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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Wednesday April 25, 2018

Buffalo NY  Race won by a conservative democrat

Allison Mack bail terms

Ashton Kutcher on Pedogate

McCulay Culkin doing a song in a band about pizza, wow, so sad

Democrats having an epiphany if Republicans win, they have to go

Amazon limiting reviews of James Comey's book

Huma never filled out vacation forms, so her "vacations" were paid in full

This was on the dark web and is not from Federal court, but from Common Law court
Unsealed Indictment for Hillary and Uranium One

GOP wins in Arizona

Wisconsin power outage

DACA ruling

Miami Herald lawsuit filed on Jeffrey Epstein

They are murdering Alphie and depriving him food and oxygen,  It's so sick, it's impossible to believe or watch, but our government control hospitals are this cruel and murderous

Sally Yates was the real blackmailer

The missing texts contain language about killing Trump and are about to be released

Fox News, Judge Napilitano - get a grand jury on Hillary

Obama photographed w/ Pedogate Richard Branson
He had him in the Whitehouse

Huge Win for taxpayer that refuses to pay for abortions

Broward County so corrupt, about to bust wide open

State Dinner Menu

Kyle interrogated at a gun range

DOJ investigating collusion between carriers and may prevent another merger

Brenden Fraser was abused, pedogate

Comey's Book Sales

Stormy Daniels reason for her "Trump claims"

Trump denies clemency to 180 requests very typical, not everyone deserves it, but many ask

Olympians arrive at the White House for their dinner

7 organ transplant successful

Big Pharma telling women that it's OK to have a vaccine for the flu shot while pregnant, can cause birth defects and autism  WOW, so sick

Jordon Hamlet 
Man going to be sentenced for trying to get Donald Trump's social security number before the election

Court to release names of Jeffrey Epstein's pedo gang

Apple having to pay billions to Ireland in back taxes

Hillary - big drinker 

Chicago times leaves front page blank - MSM is hurting all around and they are losing people

Bank robber pleads guilty

Trump may send Mike Pompeo to Jerusalem to move Embassy

VA Nominee - not a good resume, might not be able to be confirmed

Tennessee Senate want to build a statute to remember abortion victims, has to be passed in the house

Chicago MCDonald's menu has food from around the world

Putin said in 2016 that vaccines were destroying our kids

Nancy Pelosi on her "tax crumbs" of $1,000 per person

Kayne West

Federal law prohibiting spraying chemicals upon us, chemtrails etc

Fox News Beats  CNN

Gay Rights Rescinds the Award they gave Joy Reid

Israeli Gov't justifies killing children

Dow goes down, gold and silver go up

Daily Caller wrote wonderful article for Julian Assange

DNC slapped w/ order to preserve evidence in their case against Trump Wikileaks & Roger Stone

France increases NATO from 3% to 35%  Unbelievable !!!!!

Trump reforms welfare

59 Illegals smuggled over the border

HPV Vaccines should never be given to boys

Newt Gingrich on Trump and economy

Article that came out last year saying Bill Cosby was framed because he wanted to buy NBC
sounds strange first time I have seen this

SC Corrections - charged w/ Rackettering

DACA Judge keeping it alive

Whitehouse dinner for French President was the same China that the Clinton's stole and had to return to the Whitehouse, - no coincidence

Muslim running in Michigan, the state where they have already perfored FGM on women

Student in a school built a cry closet - wow, so strange

Chemtrails now found to be causing illness by a doctor

Professor charged for spraying fake blood on the NRA's house wow

N Korea test site collapsed and could have been leaking into the air, could be reason that they are suspending testing

Sessions investigating Obama & missing $6 Billion

Supreme court likely to uphold travel ban

Melania was stunning for French President

The danger we are in, smart phones, smart car keys, our bank accounts, wake up everyone

Pedogate Internet ring of 70,000 or more