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Saturday, December 30, 2017

December 30, 2017

Photo of the year

Our Awesome President Meme  LOL

Trump Using Social Media as the only way to fight fake news

Trump thanks the Coast Guard at his resort, while on vacation

HUGE  Trumps Stock Market Numbers Put Him in the History Books & More - Record Book

Trump Gives the Media a wake up call, without him, they have no platform and will not survive, everyone knows they are all "fake news"

Important regarding the arrests and lock ups of the criminal cabal

Because all this is happening under the EMERGENCY E.O. of 12/21/17, quasi-martial law status, all the court action is set up under Ex parte Quirin, 317 U.S. Military Tribunal (where military officers are judges) and state secrets privilege is asserted to assure all U.S. classified information and issues remain secure (United States v. Reynolds, 345 U.S. 1 [1953])... this explains military incarceration at Guantanamo, using capture, arrest, detainment and transported by the U.S. Army Delta Force Airborne as Q Anon relayed and confirmed "F Delta C 25-26"... where the "F" is "FORCE" and the "C" signifying that GITMO is a "Delta CAMP" (the final destination), and these arrests were activated and deployed (begun) on 25-26 of December. LINKS BELOW:

Debbie Wasserman Shultz
Likely ordered the murder of Seth Rich

Important  Trump's Big 6 Accomplishments

NY Fighting Tax Bill, Threatening to Sue  LOL

Chelsea Handler does not like Trump's Tweet about Climate Change, LOL

More on the LA Flight Turned Around  Now saying it was a stowaway w/ no ticket
not sure I believe, how can we?  Fake news has lied too much

Obama Had signed into Law the Indefinite Detention Law
Perhaps this will now be used on him

Murder in NY

The Private Venue & the Reboot of the US Dollar

Make Up without harmful chemicals

Al Gore & his ill gotten wealth from the scam of Climate Change,  I do believe that his assets will be seized , it was all a billion dollar scam on us

In November Judicial Watch released 29 pages of the meeting at the Tarmac

Jihadists blow up pipeline in Iran

Facebook deleting accounts

They are saying Obama tweeted about the New Year, try to remember anyone can tweet for him

John Skipper Resignation - sexual abuse not addiction

George Papadopoulos got drunk & spilled that Russia had dirt on Hillary

They forgot to mention the $25 Million Dollar payout
True Pundit

George Papadopoulos tied to Hillary Campaign

Gitmo Flight Log

Attack in Russia So Heartbreaking

Bernie Sanders

Old Article
Benjamim Fulford was trying to bust up pedo ring as far back as 2013

Benjamin Fulford

Trump Deploys Troops

Koch Brothers kicked off Trump properties this is old I've heard this before

Tim Kaine's Son Jailed for Violent Protest

Q QANON Update

IMPORTANT - Jeff Sessions 

Saying Jeff Sessions into Uranium One
uploaded in November

Mike Huckabee saying people will lose faith in Sessions

Marco Rubio is so stupid, can't believe he has that job.  He says he thinks Mueller w/ be fair?  Does he even have a brain?

Trump Releases Bill Clinton Video on N. Korea

Trump Hiring new border agents

Website about Monitoring the Planned Poisons - huge


Erasing Obama One Tweet At A Time

James Woods erasing Obama

 James Woods
After the failed "book tour" the Hillary Clinton Account still trying to "steal" donations from people, and no clue who was doing this, but they are so desperate, of course they would still use her account for money to keep the DNC going but James Woods, right on top of it


Why Was Doug Brady Killed In Mexico?

