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The truth never changes, lies always do

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Friday April 27, 2018


Luke Messer nominating Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Trump Effect

CNN posts truthful statement from S. Korea that credits Trump for the peace treaty

Me Too Movement lawmaker hates Asians???? WOW

Hillary beat up staff 

House Intel Officially clears Trump in Russia Probe

House Intel clearing Flynn as well

House Intel report 250 pages long, clears everyone under Trump

Trump We Should Get On W/ Our Lives

House Intel - John McCain to retire

Mueller thread

 Remains of 140 Children founds in Peru

Sen Menendez - forced to repay gifts

Trump meeting and greeting children, priceless

DOJ hiding damaging texts, 

Kim Un's message of peace he signed 

Kid News Anchor - beware, he's adorable, better protect him

Merck fighting Fraud lawsuits

10 Poorest Cities below the poverty line 

Rothschild art on wall - beyond fathom

Strzok Page partial memo's  they did not release what matters

  How the Muslim brotherhood brainwashes kids

Saudi Crown Prince has executed 48 people in 2018

Baby Drummer 

Pedogate  Mel Gibson says Hollywood sucks on the blood of children 

Cry Closet - beyond belief

Trump gives himself an A+++ and he is correct

Cold Weather more depressing than a terrorist attack, study shows

Coldest April in recorded history in some cities

Trey Gowdy on lying Comey

Russin Ties in our banks

Is Feinstein dodging CA debate or really just busy?

US already fighting Al Qaeda before 9/11

Alphie case is too sick, too cruel,  they even gave him Italian citizenship to move him, but UK is refusing to let him go, wow, sickest thing I ever heard of

Priest removed for saying God was watching on Aplhie case

Bruce Willis - Trump is the Best President Ever

Obama ordered 1/2 million fugitives deleted from the FBI files and background checks

Mid Terms voter apathy is up to 75%

Neil Gorsuch on OIL decisions, they are raising prices again

Jim Jordon - James Comey screwed up the Clinton Foundation

Trump On Korea in 1999  - he was right

Twitter won't "trend" this historical meeting w/ N and S Korea and they are targeting conservative accounts

Diamond and Silk

Testimony, they were trying to set up the girls for reimbursement of travel costs and calling it pay,  2 different things

Introduction into destroying the dreams of our young

Open Secret the introduction into pedogate

Hollywood pedogate

Mel Gibson, Hollywood pedos have no where to hide

Backpage CEO pleads guilty

Cop killer ejected from court for racial slurs

EPA removes climate change from website - genius

Clapper also a leaker - big problem

Jake Tapper out sick today

Google secret pentagon meeting

Mike Pompeo saying Trump liking to end Iran Agreement

Ex-Monroe Judge Pleads guilty

Feinstein Staffer discloses $50 million spent

US Policy - ISIS

People are so sick of the redacted documents, now they are tweeting about it

Calling for the arrests now, one by one

Trump calls out correspondent's dinner - fake news prom

NY-NJ Port Authority resigns after video shows disrespect w/ police

Clapper leaked to Tapper, what a surprise

Texas trying to clean up voting laws

Ending DACA

Meehan resigns

Pittsburgh removes a statue because it had a slave at its feet

US AG Sessions probed on recusing himself on Cohen raid

Tom Brokqw

Oklahoma makes gun carry law to protect everyone 

Appeals court restores voter id

Candace Owens - taking the country by storm w/ conversation to educate african American voters

Jack, on Twitter apologizes to Candace for calling her far right

Democrats unhinged because black people are connecting the dots

Kayne West - independent thinking

USA Olympians At Whitehouse

Romaine Lettuce - ecoli

Judge delays the Stormy Daniels case

Update on Q  thread


CNN gave Clapper a job after leaking

Sara Carter 3 take aways from 248 page report

Judge orders massacre of Las Vegas shooting released

Olympic team at Whitehouse

Tom Brennan reacting to John Brennan's tweet

LA Cop trying to smuggle illegals??? Wow,