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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Jume 10, 2018 Sunday

G7 Summit Meeting Trump Merkel  favorite photo  lol

Marijuana - amazing video watch

Atlanta Sex Trafficking

Trump's Masterclass G7 Summit
Good Cop

Trump's approval rating 52%
World Leaders are groomed and bribed. They are members of secret societies. Trump is his own man. A brilliant billionaire businessman who cannot be bought or told what to do. They will never be as smart and streetwise as he is and that drives them crazy.

Food waste

Paul Manafort evidence

Still waiting for the evidence of a Russia Hack

Huge lawsuit against Hillary and the DNC - misapporpriation of funds

FL man charged for trying to kill Trump

Cellphone use releases mercury from fillings into your body

Dennis Rodman

Obama tried to give Iran access to our financial system


Candace Owens tells of Ellen

Colorado monument

Cops beating up a woman

 Trump TRudeau

Welcoming Trump in Shangra-Li

Trump showing leadership

bad judge

Immigration raid

DOJ Renages On Commitment to turn over document

 Hailstorm on airplane 

 Justin Trudeau's eyebrows 

Ken Star - Monica Lewinsky

FCC bans phone company hidden charges

9 Internet scams we are still falling for

Forest  Gump facts

Sara wins over fake news

Kansas cannot account for $900,000 of money

All Globalists panic as Trump Uses The Trump card - The USA

Angela Merkel

Christopher Wray provided false information to

Contempt charges

Obama  wow

Supreme Court

Eric Trump - Luke Trump  Potus 55

Summits Are Tricky

Modern Family Actor dies

5 Reasons Why Trump will win 40 states in 2020

Trade relations w/ China

Traitor Trudeau

Trump top aide on Trudeau

Bureaucrats subpoena records of home schoolers

Candace Owens tells off Ellen

Federal Judge Sides W/ Obama on illegals


Vince Vaughn

Trump staff have to rip up papers back up, LOL

dairy farmers 

Democratic Senator backs Trump

Disabled protestors stalk Trump and get arrested

Pruitt hails over obstacles

President Trump LOL