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The truth never changes, lies always do

Friday, June 8, 2018

Saturday, June 9, 2018

IG Report being scrubbed


Trump ends taxpayer dollars going to unions

Anthony Bourdin final days

Anthony Bourdin tweet - info on Hillary

Anthony Bourdin's mom - no idea

Marilyn Monroe Statue in Connecticut 

Nike refuses to supply cleats for World Cup

Several countries rejecting muslims now

Trump skips climate change meeting at summit

addiction to fructose

Judge Jeanine

Protecting Julian Assange

Disney Animation Pioneer stepping down

16 REPUBLICANS for gun control = RINOS

Suicides connected to Clintons

shoes made w/ dead children

Poll on the best first lady,  Michelle Obama so far 2%

Wikileaks - spirit cooking emails from John Podesta

cancer screenings

Tormenting Julian Assange

changing the rules to run in 2020

Woman Fighting for Julian Assange

IG report being released on Trump's 72nd birthday

Nancy Pelosi on jobs rates - she needds to stop talking

NY Bans Styrofoam

Congress going after Mueller doing audit of money he wasted

$142 Million paid out to families w/ babies from secret vaccine court in 2017

March for terrorism in London

DOJ releases illegal crime statistics


Vaccine permanently harms child

Trump ends federal marijuana ban

Target - Over the Top Shop Lifting policy and they were wrong OMG

Wow, the doctor that verified Obama's birth certificate died in a crash????

Trump signs VA Mission EO giving vets more choices for health care

Sara Sanders giving it to the press !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ford making popular truck again

Democrats and Bill Maher would rather have the country in poverty than Trump succeed

President Trump talking about trade LOL  brilliant

President Trump telling off the press  LOL

181 Clinton Foundation doners

Whitehouse Statement

Paul Manafort talked to Russia even after he was indicted


Arrested leaker broke the public's trust

Canceling Obamacare

CA Nominee Defends Trump

N Korea has a one shot deal

Former Vatican diplomat indicted on child porn


Trump kicking ass to CNN

Germany Migration

LeBron punched whiteboard

G7 Summit update

Stormy Daniels - getting sued

Trump at the Summit

Trump's signature at the summit
Guardasil vaccine kills women

Jordon tweet
You’d be surprised, many ETs look exactly like us (humanoid). We can travel through space/time just as they can (if we learned how...) & in terms of galactic slave trade. What if many Jews didn’t exactly die..but were taken as slaves to Antarctica & “elsewhere”...Ponder.


Planned Parenthood fails to report sex crimes

Illegals crossing over 

Authorities free 177 from Human Trafficking group

Alligator kills a woman

Julian Assange attorney

Johnny Appleseed

OMG Using the Illegals Wow

Update on Tuscon

Turkey Fines Music From Rhianna

Antifa accounts to block on Twitter

Saudi Fashion Show

Graduate standing

Judge Jeanine

 Judge Jeanine