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Thursday, December 14, 2017

December 15, 2017 Friday #LisaBloom

Sean Hannity headlines - huge

Whitehouse Christmas Portrait

Christmas Wreaths On Veteran's Gravesights - HUGE

Why Trump may be the only Republican left in DC

Trump Calls Putin

MA - Pipe Bomb put on a jeep & explodes


Roy Moore - Military Ballots Come in in favor of Roy Moore

Women were paid

Voter Fraud

Roy Moore - Fox News

New Whitehouse website does not have Spanish Version

Prison abuse in ICE (but this is true everywhere)

Deep State Against Trump

Investigation reveals tweets against Trump

Trump can get unmasking documents unsealed that went to Obama Library

Hours After Hillary Email Deletion Strzoks wife was promoted

Eric Holder Scandals

US Agents that Conspired to illegally wiretap


Jack Posobiec Podesta Spirit Cooking From Wikileaks

Speaker of News, called Mike Closer

Julian Assange - Recognized As Media Organization

BU Professor says Jingle Bells is Racist - OMG

HUGE READ - Important

Tax Bill - Repeal Mandate charging for not taking Obamacare

Tax Bill Red Tape Cuts

Texas - Running For Congress Navy Seal

1st Degree Murder Charges

Matt Lauer Affair

CA Democratic Party Director Resigns

Marco Rubio saying no,

Trump filling vacant judicial roles w/ Constitutional judges

Dept of Interior 4 fired for harassment

Bundy Vicitms demand compensation

Bernie Sanders wife - likely going to jail

Roy Moore Recount is on

Alabama voter counts do not add up

Top Google Searches - Matt Lauer

Lisa Bloom paying off Trump Accusers

Sean Hannity - Lisa Bloom

Trump Accusers Lying

Birth control ruling blocked by judge

Internet Trolls

Norway Decriminalizes Drugs - WOW

Former FBI OFficial calls for Strzok - Jail

Rep Bobby Scott Accused Sexual Misconduct

Skin Cancer from tanning beds - please pay attention this is so scary

Female Campaign Ends Over Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

Legalizing Dreamers = $26 Billion

UN Police headed to Chicago

Comey's Coverup - Jay Sekulow

Roseanne Premier !!!!

Roger Stone Wins Lawsuit

Journalist found dead - Soros