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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

"YouTube Memo" To the Entire World After Channel Owner Snaps From Discrimination

Dear Family of Nasim Aghdam & Everyone Else:

From Susan Wojciski CEO of YouTube

We are overwrought with grief that our actions, and demonetizing Nasim's videos led to her anxiety, anger and feelings of isolation and that she depended on this income to survive.

Every channel owner at YouTube is able to post their video content and earn advertiser revenue called monetization from their own virtual property.  It has been our shortcoming and inability to keep up with the millions of new channels that have tripled since 2016, and our staff has failed in properly compensating these channels.   The 10,000 untrained people we hired could not handle this volume, and our prior staff was inadequate.

We assume responsibility for this tragedy, that led to Nasim's death, and the injury of others, and we have to apologize, and try to cope with this as it leads right to us, and we have to contact Twitter, Facebook and Google to assure that we never get anyone distressed to this degree over our policies, and that we prevent any other tragedies like this.

Every channel has a right to its full advertiser revenue, and for this long standing time period, we will be working to make sure channels are not feeling violated, or discriminated against, and that channels receive their revenue.

We will take care of funeral costs for Nasim, and be also working with her family on a way to honor this girl, whose life was cut way too short, and she determined in her mind, that she was not being heard or acknowledged with her issues, fears and pain.

We cannot allow our ownership of the website YouTube to be responsible for any deaths, tragedy's, or breakdowns, and so as of today, we are quickly correcting all of our accounts and their rights to their earnings.

Nothing can make up for what happened, and we did not catch the signs, but we can prevent this from ever happening again.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the nation, world, and innocent people that just want a way to express themselves, and although each of us has our own views, and our own forms of expressing those views, channel owners have their rights to do so.  The audiences they draw are their own, and people that object to particular type videos, do not have to watch them.  Our intention also in the future is to keep channel owners protected from bully's that cyber-stalk.  As measures to aid in this, we are going to increase our block feature, so that channels are not subject to as many cyber-stalkers, that go to particular sites, just to harass owners.  

The audiences that people draw should be viewers that are interested in their content, and not people that go to try to insult anyone's work.  The objective here is to grow each person's audience, as that makes us all prosperous, and channel owners do not have to spend time taking down comments from haters.

YouTube's base is only from its owners, that create the revenue through ads.  We are also going to use our advertiser base now to connect with the channels, rather than be opposing, in order to create more revenue for our advertisers.  

We are going to train our staff to be more complimentary to our channel owners, and to create an atmosphere of more peace, rather than opposition.  While nothing can take back this life, we can change the narrative from this history of a life cut too short, and honor Nasim by making the world aware that we will never let this happen again.


This should be Susan Wojcicki,  but it's really me, 

Natasha DeLima

Never hired by YouTube, but have been violated by them for the past 6 years