9/11 Cop that arrests the dancing Israeli's at the towers

The Bradford File converted the Emails for people to be able to view

Link to the files

Vandals destroy beehives on purpose and try to destroy a business,  this is so insane

Go Sara Huckabee

Mark Zuckerberg & Purge on Facebook  - deleting accounts

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Friday December 29, 2017

Remember this about 1 year ago

 Sweet video about the takedown and Happy New Year

Huma Abedin's emails released on Anthony Weiner's laptop

she ordered the murder of Seth Rich
Debbie Wasserman Shultz Likely ordered the murder of Seth Rich

HUGE FBI Raid in Sterling VA

Trump having a nice time golfing in Mar Lago for New Year's  He's very happy with the preservation of the USA in his first year

Unsealed Bundy Trial documents reveal Prosecutorial misconduct

We The People Taking On The Corrupt Government & the FBI

Going After their crimes & theft

New Pedogate Arrests

DOJ Misses Deadline on Congressional Subpoenas of Dossier

FBI Stonewalling Congress by not turning over documents
Holding them accountable

Roseanne Barr Tweet

Trump Wall Prototyps

Killuminate Report my partner,  JM Talboo

Lynn Rothschild Tweeting To Trump Complaining About the Taxes  - LOL

Destroying the Illusion

Q QAnon


Liz Crokin  The Flights to Gitmo & Bread Crumbs

Liz Crokin on Facebook

President Trump Declares January Human Trafficking Month
  National Human Trafficking Awareness Day is observed every year on January 11. This observances was started in 2011 by Presidential Proclamation of NationalSlavery and Human TraffickingPrevention Month.

by Liz Crokin

Guantanamo Bay Gitmo Flight Records - HUGE HUGE HUGE

Liz Crokin On Twitter

Liz Crokin interview revealing pedogate in radio interview

Brian Podesta - John Podesta's brother works at Center for Missing & Exploited children?  How can that be?


Times Square Lockdown on New Years

Hillary Caught Red Handed

94 Year Old Rape Victim Survivor Dies

Police Deaths Go Down in 2017

UK Allows Illegals To Stay - Wow

Kathy Griffin Net Worth 2017 = $20 Million

Ignoring the rape of a woman by illegal - stabbed 14 times

NBC does an actual story on real and true news - Uranimum ONe

Intolerable left - full of information

Your TV is Watching You

5G Wireless To Destroy Us & Harm us through technology

Zimbabwe President Retirement Package

Mueller sets New Priority - RNC

FBI - big mistakes on Trump Dossier

Andrew Breitbart Tweet about John Podesta in 2011  he knew & that's why they killed him

Japanese want to advertise on the Moon

Someone sent this to me, I haven't had time to watch

CNN's 10 Top Fails of 2017

Health Ranger - Big Pharma will collapse from their own costs

CA Congresswoman = & her boot

Obama Sexual Harassment Scandals - DOJ Slams Admin for promoting people that sexually harassed others & kept them on payroll

Fox News Update from 12/28 Tucker Carlson Show

Lisa Ling, John Podesta Pizza Gate - their arrest in N. Korea
Pizzagate Part 1

part 2

Trump Repeals Obama Fracking Rule

Obama & Trump Polls Are The Same for approval ratings after 1st year

Trump's Lawyers can go after Mueller since they did not obtain a warrant

Mueller met w/ Comey before he testified in Congress  = totally compromised

Eric Schneiderman part of Mueller team = bias against Trump

Julian Assange Proves that Hillary Colluded w/ NYTimes during election

Professor Resigns After Las Vegas Massacre comments about anti Trump

Jackie Speier w/ the criminal boot on, tweets this about our President

Judicial Watch & Release of Weiner Laptop update
Huma Adedin testified

From October California fires were set by illegal


What Are They Doing in the Sky, lazers, ships, clouds

Jailed Philadelphia Judge Now Running For Congress

Homeless in CA & Seattle expands so severe & sad, trying to impoverish everyone so they can let illegals live better than citizens



Choose Life License Plates available in 32 states

Illinois - Judge Does Not Allow for Additional Funds to have tax payers fund abortions, & that is being appealed

Operation Disclosure

Climate Change Hoax winds down that was why Trump tweeted about the temperatures
Remember Al Gore is likely to be arrested - ill gotten wealth

Trump's Approval Rating = Same As Obama's

Fake News Trying to say Mark Cuban could beat Trump in Texas Poll
I almost fell over laughing

Someone tried to fake being Julian Assange's niece on twitter, police investigated it

