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Thursday, November 2, 2017

Nov 2 News Blog

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Youtube deletes video that is listed in here, must have been truthful

Joy Villa on running for Congress

Opioid Crisis

Democratic party Rigged the Election

Donna Brazille guilty of shutting down the Seth Rich murder investigation

Terror ads for democrats are backfiring

Where is Jeff Sessions?

Heinz Ketchup is outsourced to 3rd world countries, Why?  It's tomatoes & water, & sugar?

Donna Brazille, Senator Warren = turning on Hillary

A lawful President cannot be impeached, but it's essential to create a clean republican congress

Democrats can't fight truth w/ bad strategies and ads, now they are stuck with reality for 2018

Russia, and all of us, see through the week Manafort indictment, and how he's very over charged, a sloppy indictment, and everyone knows it has nothing to do w/ Mueller,  including Russia foreign ministry

Nicky Haley tells UN they don't get to rule the USA

Draining Obamacare swamp

Judicial Watch update

NY Terrorist brought in 23 additional people = chain immigration

Not protecting our soldiers and Navy

Opioiod deaths decrease after marijuana is legalized in Colorado

Big Pharma exposed finally

Trump on jobs coming back & tax cuts

Fake news CNN using a split screen for 2 reporters working the same story side by side

here it is again

After 1 year, we see the pattern, Trump tweets, media attacks it, we find out it's true, they run for cover of their lies

Twitter caught burying tweets, & Hillary still lost

Another Las Vegas Lie

Tucker Ignores Podesta threat

Trump going to end terrorism here w/ strong consequences

Obama behind Trump dossier - Scandal of the decade

A twitter employee shut down President Trump's twitter account - OUCH

Muslims praying in New York streets - so frightening

Bob Mercer stepping down - u=huge donor of RNC

Nancy Pelosi runs from the press