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Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1 2018 Easter Sunday

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Character Easter Eggs - priceless

Star Wars Easter Egg meme

Whitehouse Easter

Melania Trump


140th Whitehouse Easter

30,000 Expected = adults and children

Health Help, Good Foods, Also Dangerous Foods Chemicals etc



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Trump Easter

March for our lives permits have to be ordered months in advance, this is true w/ all large group gatherings for get the police protection, and clearances etc.

Happened way before Parkland

MSM Mind Control is at work 24/7

$45 Million dollar wedding - Prince Harry

Pedophilia runs the world talking about cults, framing the innocent
Franklin Coverup

Stormy Daniels = tramp

David Hogg - can't go to 4 colleges

David Hogg practicing his lines

Parts of wall being constructed already

13 Year old running for Governor of Vermont

James Woods admits Obama is muslim,

False Flag coverup

Missouri trying to make gun free zones go away and allow for guns again

520 Arrested in Calif pedo ring in February

PEDOGATE = Rainier catching a cult leader and the victims, perpetrators

Cancer drug having success rate

Clark - cops that kill Sacramento

NY closed loophole that allowed cops to have sex w/ people incarcerated, now it's not allowed

Reconnect Julian - code red

KimDotCom  - reconnect Julian stats

KimDotCom  - Follow the White Rabbit

Massive Netflix cancellations

Netflix stock tumble

Courage Foundation trying to restore Julian's internet rights and appeal it

Fox News, Happy Easter  Marakeets

Fox News On Not appointing special counsel

Cop murders over a traffic stop

Mexico sending these migrants to border

CA Farm workers arrested in ICE sweep

President Trump's Happy Easter

Man threatening Trump w/ a cyanide egg wow on Twitter

Trump's tweet to Mexico

Breitbart - No DACA

The inhumane detention of Julian Assange

This was Hillary's parking spot during the election,  it's still reserved

Hillary once tweeted to herself as "Happy Birthday Future President"  WOW

Paying Social security to dead people (their error) cost millions and they don't fix it

Linking Obama to scandal and unmasking of Trump

Trump's 2012 tweet about Obama's ring having arabic inscription

China puts tariffs on 128 products

People marching towards border in the masses, thread

No More DACA

Trump Tweet - No More DACA

Comey's book tour

David Hogg

Queen Elizabeth

California Medicaid Illegals

Intel - You will receive blessings

CNN Blocks Kyle On Twitter after canceling his appearance

Ron Kessler - Trump will be seen as a great President,, but dissed by the Press like Reagan

Google does nothing for Easter logo for 18th year in a row

IT Aids were exempt from background checks

Sean Hannity had dinner w/ Trump - wonderful

James Woods calls for National Guards to stop illegals at the border

Jerry Brown has pardoned over 1100 people,  Arnold Schwarzenegger pardoned only 15

Judge NY Arrested for stealing panties???? What?????

NBC News targeting Easter - WOW

Planned Parenthood thread

FBI Raid After Rainier's Arrest - HUGE

January article on the FBI scandal brewing w/ all of those that committed crimes and thought Hillary would win, and they would never be prosecuted

Maryland = Obama judges rule a 1925  40 Foot Cross Statue Unconstitutional

Pope Francis delivers message of peace

OnLine Dictionary changed the definintion of assault rifle after Parkland

March added many new sealed indictments - saying up to 25,000

They had to pass a bill in order to prohibit the use of dog and cat meat for human consumption

Disgrace of the budget bill

Roseanne on Q Data

NY Congressman arrested on heroin

Massive pedogate arrests in Trump's first year

Hill Street Blues Creator dies at 74

Devin Nunes saying he will impeach anyone that does not cooperate w/ FISA abuse

Senator Warren giving apology speech ??????  OUCH

Theresa May waiving burial costs for children

Under Obama, felons purchased 48,000 guns, Obama only prosecuted 44 of them

Pulse Nightclub wanted to shoot up Disneyworld, but there were too many armed guards, he picked a gun free zone instead,  MSM silent

Calling Netanyahu a terrorist

Roseanne on laughter

Roseanne on Q

Pedogate arrests

Illegal caught after he raped & impregnated his daughter

Jim Acosta at Whitehouse Easter, asking if Trump killed DACA?  Wow,  he's over the top, should be banned from the Whitehouse does not care about kids, a holiday, respecting others,