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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dec 10 2017

Trump Saves Christmas - youtube video

Hiding FBI crimes
Hiding FBI crimes


New Q Message

16 Songs That Came from Christmas movies

Tax Plan

Sara Huckabee Gving President Trump Credit  (even though Obama is trying to take credit)

Trump - Fire fake news reporter

Mueller Lied !!!!!

Going After Hillary & Obama



Prince - Murdered?  Likely

Luis Gutierrez retires from Congress

80 yr old marries 12 yr old

mean cruel bullying

what bullying does to a child

Celebrity reaches out to Keaton

Hillary go away

80 yr old marrying a 12 year old

Mueller represented Clinton Foundation against Racketeering charges

Congress calling for Mueller resignation

Taking on Ford Motor Co -

12 Previous Presidents did not do what Trump is doing

FISA Abuse - Nunes

Making fun of Obama - too funny

Supreme Court Rules Trump can withhold documents on DACA

Awesome snowman

It's like 2 countries, not 2 different Presidents

Hillary money trail all the way to Canada

John Stahl - on the trash of NY Times

Obama Admin - more corrupt than the mob

Are these the leakers?

Black Community would not share the stage w/ Trump

How can anyone lose track of our soldiers?

The Fires in CA video saying China owns Calif