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Sunday, June 3, 2018

June 3, 2018 Sunday

3 Murders are they connected to Jon Benet?

Mueller letter

61 % of people think think the FBI is framing Trump

Obama exacerbated race in USA

FBI testifying against Hillary and Obama

Childs body just found in Tuscon

Child Trafficking connected to Clintons

Tuscon AZ underground camp found, sex trafficking

Underground sex trafficking tunnel  Tuscon Arizona


Child Trafficking live stream

Kid given to foster family is not a child, but 22 years old WHAT???


The Real John McCain

John McCain

Hillary's email scandal coming up in senate hearing

Guatemala volcano

Terry McAuliffe - The Clintons Monica Lewinsky

Cats being used for fur coats

Hillary classified emails - Jason Chaffetz

Muslim running for Governor in MI

Tommy Robinson protest continues for the 2nd week

Sheriff Israel hid his kids' sexual assault

Soros and Italy