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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Saturday April 21, 2018

Trump does not invite democrats to state dinner

Trump tweet on Mueller investigation

Pizzagate evil and connecting Alefantis and Comet Pizza

250 cities are suing for opoiod deaths - adding Miami

Funny tweet about dems

Nobel secretary regrets giving peace prize to Obama  (from 2015) 
I pray they take it back from him

Turkey and the federal reserve

John Brennan - did he pick up the Dossier and bring it here?

ADHD = fake disease

Trump, Cohen, Loyalty

Barbara Bush Funeral

Owner of a pizza restaurant shows up at Barbara Bush's funeral - wow
Greta tweets

DNC Lawsuit

Haitian Human Trafficking tied to USA

India approves death penalty for child rapists

Anthony Scaramucci & Jesse Waters = Trump equal not superior

Georgia Antifa arrests for not removing masks

Kayne West comments on Candace Owens, and his own leftist democrats lose it

James Clapper was around CNN when dossier was delivered

Did CNN work to set up Trump?

Andrew Breitbart Tweet about John Podesta in 2011 on sex trafficking

McCabe's criminal referral sent to Trump appointed prosecutor

If this is true, Tarmac meeting, Hillary - Ouch they faked a death to save a witness

Facebook Hillary met w/ Zuckerberg before election

Mitt Romney comes in second in Utah state primary

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Friday April 20, 2018

Where to turn in problems w/ the DOJ

Write to the DOJ here

The likely names to come up in the IG report connected to corruption

Mueller's out of control investigation is finally questioned by a lawful judge
over Manafort charges

Comey's book tour schedule

Rudy Guilani going to end Mueller probe in 1-2 weeks

Letter of criminal referral to Jeff Sessions
True Pundit

Comey Memos here

Trump on Twitter telling Comey he might have taped him, LOL

Did Trump tape Comey?

Comey If I could change time, Anthony Weiner would never have been born

Trey Gowdy Nunes response to memo in full

The left all ratting each other out now, calling each other liars, beyond belief

N. Korea

Nancy Pelosi on ballistic mistles

Nancy Pelosi full transcript here

All those that made unauthorized trips to N. Korea will be outed

State of the Union Speech - chanting USA

Don't buy any food from Amazon

Iowa has been shooting stray cats,  (what if they get lost? )  So disgusting

Ohio - Hotel owner charged w/ rape

Nancy Pelosi in Q messages on treason

Thomas Wictor on Corrupt Congress and how they fail in missions

Heroine trafficking - big bust over 100 people

California trying to force disclosure of salaries to control and reveal what people are paid

Autism Pioneer was Nazi collaborator - wow

Trump's Attorney withdraws libel lawsuits against Dossier

UK hotter than Rome and Athens

Johnny Depp lawsuit in CA

Sheldon donates $70 Billion to Israel

Netflix looking to invest in theaters after many have canceled service

Wells Fargo being fined $1 Billion

GoFundMe page raises $15 Million

fake ID's used to buy pot

NYT Article that they spiked the food supply for infertility 

Government remote mind control documents were sent, no one is claiming them, but they were sent in a Freedom of information act request

Kardashians closing all DASH stores,  what's up w/ that

Facebook - going to track everyone end of story

Of Course Facebook plans to rig the 2018 elections

British Army creates team on Facebook

Bush Crime family

Public dislike of Mueller

Finland Deports 20,000 back to their homeland

House explodes but no fatalities

Fighting for Julian - Annonymous

Florida mother charged w/ death of 2 of her young children

Tracking US spending

Frightening Sharia Law story

Hillary's deleted emails will be released by September 2018

VA going to spend $$$$ to build homes for veterans

In March almost 40,000 crossed the borders illegally

Whitehouse Press

Pedogate - Virgina Man

Border patrol pleads guilty to obstruction of justice

DOJ Jeff Sessions investigating payment of $6 Billion Obama paid to left wing groups

Michael Cohen protecting the President

Classified cyber strategy sent to Congress

Attacking Pruitt because he will shut down the democrat slush funds

NAFTA Canada and Mexico going to concede

Quincy MA - Immmigration Fail Rape Victim & Allow Him to have Passport to escape

Faking the Me Too hashtag for fame - it happens

Lance Armstrong cuts a deal for $5 Million after a long lawsuit

Harvesting cauliflower by machine

Pompeo comfirmation

Jared Kushner subpoenaed by Federal court after filing false paperwork

Roseanne - Huge ratings

Brennan appeared in Russia  right around the time of anti Trump memo

Animal cruelty kills a zoo Kangaroo, since people threw rocks at it, to try to make it hop, I can't even talk about stories like this, they break my heart

