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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Wed Dec 13, 2017

Whitehouse Christmas Beauty

Rigged Election Links

Q Update on rigged election

Wikileaks Email on rigging machines & it keeps getting deleted by twitter

Thousands of Felons register to vote

Steve Bannon speechless, as we all are

Court Tries to Allow for Destruction of the voting records

Waking up to Voter Fraud & the courts backing ignoring election rules & perserving ballots

Doug Jones background

InfoWars - Don't save the ballots

Election Stolen

Follow the white rabbit

Q Update

Q - Rigging the Election for Doug Jones

cheating to win = democrats

Election Fraud coming to light

Hannity = Election Rigging

5 Things That went wrong for Moore


Bio - Chemical ???  so poisonous  they have to stop doing this

Larry King accused of groping

Since Russia case is falling apart, they are on to Trump Accuser Case 
It's going to backfire

Trump Harassment

Bill O'Reilly says there's a tape of victims being paid off

I tweeted this to Matt Couch  - LOL

The High Cost of Attacking The President

Trey Gowdy stating that Congress does not have authority to prosecute Trump

Trump accuser = friends w/ Hillary  (also not Trump's type)

Democrats Still spewing to try to take down Trump

Sunday arrest - man threatens to kill Trump

Sara Huckabee's right to a meme LOL

Supporting Corey Feldman, he is doing the right thing to protect kids from pedophilia

Overseas Journalists jailed

Red Sox Pitcher arrested


Ivanka, I believe was tweeting about Jerusalem, but it also appears to imply muslim tolerance, she was slammed on twitter, & in fact, she should be more careful, this was really bad

Oops, Demoted Official Wife also worked at CIA

40 People likely being reported for sexual harassment

Alaska refuses to resign - 2 claims of misconduct

DOJ & Sessions

Nunes Orders removal of documents from DOJ

Obama - unmasking & spying has more witnesses come out & tell the truth

Sessions in 2016 important article

Whistle blower reveals fraud

Wray Investigates FBI

Grassley trying to deal w/ DOJ Corruption

McCain in plot w/ FBI to Sabotage Trump

Tom Fitton - FBI So Corrupt, Shut It Down


Alan Dershowitz on Mueller Bias on all of the people he hired

Mueller - OUCH end the witch hunt

Rosenstein - No Reason to fire Mueller - WOW, hard to believe

Jimmy Kimmel wow - really abusing his platform using a toddler over healthcare

Arnold Schwarzenegger riding a bicycle (promoting climate change)

Ending Chain Migration would have prevented terror attack in NY

Senator arrested - finally

Sanctuary Mayor dies at 65

Behind the Flynn Judge Recusal is something brewing

FBI Confirms Email Hack is Dead On

The "dummy" tweet case against Trump is tossed, making her a dummy twice


Tax Bill
Reaching an agreement - Associated Press

Tax Bill

Whitehouse - Omarosa Resigns

Omarosa interview

No she seems to have been fired

MSM exaggerating

Rod Rosenstein - Under Oath

Jim Jones goes after Rod

Trey Gowdy

FBI - High Level Plot - Ouch

Airline Baggage fees

7 Most Wanted for Deportation

California Fire

Chuck Schumer - Files w/ police

Everyone - this claim seems to be separate from the pedophile claim and does not give details
This "claim" doesn't state any information, nor does it relate to the specific article that I posted, I tend to think he's bullying and trying to not let any other information come out, I could be wrong.

Since the article I had talked about pedophilia, and not sexual harassment, they might be different victims, or different articles, time will tell.  Since no one was connecting the article to what I was sent, then I don't see the dots connecting, and I could be wrong, but if someone charged me w/ pedophilia, I would be out there the minute I heard & deny it, and call it that.  Sexual harassment is different.

Here's the fake news story - nothing to do w/ the one I had

Rape in Oprah's School  Oprah did not prevent

Fake Oprah Award - OMG

Justice Don Willet Confirmed - Draining The Swamp

Sean Hannity - Fox Revealing the Corrupt Dossier

Fox News - Deleting Twitter account man? What?

29 Trillion Missing  - But How Much Was Really Missing Before?

Schiff Unmasked

Dan Johnson Suicide Note

Sean Hannity