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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tuesday Oct 31, Halloween 2017

 When you kids just don't know what to go as, help them out

Clinton even scares the Adams Family

Whitehouse Halloween w/ Trump on Twitter, priceless

Trump and Mike Pence portraits

Silencing Rose McGowan

Big Pharma Billionaire Arrested

Benjamin Fulford

What does it mean

Could Papadopoulous have been wearing a wire?

Jeb Hensarling won't rerun in 2018

Justice Ginsberg not leaving

A new low in democratic "scare tactic" ads for election time

overcharged Manafort


Hillary wants to dress as "the President" for Halloween

The Swamp - No Costumes Needed

Crystal Meth found in candy bag  - of course they want to destroy Halloween and make people
fear fun for kids

Finally, Hillary as herself, these floated around twitter and Facebook before last year's election, now surfacing again

John Podesta threaatening Tucker Carlson via his attorney over cease & desist, now tweeting
must be feeling a little pain that he's in the pedo spotlight 

cease & desist letter leaked to NY Times

Military Baby 

Jim Acosta just won't shut up w/ fake news

Tucker Carlson part 2 of Podesta group  - part one is on Oct 30 blog here

Steve Bannon on Obama Administration Arrests

Virginia pulled its frightening ad, due to 'We The People" standing up against brainwashing

Journalists that dined at Clintons before her campaign started

JW - IRS targeted conservatives