5G - the danger, no one will wake up

Obama misplaced 2B in 2016

Tampa Bay paper has to lay off many people

Seeking Charges for McCabe

Italian City refuses to register babies born to lesbians

YouTube spying on kids as young as 6

Hillary rating = 25

A Few states have named roads after Obama, Colorado is trying now, cannot even imagine

TMZ - Obamas planning to build a swimming pool in DC house & obtained permits

4 out of 10 cancers can be avoided

Democrats running as socialists when people don't even know what that is

Death row inmate let free, lack of evidence

Liberal court suing to overturn Arpaio pardon 


Wow, Democrats sue, for the election 

Trying to raise money in this lawsuit,  everyone is laughing, even the President 

Trump has to file counter claim

Comey leaked classified information

$84 Million Dollar laundering scheme of Hillary to keep $$$ and bypass election laws

Tom Selleck standing up for Trump

 McCabe to sue Trump - WOW

Suing Christopher Steele for the Fake Dossier

IT Staffer said he could control the Whitehouse w/ his fintertips 

Diamond and Silk to testify before Congress

Mom loses 2 sons in 1 night to Opiods - impossible

Obama - spied on Trump before election

Huge in in N. Korea

Fox on N. Korea

Pompeo does not get voted in

Senator Warren  - what a joke, calling the election rigged for Republicans OMG

Voting Broward County Sheriff out - next Thursday they are voting

Pedogate, Smallville actress arrested after hiding out

Fake News story says Sessions threatens to quit if Rosenstein is fired

Republicans talking about impeaching Rosenstein 

Missouri governor charged w/ felony 

Homeland Security person pleads guilty to wire fraud

Killing wildlife and destroying it, on purpose, causing storms, and earthquakes

LA Fitness

Trump on Twitter in 2012 about Twitter

Lobbyist for Pruitt steps down

Thursday April 19, 2018


McMaster's father -mysterious death
on Q 


The search for fake news

Comey confronted on the view that he's been turned in for a criminal probe

Comey memo's may be released today

Comey memo's here 

All salacious content was for a news hook - Comey Memo

Comey even lied in his speech about Trump never laughing, and then put it in a memo that he did laugh, 

House Intelligence Press Release over Comey Memos

Sally Yates ordered McCabe to shutdown Clinton Foundation investigation

Facebook suspends Terrance Williams

Miami Herald sues for the Epstein records for pedogate

Nancy Pelosi - losing it, all dems are 

Colorado NOT turning places into pot smoking

Hurrican Katrina Fund of Bush and Clinton = missing money

NYC would not cooperate w/ feds, so ICE just went in and took 225 illegals

Vataican 100 accusations of pedogate,

USA Gov't planned to lie about Russia to start a war, all false flags

Canada wants to make all illegal drugs legal

Prince's death being investigated - someone covered for his prescriptions using another name

 Facebook statement

People can choose to not be on Facebook if they want,” said Facebook Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman. Or, they will be forced to opt into being tracked everywhere they go, and that’s just the way it is. This decision was not made in the interest of the users of Facebook

Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
 Net Neutrality Adviser leaving

Ice Cream warning - may contain animal scraps, meat, and leftovers 

911 operator that hung up on calls gets short jail sentence

US Pastor jailed in Turkey 

7 Stages of too much acid 

Comey better get ready for jail

Hillary caught disguising the dossier under election laws - huge violation 

 Ted Cruz introduces legislation to make tax cuts permanent 

Senator Mark Warren democrat - texts to Russians

 Banana ice cream homemade

Notable trafficking arrests

 Notable resignations

 Ted Cruz -- on Trump praising him in WA as swamp drainer

Cuomo NY gives 3,600 felons the right to vote

Dems pushing now for 2022, LOL for free medical care & free college  OMG, they never get it

Julian Assange petition

Olympics  - Nassar the coach manipulated oplymians w/ food

George Soros foundation closing its doors in Hungary due to hostility 

The reason they want more time is releasing Comey memos will put them in jail 

 They are protesting their leader in France - Marcon

Justice Dept sent a criminal referral about McCabe

Sean Hannity 

FLorida praising Trump as he passes by in motorcade

Talks w/ Rudy Juliani & Trump 

Rudy Juliani letter on December 20, 2016

Rudy has been working hard already

Pedogate note on grooming the victims 


Jerry Brown

Bill Gates want to "air spy on all of us" ridiculous

What the colors of our flag mean 

 Fortune CEO's that make leader list

Wine & Oreo's contaminated on purpose

Alleged 9/11 Recruiter Mohamed captured

Washington - U Suck sign on sign board???  What? 

