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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Tuesday Dec 12 2017 - Trump Accusers

Phone call to the President about sexual harassment

Maxine Waters admits she lied about Trump Russia

Trump Accuser - LOL

Lisa Bloom paying off Trump Accusers

Trump Accusers Lying

Judge who voted against Muslim ban - sleazy photos

Leaked medical records from 2013 on Hillary w/ dementia

9000 Sealed endictments, calls for resignations

Roseanne Barr on twitter

Roy Moore arrives to vote on horseback

Fox news shows video of them arriving to vote

New fake accuser for Roy Moore - beyond belief

There is a tape proving victims were offered cash to lie about sexual harassment, they are searching for the tape

Oprah sent girls to Weinstein

Schumer & Pelosi are the dark money trying to derail Roy Moore

Judge Jeanine presses Trump during interview

Pentagon to undergo 1st ever audit to find the missing trillions

Fake News Team is large, see this

Julian Assange - Las Vegas

Adam Schiff

Corey Booker admits to sexual assault

Al Sharpton trying to register voters against Roy Moore

Tax Bill Cuts are reality for Democrats

263 Hush Money payouts in Congress - MSM Silent

UN Slush Fund is Over so they say America First campaign is bad for USA  LOL OMG

Sara Huckabee shutting down MSM Tactics on our President

Keurig CEO now apologizes for taking sides, meaning it hurt their brands

MAGA landslide for Moore

Matt Lauer - a dad & kids outside of his marriage

Ending Chain Migration - Sessions

Justice Dept Wont Explain Mueller Waiver

Spy Chief admits the war against Trump

LA Settlement over selling fetal tissues & cease to operate w/in 120 days

2nd Judges recuses herself over Fusion GPS

Driving blind?

Roy's Winning

Laura takes on Fake News Megyn Kelly


Trump unscathed after these "admissions

Women are just ridiculous

Bitcoin will continue to rise

Daily Rabbit

Illuminati Big Secret

CIA - fear factor

Mueller Texts Are Incriminating

Roy Moore - Rigged Election

Something is totally wrong, they even called the election before the votes were all done, I do not believe this election, like the rest, they rigged it (I believe)

Roy Moore
Did they rig it?  I think so


Roy Moore

Rigged Election Roy Moore

Voter fraud caught works for DNC

McCabe - New Date After He Blew Off Hearing

Sessions - Special Counsel on the table for Fusion

GOP trying to Blame Bannon after they spent $500,000 to trash him, this was so bad

Fox News, Roy Moore - Recount?

Wow, Alyssa Milano  such a sad girl

USA Today bashes Trump - Beyond fathom still talking about Obama

Mitch McConnell has some blame - Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity 12/12