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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

January 10, 2018

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Ratings down from Golden Globes last year

Tomi Lahren

Sean Hannity

Destroying the Illusion


Trump Attorney files lawsuit over Buzzfeed & Fusion GPS

California Judge rules for DACA - so sick, it will go on appeal, be reversed eventually, but this is how desperate they are.  I am not even sure this was filed timely, that could be a whole different issue

Podesta Comey

Oprah not running sources says

Roseanne - Love that girl !!!!!!!!!!!!

Bannon Out at Breitbart

The world will not let one moment slide, I have had things on my mind and unable to concentrate on something I knew,  How insane is everyone to be this stupid

Video on Corey, puts a whole new spin on this matter

Robert DeNiro rants about Trump - I think he's in that Corey video if I'm not mistaken

Trump deserves credit for N. Korea & S. Korea peace talks, and that is an understatement, never would have happened without him.

Does Criminal Mueller really have his eyes on trying to talk to Trump?  OMG

NY Doctor drugged & Killed his wife to protect drug ring

Making the Whitehouse look good, this is NORMAL, and a cost that is part of being professional, look how the left goes insane

Asking Paul Ryan to declassify the dossier

Democratic Voting base = illegals

Hepatitis Outbreak

Michael Douglas

James O'Keefe busted Twitter

Obama's salary, why is it rising?

Podesta tweets to Prebius

Wikileaks tweets old Trump tweet

Tucker turns on Trump

Julilan Tweeting to Trump
Awan is the Key
is the person who is ultimately going to lead to the impending collapse of the swamp. Imran Awan is currently in protective custody and is the smoking gun who are in collective denial/fear about. Imran Awan is who we should never stop talking about.

Feinstein leak - legal problems

Message from Q

Big Lists of Missing People not returning ????

List of people not seeking re-election or are leaving their positions

Hillary's Health
Boris & Natasha

FBI Released more on Comey Firing

Oprah - meets w/ Billionaires over the federal reserve


Trump halts mislabeled agency for the better of all of us, wasted funds disguised to hide money that was being spent on transgender etc

England, woman who shaved her head is punished

Freeing Julian Assange

Julian Assange Statement

Julian Assange

my video on Voice America

Lisa Haven on google lawsuit

ICE Sweeps 711 stores

Jim Acosta is about the most ignorant moron on the planet

Waste Management giving employees $2,000 bonus

Trump discussing interview

Harvey Weinstein Slapped & Kicked Out of Restaurant