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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Wednesday April 4, 2018

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Q and QAnon


 Sean Hannity April 4,

Honoring Martin Luther King Jr Today

Family photo

 Is Justice Kennedy leaving?

Sesame Place - 1st park for Autism kids

 Nasim Aghdam
YouTube Shooter Was Abused Until She Snapped

Making fun of David Hogg, rushing to YouTube

They lightened the skin color in photos ?????  Are you serious?

Facebook labeling us by our political views - WOW

Wisconsin, Democrats win a seat that was republican before

California Legislators getting 2 paychecks - double dipping

Trump campaign did better on Facebook than Hillary

Amazon falling

2 women face murder charges

Air force adds 6 month commitment

Huber has 470 people working for him,

Chicago IL  takes guns - wow

The Rosenstein Memo

Shocking poll reveals what people would give up of their freedoms


Alabama - Arrests Arrested for bribery & crimes 

State Representative Jack Williams (R-Vestavia Hills) is a local congressman in Alabama.
Marty Connors is also a Republican, and the former chairman of the Alabama Republican Party.
The third individual, G. Ford Gilbert, is a health care professional.

Couple arrested for brothel in their home to pay for drug addiction

Fighting for Julian Assange

Congress - Trey Gowdy talking about how they leak

HUD abuse continues as money is misspent and does not go to really helping the less fortunate, it's like a series of slush funds w/ no accountability


CEO Tweet 

My tweet to Susan Wojcicki

My YouTube Memo that should have already been written today

YouTube shooter used smith and wesson gun

They are calling her mentally ill, when she just had really strong views against killing animals 

YouTube victim got help at local restaurant who stopped her leg from bleeding

Donald Trump Jr makes a firey tweet, but everyone's missing so many points on this, it's not about politics, any shootings are tragedies, but social media always does the wrong thing

YouTube shooter's family says she must have just bought gun

YouTube Shooter details

Liberals quiet about the shooting, from a gun free zone, done by a liberal

Police report about YouTube abuse provoking the shooter

Police Fail also, since YouTube had called because his daughter was missing and distraught


The poisoning of the Russian spys - gas is produced in USA and UK
not produced in Russia so does that mean UK did the poisoning

Andrew Breitbart tweet on targeting them for exposing Podesta

The crowd of people coming towards border have entitlement issues before they even arrive

Why Hillary lost - huge campaign problem

Kimberly Klacik: “Obama ran on ‘Hope and Change,’ President Trump ran on ‘Making America Great Again,’ and Hillary ran on ‘I’m with her,’ because it’s all about her.”

Islamic leader arrested in Italy for brainwashing students

Obama has equipment to spy on cell phones and listen in on calls

CAIR on punishing non muslims?  Big fail

House democrats write off $120,000 for Awan Brothers

Facebook trying to repair criminal violations on ads and spying

Missouri AG Facebook gave data to Obama  on Tucker Carlson

Satire on Trump being interviewed by Mueller

Mueller is just such a bully

Mueller Manafort conflict

Trump video of him helping others

Was a Bill Clinton pardon done by bribery?

Clintons & Obama's invited to royal wedding, not the Trump's wow

Byron York on Logan Act, Mueller and Trump Russia
great article

Jason Fitsimmons a random hit for speaking out against Parkland?

Hillary won't shut up

The MSM just won't accept that Trump is not a target

Huntington Beach CA joining lawsuit against Sanctuary cities

EPS Scott Pruit gave pay raises despite a No from Whitehouse and now is saying he stopped them in Fox Interview

GOP leaders in discussions to rescind some spending in Omnibus bill

Saudi Arabia's crown princes slams Obama's nuclear deal

See the difference?

Liberalism is a mental disorder humor

China and soy bean tariff's even will hurt China

Judicial Watch DOJ records show that Obama helped fund Albania

Judy Garland - Pedogate

President Trump's approval rating soars

Senator Warren  Wells Fargo

James Munder


Destroying the Illusion

Facebook scans private messages,  so does Twitter likely and everyone, don't think you have any privacy on any part of the internet

Judicial Watch joins case against Maryland Gerrymandering (political tampering w/ free speech)

Teens arrested for trying to smuggle drugs across the border

Trump is meeting w/ Peter Thiel to bust up antitrust like Google Facebook and Twitter etc

Trump singing proclamation to protect border

Trump keeping wall guarded until wall is built

FBI has already confirmed Jihadi camps in USA

Trump and the caravan list of demands - wow

Planned Parenthood Wisconsin fined $6,000 for failing to report Hillary donations

Vatican defends Pope as he loses control of the church

Inbreeding in 10 royal families 

Why we need to get out of the UN

Trump deploys national guard to border

People cancel memberships and boycott the advertisers that pulled from Fox over Laura Ingraham

Paul Ryan is such a puppet, wants Trump to reverse tariffs, that keep us broke

Facebook 87 Million users were compromised

 Pedogate - little girl turns in pedophile

 Girl returned to her father 24 years after she was taken

Rosenstein gave Mueller secret authority to target Manaford

Giving Bill Clinton a fake award 

Video on 5G 

Hillary Clinton on Comey, I've never met him