Oldest man dies in Chile at age 121 - lost his birth certificate in a fire 

Mitch McConnell does not want to cut out $60 Billion of the spending bill 

Cancer risks, health ranger

People tossing opioids after surgery - fears of addiction

Trump knows about the AG offer for Loretta Lynch

Nancy Pelosi does reveal classified secrets about North Korea while speaking, Oops

Britain wants to ban plastics - huge and awesome, we all have to do this



Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Wednesday April 18, 2018

NY Bans Bitcoin

No gas attacks in Syria,

Westchester NY goes sanctuary 

Glenn Beck selling private jet as his empire collapses 

 Nixon - wiretapped a hotel room,  Obama wiretapped a nation 

 Day 454 of President Trump

DOJ misses 2nd deadline, wants more time,  give me a break

CCpan Poll, more people trusted Trump than Comey & they canceled the poll

Some federal funds on hold while Sessions case is on appeal for not giving aid to sanctuary cities

Both Mexico and Canada considering renegotiating NAFTA w/ USA

Bill Cosby jury gets to hear qualude testimony

Colorado Springs Airport

 Republicans vote for a push to make tax cuts permanent

 Coast Guard wants transgender until there is a direct order


Facebook operated a child porn ring years before busted 

 30 Indictments unsealed for Drug trafficking in Huntington WV

Sex Offenders Arrested in Texas

Human Trafficking arrests in Germany

Human Trafficking arrests in Germany 

 Deep State hanging?  Mexico Robert Snape from Citibank fraud division,

 3 Dead bodies found in Burbank

ICE arrests 225 in NY

Cutting taxes is the soundest way to grow the economy, even the Kennedy's pointed that out, the higher they raise taxes, the more impoverished we become

Woman dies from tic bites, pay attention

Trump's Energy adviser resigns -
Michael Catanzaro 

North Carolina water contaminated - a lot of water is 

Drones now being considered to go after who to kill

 Theresa May's husband benefits from Syria strikes

The 16 year plan to destroy America

Jeff Sessions writing a 2nd letter to those ignoring federal law 

Bush love letter goes viral 

Comey's book reduced already

Cholesterol medications are junk

New Orleans - not prayer in the streets

Neil Gorsuch trying to fix broken laws

 Criminal referral made  - HUGE

Unsealed indictment  - This is from the dark web, not sure if it's real, but it does look real
no clue

Copy of letter

List of criminal referrals

Lucid Dreamer
Pompeo went to N. Korea = 2 fold
Pompeo helped arrest of pedophile that had the tape of Hillary & Huma

WHAT DOES IT MEAN - Pompeo link

Warning  so graphic,  David Zublic video  Hillary Video Pedogate
Bootleg copy was sold, and leaked on the dark web, in order to assure the arrest of Hillary

James Comey announcing he will vote democrat in 2020

Mexico and Canada renegotiating, I did not see any "deal" where they fund the wall, but indirectly they might end up doing that

 NYTimes and the attorney tried to shame Sean Hannity

Backpage Sex traffickers got an award from Mueller in 2011

NY Trying to invalidate Presidential pardons

DOJ's Amber Alert website redirects people to porn


UK Fashion Show has been dressed up as women

US Funding the Open Borders idea in Guatemala ? Why?

Eric Holder trying to appear in NH 
running for POTUS 2020?

Democrats call for a 1 Trillion dollar tax hike  OMG

Canadian Humanitarian arrested = pedogate

Trump ready to kill nuclear deal

McMullin = campaign finance laws violations

How Hillary bought 33 states of "loyalty"

Illegals caught at border w/ assault rifles 

Monday, April 16, 2018

Tuesday April 17, 2018

WOW, just got this, says it came out 2 months ago,  frightening
Obama trying to run for UN Secretary general

Bought off MA former GOP says he's going to help dems, - translation, they bought him or blackmailed him

John Kapoor 74
Big Pharma was arrested in December

 Canadian parents arrested for trying to protect their daughter from rape

IG report released - natural news  link on there

 IG Report

Bill and Hillary Cocaine business

Cocaine can be found on our hands, even if we never use cocaine, it can be transferred from handing cash and other items

Texas Man gets life in prison for murder and cutting the woman's heart out  - beyond belief

Argument for special counsel in House Floor

Trump does not put new sanctions on Russia

IG Report coming out in May

President Clinton bought off people after rapes and used the money to pay victims

Amazon workers were so afraid to take a break, they went to the bathroom in bottles,  WHAT? are you kidding me?

