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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday April 22, 2018

Jack on twitter - spirit cooking tweets from way back

Michelle Bachman reports on the government witch hunt

Sept 2015, actor exposing deep state is dead

FL County Commissioner kept a sex slave

 Angel Fox Medium reporting on Julian Assange

China face recignition OMG

Japan does not allow muslims to control their country at all

Army recruits are down in this strong economy

 India's animals are beaten OMG

Chuck Grassley saying fake news is hurting thte US, and he's right

Wilikeaks, Letter to President for Julian Assange

James Woods, best post yet, on twitter about Hillary

Donald Trump, and then Wikileaks response

 Iraq gives death sentence to islamic judge

The Rothschilds

Obama infiltrated the Whitehouse w/ Muslims

Feds drop bombshell

Michael Flynn will campaign for Montana

Jpe DiGenova - the plot to Frame Trump

Rep DeSantis

Woman discovers hidden camera in Starbucks bathroom

Caravan arrives at the border, no one covering it, no one stopping them

Tom Fitton - Judicial Watch on Mueller investigation and abuses of power

CA selling burned home on a lot for $800G

FL breakin - they use AR15 against the intruder

Pedogate, NBC News busted up on line ring

Maggie Haberman - Hillary's most trusted friend

fake foundations cashing in, trying to lie about Trump and making a profit

Orange County FL pedogate Deputy arrested 

1.5 Years Into Trump Hillary has an epiphany

Devin Nunes - no intel to start a probe 

Fox News, all reporting of taking down the deep state 

 Busted Pedogate - Senator w/ Underage boy in motel room
Senator Ralph Shorty

Soros plan for  free college free health care is the agenda for Democrats

Running against Trump in 2020

 Prom date joke w/ dad, holding a gun and standing between daughter and prom date 

Teaching kids "porn" and twisted sex ed in schools

Drugs are toxic, meant to harm us

Michael Cohen Raid

Hannity's Shell Properties

CNN reports the truth & praises Trump on the Nuclear deal w/ N. Korea

Nancy Pelosi 2012, holds fundraisers w/ islamists

Devin Nunes - Whatever the left accuses you of, is what they are doing

Definition of dumbing us down 

Police go to funeral home to try to unlock phone w/ dead man's finger

Petition to Remove Judge Woods