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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Thursday April 5, 2018

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Q and QAnon


Nancy Pelosi will run w/ redoing the tax bill, meaning raise taxes 

MI Debbie Dingell wants to do gun confiscation 

Jake Tapper V Obama Wire Tapper

How to ditch google 

 IRS has to pay for targeting conservatives 

 89% of border agents want wall

Caravan might not try to come to USA - AP 

Vaccines killing babies

Comey in trouble

 Hagmann Report Facebook - No Privacy 

Vermont Mexican Illegals arrested driving in the state 



Amazon might win bid from Pentagon???? $10 Billion 

13 Reasons Why Skripal Poisoning 

 How to create a socialist state

Pedogate - thread connecting the symbolism w/ the Pope  - beyond belief

30,000 People in Britain get together to "Make Britain Great Again"  and praise our President

Calling FCC to say no to 5G

Prosecutor had affair while rape case on going

Hillary Clinton - war on truth

Catch and release could be ending

Trying to blackmail w/ sex tape, only showed consensual sex and blackmail

Kennedy in 1961 on deep state and secret society

Asma medications not working, requiring 4 times the amount - ridiculous

Massive Efforts to reconnect Julian

Racecar Steve Goldman selling $10 Million property and 25 car garage

Twitter becoming worse than fake news

Cancelling the Clinton Impeachment Series  not sure why

Youtube shooting - Tucker Carlson

Ny Times coverage of Easter was despicable

Nunes demands document that started the Russia probe,

Woah, look at the weapons of the Pope,

California mistakenly gave out $1.5 Billion in medicade to illegals but we all foot that bill

Lying victim of Trump sexual assault gets caught lying

Jury finds millionaire's death

Credit cards not needing signature

Target - Pedogate,  man exposes himself in woman's bathroom, 
boycott Target

Pedogate - American Empire exposed
someone did a lot of work on this,

Trump,  Children have value at conception

"We must always remember that all children are blessings from our Creator. They are endowed from conception with value, purpose, and human dignity. They are a source of unmatched joy, and they represent our Nation’s future." -

3rd military crash in 2 days????  Q  what is up, who is traveling in these helicopters?

Judge goes after Mueller's abuse of power - Manafort case

Luis Guiterrez IL Corrupt

Poisoned ex spy daughter speaks out

Hundreds of Monsanto law suits moving forward

Devin Nunes demands unredacted memo be turned over

Now 2 students in elementary school kneel for the national anthem

Florida school ditches common core, soars to #1


Immigration surge at the borders - higher than Obama totals

Kate Brown - Oregon wants to defy Trump's order to sent national guard to the border

Trump pushing on Congress to deport illegals faster

Trump - Official Memo to deploy National Guard to the border

San Diego border group (open borders) started this caravan

Pentagon - On National Guard at border

LIVE Trump on Tax Reform

USA tops all countries for immigrants

Woman shot in her car by stray bullet

Trump pulling out of Iran Nuclear deal

Muslim preacher says sex w/ children causes them no harm

Trump lawsuit against CA is huge

Huber - grand jury

Mike Huckabee - Obstruction of Justice on Fox & Friends

Donald Trump on Twitter

Nebraska passes bill to defund PP

increased gun sales

Info  MS = Lyme Disease

Chicago - 7 killed in 12 hours w gun violence

Illegals obtaining drivers licenses

Setting the record straight on gun rights

Senior PP member bullying Kyle and his prom date

Canada renegotiating NAFTA and Amazon is going to have to pay rightful money to US Post Office

Jay Sekulow on Unmasking the President

Mick Mulvaney taking on Sen Warren

3.4 Million jobs lost for giving our trade to China

April 19 - May 1 = Satanic Occult times

YouTube Shooter

HHS officials resign

Notable Resignations list updated

Mary Ann Glendon resigns

Amazon bans Trump book

5G going up, Richie from Boston

Our poisoned food

Nevada election fraud

Facebook - going to share people's accounts w/ doctors

Facebook under fire

Kamala harris - on Ellen

Hillary Meme - James Woods
Wizard of Oz

Powerful words from Joe DiGenova on McCabe

Trump's war w/ Amazon is the unfair scam on lower shipping, while the PO goes broke and Amazon gets rich

Tom Fitton on Awan Brothers

Arrest warrant issued for Conor McGregor

He Threw a metal dolly at a bus window 

Alabama woman arrested for stealing from her employer $500,000

Pruit reassigned someone for doing his job properly

Maryland - Improving voter registration when you register your car, etc

Texas council woman facing misdemeanor charges over kids in Trump shirts

new text messages reveal Strzok was in London on the day they opened Mueller investigation 

Strzok was in London to question drunk guy in bar, which was all fake & from that, they invented dossier 

they are bullying Trump's ex campaign manager who told them no, 

17 states & DC sue to stop census question

Today Trump went to Greenbrier WV A bunker where Congress went the day that memo was released

Gun saved a life in a store robbery

Mueller approved coverups during 9/11 investigation

Lucky Charms - plastic in their cereal bars

PA Congress running as Republican funded money to Democrats and Hillary

Greg Gutfield on Google & their stupidity

Trump's 4th quarter salary goes to Dept of Transportation

Vermont backlash on taking away gun rights

UN trying to cover up for poison attacks

Facebook's plan was to crush independent news

Q Great Awakening and About Jared Kushner

DC Alert System tested on Thursday

The Global Elite

Kyle - Parkland School says Clarence Thomas assured him 2nd Amendment won't be touched

Samantha Dravis leaving Pruitt

Whitehouse on twitter, 53% economy approval , highest in 18 years

Indoor NJ Farm grows all year long, without pestisides

Mueller got NEW warrants on Manafort, unrelated to past cases ?????

Whitehouse tells democrats to quit complaining

S Korean ex President could get decades in prison

Twitter bans conservative comedian

Twitter feed exposing Mueller fraud investigation & Strzok texts

Justice dept misses deadline meaning they are in contempt

15 AG's Sue Pruitt

Two arrests at the borders pay for a veteran for a year


David Seaman