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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Thursday May 24, 2018

Federal employees - looking at child porn at work

Sylverster Stalone at the Whitehouse
Pardoning Black Boxer wrongfully accused  Jack Johnson Pardon

Drawing up articles of impeachment for Barack Obama

Obama & Valeria Jarrett behind spying

Trump to the NFL

Nancy Pelosi sides w/ the players

Players trying to find alternate way to protest

Tennessee - 4th state to restrict Monsanto pesticide

Trey Gowdy for FBI Director

Dartmouth survey - democrats are the most intolerant

United Airlines  - cutting ties w/ NRA - no regrets

Orchid Named after Melania

N Korea nuclear site demolished

Trump in 2014 on negotiations

Trump to Kim Jon Un

N. Korea says they will talk

Jeffrey Epstein information for Mueller 

FBI releases Jeffrey Epstein charges by date

No arrest for Epstein as long as he cooperated

President Trump - medal of Honor US Navy Seal 

Cuomo issues pardons

Devin Nunes

FBI Redacted $70 K price tag McCabe Hid

Harvey Weinstein expected to surrender to Feds

Sara Carter on Mike Flynn

Rachel Dolezal former NAACP hit w/ felony fraud

Morgan Freeman under sexual assault investigation may lose SAG Award

Hillary looks crazed, asking people to vote for democrats

New NFL rule on standing for the Anthem

Brad Parscale letter to Facebook and twitter

Jury Awards Apple $539 million (Samsung)

Mueller & his FBI stint, Sweetheart deal

Obama ordered coverup of Spygate to make it look as though it was not be run from the Whitehouse

Oklahoma shooting in restaurant

Trying To push Julian Assange out of Ecuador

Georgia Rape Victim gets $1 Billion award

Trump to cut foreign aid to illegal countries LOL genius 

Obama interfered in the French elections as well as USA