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Monday, October 30, 2017

Monday Oct 30, 2017 - Headlines

Manafort - Surrender Nothing to do w/ Russia but his past dealings - that for Millions of Dollars  It's insane, he had to do something for the millions, now he must implicate himself in Uranium One and go away, hard to "special counsel" others when you are a criminal yourself


Trump Responds

Kathy Griffin detained at airports LOL

Pedogate PA democrat

Guilty & Not Guilty Pleas

Trump lashes out & is correct, the charges had nothing to do w/ Russia

Podesta Group = A& B in indictment

Bengazhi Mastermind captured

Democrats busy erasing our history

Mueller indictment = nothingburger  Larry Elder

Manafort's attorney - charges predate Russiagate by 2 years

5 Ex Presidents That conned us for the last 40 years
Carter, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Obama 

Alan Dershowitz on Mueller

Baby left in dumpster

Congress (Trey Gowdy) can go after Hillary

Sean Hannity - Opening Monologue - power packed

Trump Whitehouse Halloween - all for the kids Trick or Treating at Whitehouse

Is Weinstein cutting a deal?

Vet arrested on massive counts of sex w/ dogs

Tiger Woods Ordered to take 137 Paternity tests

part 2