )

Mike Cernovich

Published in Oct - Why Do You Hate Trump ?//  Very funny to watch

Ron Johnson demands FBI Turn over emails