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Monday, May 21, 2018

Monday May 21, 2018

 Nascar at Whitehouse

Obama documents sealed will be unsealed

Judicial Watch

Joe DeGinova - HUGE

Sean Hannity

John Kerry provided travel visas for Russians in the Mueller Probe

Celebrity Chef under investigation

Harvard awarding Hillary

medical marijuana

Unemployment lowest rate in a century

US = illegals in USA more than 10 million

DNC failed to certify Obama as eligible in most states

Rod Rosenstein

Un Attacks Trump as they want to migrate more muslims into USA

Diane Feinstein Lying about Trump and who he can fire

MS13 gang members arrested in Texas

President Trump tweet in 2014, regarding enemies

IG report scaring the hell out of everyone, showing the corruption at the high levels of gov't

Hillary still not over losing to Trump

KellyAnne on Trump's tweet

Obama timeline

Zerohedge - visualizing an internet minute

Supreme Court ruling

Huber - SES  deep state op 

Netflix destroyed

Concealed FISA documents

Rudy Guliani

 Grassley requests DOJ documents on Bruce Ohr

Rosenstein Wray and Coates leaving the Whitehouse

 Trump had meeting to get to end of spy investigation

Stonewalling the turnover of documents, they want until 2020

FBI Spy had code name Walrus

FBI informant paid $1 Million 

DOJ inspecting Obama

DOJ allows Congress to review documents after meeting w/ Trump 

Switzerland denies citizenship to any who abuse the welfare system

Harvard will host its black only graduation ceremony 

Sara Sanders - Dems are waging a war against women

  Space preservation act of 2001

Bernie Sanders running again

Police officer dies after being run down by a jeep

 Mueller investigation illegal

FBI - Investigating Abortionist that slits babies born alive

Boy Scouts event - alcohol & condoms 

Under pressure, DOJ expands probe
IG Report

Starbucks troubles

EU could compensate Iran

Stormy Daniels lawyer -  wife in divorce proceedings w/ Michael Avenatti