From earlier in December just found  63 dead cats stored in a freezer  OMG

Leaked Documents between UN and Iran

Fact Check - Fed Ex Undercharges Amazon

Just Got This Today About Muslims that brought diseases back into USA

Scarlet Fever
Mumps, etc
see video contains the list

Back in the summer John McCain's manager was arrested in pedogate, here is the link

James O'Keefe - Teacher's Union attacking Free Speech

US moving to reverse law for offshore drilling

Nesara Law & It's History

This person did a very complete study of the law and it's impact and this should be read by everyone, it's part of the secrets that they hid from us in our history

Dr Bernard

Bitcoin News & Information

This is for people that want to get started on Bitcoin or want information on it,

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

December 28, 2017



Praying For This - Ending Sharia Law in all 50 states
USA Today

President Trump Tweet  - coldest New Year's in the East Coast Bundle Up,  That is Me LOL

Christmas sales totaled 1/2 trillion dollars - WOW !

Census Shows the 2016 Spike In Immigration Under Obama in his last year

Canadian Immigration Spikes As Well - Canada "relaxed" its rules

Nesara News

Before It's News - Huge Inventory of their massive data, links and stories

Document Release on Friday - Kaboom  From Anthony Weiner's Laptop

Weiner's Laptop

Youtube Weiner

Huma's Cousin arrested & jailed for deleting Emails

Details about Huma's Cousin

More details on Huma's 2 cousins both jailed


Eric Schmidt & The Darpa Takeover

Are they trying to read our minds & control us that way?

Wikileaks & Benhazhi  - John Podesta

High Level Child Protective Services Arrests - HUGE

Pedogate 6 list is here, constantly updated on this blog

Meet the Puppet Master

HUGE important - READ 7 More Added to Gitmo

General Mattis At Gitmo

Crissy Tiegan,  she posted a picture of a man kicking a naked baby, she is very hateful and vile and has threatened Liz Crokin

LA X Airport  plane has to be turned around Crissy Tiegan  230 people on flight

Crissy Tiegan once on the plane

John Legend on the plane

Airlines commenting after flight turned around

Plane to Japan has to be stopped from LA - unauthorized person on board

4 people on plane detained  Crissy Tiegan - John Legand's Wife tweets about it

More on LA Flight turned around

Now Airlines are saying there was a stowaway on board w/out a boarding pass

Roseanne Barr - Coming Back in 2018

Living to Laugh - Roseanne

House Intel Subpoena's McCain Associate

Nunes Blasts House

Saudi Arabia will issue tourist visas starting in 2018

5 Candidates that think they can beat Trump in 2020?  Ummm We must be out of Fake News

CNN Crying about spying on Trump Golfing, the subject of my "fake" phone call to Sara Huckabee

& declares Doug Jones a winner by cheating

Roy Moore - takes Polygragh & files for Election Fraud Case

Alabama Voter Fraud

CNN trying to spy & count Trump's exercise

DNC Closes w/ lowest funding in 10 years

Tom Fitton - A big "bread crumb" in swamp takedown

CNBC Director Spying on Nanny is arrested

Nancy Pelosi Ditches Failed Protest after no one shows up

Amazon & Microsoft involved in Sex Trafficking

Poisoning our water & skies - chemtrails - David Seaman

Terrance Williams - One Totally Funny Man

Julian Assange - They never leave him alone

Article On Julian

Seniors Benefit from the new tax plan & get an additional deduction for 2 more years

What we were not taught about DC in School

Tweet to the US Treasury - people have been waiting forever for their money

Trump is retrieving stolen wealth, in other words, the money that the democrats stole from us

Orange County becomes a Sanctuary City on January 1,
California is not a country, illegals are federal law, not state law they are insane

NY Cuomo pardons Illegals facing deportation

Cuomo pardons 61 people


Pitbull kills a woman - devastating  I cannot report on this story without crying, people can share this, this is beyond belief

ISIS Losing power - Trump is demolishing them

Sara Sanders - Awesome Press Secretary


Imperial Rex - Amazing Person To Follow On Twitter

Imperial Rex entire set of tweets about the scam to not let Trump win & keep up a false narrative

