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Friday, September 21, 2018

Patreon embezzlement

Donald Strickland
Im a 5 dollar per month giver i was going to back out and could not get into my account to do so 1 Natasha - V Natasha - V 
Natasha - V 4 hours ago Wow, that's ridiculous, you have to be able to get into your own account. I am going to be posting some things in there again, and set them up for part 3, but you need to be able to get in to any accounts that are yours. I want to go check what they are doing w/ your account and see if they have you still active. That may be an account they tamper with. 

 Donald Strickland Donald Strickland 4 hours ago @Natasha - V it may be i hope its not one they jack with the only way i can close it is to cancel my debit card then they cant get any money i thought it was mighty weird i couldnt get it i get no notifications fro patreon on your vids either 

Natasha - V Natasha - V Natasha - V 1 second ago Donald Strickland Here is the link to your account, sign into Patreon under a different email address, and tell them you want access to your own patreon account, (you can threaten to sue them, or report them, but that is your right to have access to your own account, you should not have to cancel a debit card. They are really shameful. But you have a right to every piece of your own virtual property, they might have locked out more of the people that subscribe me to, many don't go on there now since I stopped posting, but I am about to start posting again and this may be common. Veronica Lake