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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Thursday April 19, 2018


McMaster's father -mysterious death
on Q 


The search for fake news

Comey confronted on the view that he's been turned in for a criminal probe

Comey memo's may be released today

Comey memo's here 

All salacious content was for a news hook - Comey Memo

Comey even lied in his speech about Trump never laughing, and then put it in a memo that he did laugh, 

House Intelligence Press Release over Comey Memos

Sally Yates ordered McCabe to shutdown Clinton Foundation investigation

Facebook suspends Terrance Williams

Miami Herald sues for the Epstein records for pedogate

Nancy Pelosi - losing it, all dems are 

Colorado NOT turning places into pot smoking

Hurrican Katrina Fund of Bush and Clinton = missing money

NYC would not cooperate w/ feds, so ICE just went in and took 225 illegals

Vataican 100 accusations of pedogate,

USA Gov't planned to lie about Russia to start a war, all false flags

Canada wants to make all illegal drugs legal

Prince's death being investigated - someone covered for his prescriptions using another name

 Facebook statement

People can choose to not be on Facebook if they want,” said Facebook Deputy Chief Privacy Officer Rob Sherman. Or, they will be forced to opt into being tracked everywhere they go, and that’s just the way it is. This decision was not made in the interest of the users of Facebook

Democratic Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
 Net Neutrality Adviser leaving

Ice Cream warning - may contain animal scraps, meat, and leftovers 

911 operator that hung up on calls gets short jail sentence

US Pastor jailed in Turkey 

7 Stages of too much acid 

Comey better get ready for jail

Hillary caught disguising the dossier under election laws - huge violation 

 Ted Cruz introduces legislation to make tax cuts permanent 

Senator Mark Warren democrat - texts to Russians

 Banana ice cream homemade

Notable trafficking arrests

 Notable resignations

 Ted Cruz -- on Trump praising him in WA as swamp drainer

Cuomo NY gives 3,600 felons the right to vote

Dems pushing now for 2022, LOL for free medical care & free college  OMG, they never get it

Julian Assange petition

Olympics  - Nassar the coach manipulated oplymians w/ food

George Soros foundation closing its doors in Hungary due to hostility 

The reason they want more time is releasing Comey memos will put them in jail 

 They are protesting their leader in France - Marcon

Justice Dept sent a criminal referral about McCabe

Sean Hannity 

FLorida praising Trump as he passes by in motorcade

Talks w/ Rudy Juliani & Trump 

Rudy Juliani letter on December 20, 2016

Rudy has been working hard already

Pedogate note on grooming the victims 


Jerry Brown

Bill Gates want to "air spy on all of us" ridiculous

What the colors of our flag mean 

 Fortune CEO's that make leader list

Wine & Oreo's contaminated on purpose

Alleged 9/11 Recruiter Mohamed captured

Washington - U Suck sign on sign board???  What? 

Oldest man dies in Chile at age 121 - lost his birth certificate in a fire 

Mitch McConnell does not want to cut out $60 Billion of the spending bill 

Cancer risks, health ranger

People tossing opioids after surgery - fears of addiction

Trump knows about the AG offer for Loretta Lynch

Nancy Pelosi does reveal classified secrets about North Korea while speaking, Oops

Britain wants to ban plastics - huge and awesome, we all have to do this