General Flynn took the fall to protect Trump & the Whitehouse

Motion to Quash - removing the charges against Flynn

Protecting Flynn & saying information on him was unlawfully obtained

Obama - What A Scary Man Giving A Speech

Demanding that Obama return the Nobel Peace Prize

President Trump on Twitter
23 years ago, talking about North Korea

China is giving oil to North Korea and has been seen doing it by ships

Trump calls out China for doing this,

Clearing General Flynn

Nunes - They Are Trying to hide all documents on the fake probe, the Russian Dossier and more, they have to hide their crimes so they won't show the records

You Are Free TV - Up To Date on Julian Assange

Rose Marie Dick Van Dyke Star Dies

18 States Raise the Minimum Wage January 1, 2018

Q QANON  new channel interpreting Q

Me Too Hashtag Hits Universities

Cameras hacked day before election - Drudge Report

Romanian Hackers took over camers before Innaguration

Tim Kaine's Son Sentenced

Lawyers Seek Protetction as lawyers are killed going up against DNC lawsuit

Dick Morris Update on the Party's

The Lasting Impact of Christmas

Disney - Wow, destroying their hotel guests w/ new rules and invading them while they occupy rooms this is insane


Truth Tellers Great YouTube Channels & Blogs Q , Q Anon, All Working Together !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Most Inspirational Video Trump has made
Never Give Up

Julian Assange posts on Steemit and is reporting from the Truthtellers, in fact, the truth

My Videos On Julian Assange
Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Julian Assange

Julian Assange

The Q Map all put together, and my videos on there at the bottom, this means it's 100%

amazing blog w/ up to the minute updates

Updated list of Truth Seekers and people helping save the USA
Steve Motley

Researcher & Partner JM Talboo

JM is so amazing, he works behind the scenes and has been doing this since he was about 18.  He was always "awake" and ahead of his time.  He has amazing blogs and knowledge, and is such a great person to work with.  Our Blog Here,  many interviews in 2017

My Video on Intel - The Takedown

Before Its News Put this Video in also

Andrew McCabe counting his retirement

December 27, 2017


Michael Brown, the Q Map
Our Interview

Nesara News Blog

Nesara News Block - CEO Step Down

Before it's News - Collection of their stories

Rumor Mill & True Pundit

Intolerable Left

Era of

Golden Age of Gaia


Through The Looking Glass

All over the Globe
They put my blog on this website

Judge Anna Von Reitz

NoMore Fake News


YouTube Channels

Scott Anthony

True Lies YouTube Channel

This girl made a video of how to view my blog from a cell phone

Destroying the Illusion Q QANON


Liz Crokin

My voice on this video

Debbie Wasserman Video - Voice America

Indictments - Voice America

Helping Dismantle the Enemy - Massachusettts

Starship Earth on Preparing Gitmo


New YouTube Channels I found

Destroying the Illusion

Anti School

One of my absolute favorites  Look what he made about President Trump

James Munder

William Mount

OAN News

You Are Free TV

President Trump News

The Right Media


Oprah ???? LOL

Voice America

Truth Teller

Freeing Julian Assange


Beautiful Pictures and music
Ivan Prcic

my video on Voice America

YouTube Censhorship

Mick Lethal - Awesome Videos on Trump

December 27, 2017 More Takedown

Truth - The Only Thing People Don't Believe



Train Station at Isreal's Wall Named After Trump

Palestine Cutting Ties w/ USA
Palestine Leaders to cut ties w/ USA

Fox News on Israel naming Train Station after Trump

People asking Mueller to step down

Donna Brazile revealed DNC Crimes & Seth Rich
People calling for Mueller to step down

Mueller is so corrupt, investigation has to end, Watchdog group reports
Judicial Watch


Mueller probe outgrows itself

Jeff Sessions Unleashed DOJ lawyers on Uranimum ONe

Federal employees get a slight raise, but no raise in 2019 & Trump is cutting out excess positions