Rep Zeldin - amazing speech for 2nd counsel

Dirty McCabe

Morgan Freeman last year stated that the best way to restore the USA was to jail Hillary, he is correct

NY City subways flooded - wow

Syria Strikes said to have taken down place that was working on cancer cures, but others say they had chemical weapons

Trump w/ Japan at Mar Largo Today over trade & Nuclear weapons


Pastor accused of espionage in Turkey after 23 years there

Police disiplinary records

Q 4 booms coming

Now cops are about to release this from knowing about it over a year ago, took a long time to get to this place and break the democratic party

Corey Digs - Clinton Foundation Haiti

Queen Elizabeth removes the Obama's from the wedding list

Sandy Hook parents sue Alex Jones

N & S Korea announce an official end to war - HUGE

70 year war ending

Orange county votes out of sanctuary laws

Mueller probe - fake news


Bill Clinton's lawyer calls James Comey a liar

Movie pass changes its unlimited service

Android aps unlawfully track children

Rep Dent leaving Congress in May

Twitter crashed - I think that was to alert people about arrests etc, not sure

IRS problems

Julian Assange

Police extract photos from whatsup app to convict drug dealers

DOJ misses deadline to turn over memos

China started largest surveillance

Wow, you can't make this stuff up

Kroger - pay raises for staff and hiring

Stormy composite????  Joke

Composite - equal to Ken Doll 

Stormy - Bon Jovi???? 

Strange court case, but they are twisting it,  Crime of Violence is a vague term, crimes have to be named as crimes

Charlie Dent notice of resignation

DIck's destroying AR15's instead of giving back to manufacturers

Former FBI Agent Terry pleads guilty to leaking classified material faces 3-5 years

Pope entering mosques???? Wow, over the top sad and brutal to the Catholic faith

25 Priests arrive at Vatican for exorcism course

Starbucks closing for a day - 8,000 stores to educate staff on race related conduct

Starbucks statement

Tax March - against the tax cuts can you believe it?

Judge Kimba Wood - also a Playboy Bunny wow

Human global incident map

Tom Fitton Lou Dobbs,

Alan Dershowitz should un-recuse himself

Obama's payment to Iran - going to be dealt with under Trump

Trump needs more time to do his taxes

Trump signs 96 Bills into law in 2017 

Russia claiming it found nuclear weapons in Syria, but provides no evidence 


Mueller calling out fake news

Students slash their wrists ad George' County Elementary school?  

Oregon University President earns 76,000 a month pension

Barbara Bush passes away at 92

Florida city inspector tries to force business to take down Veteran's flags but cannot

Muslim refugees teach children to hate Australia - wow 

640 Pounds of explosives stolen in Lancaster PA

 CIA Director Mike Pompeo met w/ N. Korea over Easter

Sean Hannity

Putting in the RFID chip


Monday April 16, 2018

Is this Huma?  From the Video?

CBS publishes that Barbara Bush is dead, but she's only ill

Genius,  Weatherspoons Pub in UK gets off social media,  others should follow, it's like a disease

JFK's murderer sealed until 2025

200 Million eggs recalled for Salmonella

Dementia cases spiking from flu shots and other medications

Alan Dershowitz on ACLU

NSA wants to have access to all our data

The left still have Trump's assets trying to "impoverish" him, ridiculous


Trump at round table in Florida for businesses

London bans knives

Trump on more crimes of the left - tweet

FCC gets sued over failed Hillary campaign

Comey's ego

great analysis

The Founders weren’t concerned with specific types of weapons, they were concerned with specific types of governments.

Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen's client

The reason kids get nut allergy's, they are injected into vaccines, causing reactions and body shock, causing kids to become allergic, very sick plot

Japan prime minister to step down

Google aiding and abetting w/ secret phone ap to hide from authorites

Wow, gov't going after Pruitt and his sound proof room, to protect himself

World's largest advertiser steps down,

NY Sex Trafficking

Lawsuit 84 Million laundered by Hillary to avoid campaign finance laws

On line sales tax goes to Supreme Court

Jerry Brown limiting what National Guard will do is essentially allowing troops to stand around and get paid

Triple blame game, the criminals turn on each other

Gov Cuomo accused of slush fund

Facebook harvesting photos for facial recognition

Decmoratic edge sinking as times goes on this year

Peter John Dalglish
Largest Children's Charites in the world arrested for pedophilia

Drug testing allowed for food stamp recepients

Judge Wood hired an illegal and could not become AG under Bill Clinton

Sean Hannity on Comey Interview

Neil Gorsuch hires native American clerk