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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Tuesday May 22, 2018

Penalty for players who kneel  NFL 

Awan witness was wiretapped & then bank account drained

S Korean President arrives at Whitehouse

Nascar at Whitehouse

Sebastian Gorka

Spying Operation

FBI discusses dossier details w/ CNN

IG report on Huma

Swimming USA Olympian 

Brennan in trouble - Roger Stone

Making Fun of Roseanne

Grand Jury already empaneled

ICE scolds Congress

Obama illuminati collection

Stormy Daniels Lawyer hit w/ $10 Million in damages

Jake tapper's mansion

BP ends projects in Iran after sanctions threats

 No dems invited to meeting on Russia sources

Trumps attorney Michael Cohen pleads guilty has to cooperate now

MS13 gang member sentenced to 40 years 

Clinton Laptop evidence 

NFL hurting from kneeling for the anthem