Trump Confronting Russia after a year of fake news & lying about him

John McCain Won't answer questions on his role in Dossier & other matters

James Comey Parody Account - has not recovered from being fired, true even though account is not his message is the same as if he said it


Trey Gowdy Discusses the Impartiality On Jurors & Goes After FBI for Failing in Unbiased Actions

Congress goes after FBI

Trump's Executive Order on Human Rights

Human Trafficking - the tip of the iceberg

National Emergency Order from President Trump

Rand Paul Calls For Investigation of Obama

Marine Writes Letter to Obama

Obama targeted Christians & Conservatives - James Woods

Obama against Free speech & free thinking

Nunes Going After Obama & Associates

UN Human Rights Boss steps down on 12/22 - Coincidence?  I don't think so

Brooklyn NY Sentenced for ISIS 15 years

Trump Declares war on 1.5 Billion Muslims after declaring the move of the Embassy to Jerusalem

Trump's Twitter

Photo on trump's twitter w/ ships in the back and Santa

Bread Crumbs  Q QANON

my video on Starship - we are a TEAM, this is about all of us, no one person can do this, it takes all of us to work together

FBI used illicit and fake order to spy on Carter page to try to find dirt on Trump

Cabal not totally down

More takedown

Erin Trump

Veteran's Memorials


Tom Fitton, people are trying to force Mueller to resign, the Democrats will cry fowl if he is fired, but he has to get off the payroll, we have to force him out

Mueller Investigation - No Collusion - No Job for Him End Of Story
Yahoo News

Mueller Prosecutor has bias against Trump

Manafort could face additional charges

Awan Brothers

Just got this now, printed in September, but so significant
Awan Brothers - illicit Security Clearances

Awan Notes On Democratic Crimes

Awan Brothers Forged their security clearances

HUGE Bread Crumb - Read
Awan Brothers - Court Date disappears from Docket Sheet?

Hillary Clintons and Bill Clinton's partial Tarmac Notes turned over

Hillary Clinton, The FBI Vault Released Documents

Democrats still pushing for the Dream Act  DACA to be passed, it will not likely pass at all, but they are aggressively pushing the agenda

Trump Destroying ISIS

98% of their Territory Destroyed

Obama - Losting Nobel Peace Prize?  I hope so !!!

Obama granted 9 Million people citizenship not counting illegals

Sex Offender Breaks Into Home & Rapes 63 year old woman
these people never stop offending, they have to be locked up for good

Make=up Pulled containing asbestos

New fake poll puts Hillary as most admired woman 16th straight year in a row

Russian Explosion near Christmas market


Media has not reported on the National Emergency but they are all running for cover

Fake news reversing the truth about the tax bill


On poisoning our foods

Pat Buchanon - Did FBI conspire to stop Trump from winning?  Yes they did

CPS - Stealing and harming children for a long time - has to be exposed

Victims of the Red Revolution

Vaccines - wake up everyone they are killing us

Dr. reporting on vaccines

Top FBI Agents Leaving From Clinton Foundation and Clinton Investigation probe

Rep Sheila Jackson plays race card & removes passenger from her purchased seat on a plane

N. Korea & biological weapons

Linda Sarsour - You have no right to tell us we can't kill jews?   What?  Did she actually say that?

All YouTubers have to deal w/ Trolls,  they are on every single website, but it's impossible to deal with and handle.  One day, we will have a clean internet, free of the weight of trolls

Indian Leaders - very dangerous place

Links To Autism - GMO's Vaccines ETC

Liberal Swamp abandoning Alan Dershowitz for his truth & defending actual law, and supporting the President's rights to abide by the Constitution, and Alan has stated there is no way to impeach him, or any Russia Collusion

Alan Dershowitz saying shut down the fake investigation

Jeff Sessions, the reason they targeted these gangs is that they were part of child trafficking, so he focused on breaking up the ring, way back while they were building the takedown of Democrats

Planned Parenthood Closes after 18 years from losing federal funding

Suppressing Vaccine Information & its harm to protect the $$$$$

Merry Christmas appears on hashtag hate list

Gunman shot border patrol agent in Texas - Build The Wall