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Monday, May 21, 2018

Stephen Soule Attorney Paul Frank & Collins Law Firm

Stephen Soule went from trying to get "arbitration" to dismissal 
then evade discovery  and then finally case does not meet federal standards

Exhibit 1 

fake copyright strike  - Ryan's job to have it removed, it's illegal

Timothy seems to be unable to discern what he can do w/ a law degree, must need a refresher course 

Steven seems to be unable to see how he is incriminating himself each pleading 


They take all of the earnings, and then try to demean the victims that figure it out

Like a typical Democrat, they self incriminate and show you the evidence of their crimes.  See the pleadings inside the case

Ryan Mzarik defaulted Google, BlogSpot and YouTube in the Federal court case by not having anyone file for an appearance 

Case 17-CV-733  Concord NH Federal Court

They have further re-nagged on an agreement that was made and then tried to have an attorney that was not party to the case, file pleadings on their behalf

Also, check this out,  they are actually allowing Google to cyber bully on an anti - Trump page, using my copy righted virtual domain while I paid for it.

They have falsified my name, defamed me, and targeted Julian Assange, and worse, tried to disrespect, and violate the first lady

Ryan Mzarik has not contacted me since he lied on the phone to try to get "more time" to file answers, but refused to open my Twitter account, and fix my lawful YouTube channel

Ryan actually is complicit in the crimes of YouTube, Google, Twitter and BlogSpot, rather than instructing his clients to obey the USA laws.

Internet Embezzlement

Oops Forgot to file a certificate of Service

Trying to move case to California (Sanctuary State)  (ShariaLaw)  (CorruptJudges)

Trying to hide evidence and file for appearance when not licensed within the state

Defaulting on their own clients

Attorneys not doing their jobs

Attorney Timothy McLaughlin From Shaheen & Gordon
filed illicit pleadings for Defendants he did not represent

Joseph Aaronson  Defaulted Go Fund Me