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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sunday May 20, 2018

Obama can still be impeached 

Trump orders investigation

DOJ spokesperson 

Collusion against Trump timeline

John Brennan & Other criminal freaking out 

James Comey's neighbor tried to set up Donald Trump Jr

Fed Gov't Paid 571 Million in disablity to people that had jobs

Tracy Beanz Thread 

Trump Staffer Zinke provided restricted tours

Hillary and Google tampered w/ browser on Benghazi emails

Media lies about Trump and calling MS13 gang animals

Santa Fe Shooter killed a girl who rejected him

More on Trump defunding Planned Parenthood

Mueller probe 1 year later

18 Classified emails on Weiner's laptop

Key FBI staff flip on McCabe and Comey

Pulse Nightclub shooter was FBI informant

Wilbur Ross, Trump's Pick for Commerce Secretary

Drug dealers and the cops

Jake Tapper last year, on covering Trump's wiretapping claims looks so stupid today

Article, Trump will not go quietly

Climate change professor fired for telling the truth

Devin Nunes - Red line crossed 


Alabama hotel manager charged


LA Country

UN wants to migration more muslims by 2030

Truck's fuel tank hid $90 M of liquid meth

More health tips - healthy lives

Monsanto and their ingredients 

GM Corn and soy damage liver, kidneys, etc

Monsanto has known for 35 years that its food causes cancer


Saturday May 19, 2018

cold and rainy temp under 60 degrees outside in May  ne 

USA Royal Family

A seat left for Diana at the Royal Wedding

The Satanic symbolism at the royal wedding, so sad 

Royal Wedding photos

7 Wedding Gowns

Roseanne Barr so upset over twitter hatred 

Whitehouse Press Secretary  Trump Trade agreement w/ China

Saudi Arabia

Fake News covering their tracks ahead of IG report, are now reporting on facts of the witch hunt and trying to control the narrative

illegal loopholes closed by Jeff Sessions 

Judge Jeanine - Sessions is most dangerous man in USA

The F in FISA means foreign, never applied to Trump to begin with

Loretta Lynch and Comey colluded w/ FBI

Podesta Group

Obama spied so much w no evidence of a crime

Trump forces the DOJ and FBI to come clean over the spying 

More on the FBI Spy 

Candace Owens 

Candace on women that don't have kids  LOL

Liberal says he would let his daughter date an MS13 member OMG

Hillary - wants to "take back the country"  OMG Lock Her Up 

150 People set out to Trap President Trump

FBI Trump Spy was a Cambridge Professor

 Gunman Arrested was a porn star, liked Melania

Rudy Guiliani goes after Sessions

Chuck Schumer on naming the FBI Spy

Syria's Assad meets w/ Putin after Trump's threats

Julian Assange - 1 yr anniversary of Sweden dropping false charges

Julian Assange Petition

Julian Assange - Gary Webb they killed him

President Trump on Twitter

W. Virginia School asks students to write a submission to Allah

James Comey goes silent after caught putting spies in the Trump Campaign

Sandra Bullock

Phone spying on devices all over

Mueller and Eric Holder and Sec of State sending and receiving emails on unsecured server after Benghazi attack

BPA BPS - same toxic equal to drinking river water

TSA Groping

Roger Stone - Pence & Nicki Haley Ticket if Trump does not run 

Treaty of Paris was blackmail 



Jeffrey Epstein's little black book redacted

20 Priests in the Cuban plane crash

Friday, May 18, 2018

May 18, Friday 2018

Sean Hannity

Man accused of spying for China can remain in Canada

Bolton and Kelly tried to end White House leaks

Deep State Senior Executive Service

Trump donates his first quarter salary to the VA

Whitehouse Yanny

Lawyer in trouble for requesting that people speak English not Spanish

Obama let Hezzobalah off the hook for the Iran  deal

Trump dismantling Planned Parenthood Title X Regan

Trump I will always call MS13 animals

Trump must cut all ties w/ UN

Tucker MS-13

John Brennan and his young girls on Facebook wow

Spying on General Flynn - 1 year before

Ex US Atty - Brennan led mission to frame Trump

Chile's Bishop - Pedogate

Ending food stamp fraud House Farm Bill

Obama Spying

Ecuador orders withdrawal of extra security for Julian, there were some people spying on him

Brennan Clapper Comey will be indicted

Bitter Clapper 

Pedogate Chilean bishops all resign

The only one that did not resign is Pope Francis 

 DOJ blocks immigration loophole

Trust fund for border wall

 LA Pedogate arrests

Narcotics Cop busted w/ 2 Million in Marijuana

 Tomi Lahren defending herself from the View


Michael Avenatti fired a pregnant woman, owed large damages

Mueller investigation threads

Playboy model and her son suicide in a hotel jump

Apprentice Contestant sues Trump, and it's going forward

House farm bill collapses - Paul Ryan must step down 

Man opens fire at Trump hotel

Trump continuing to defund PP

Abortionist is a millionaire

Jordon Sather

North Korea

Mueller made up names in indictments

NAACP President lying

Rioters paid by Obama - Hamas & Israel

French President to fine men for cat calling
Leakers in MSM fear jail for their leaks

FBI trying to reverse their crimes now

CBO reports surplus after the tax cuts

Michael Cohen seeks to block Stormy Daniels atty from joining case

Trying to stall DACA

Jack Twitter joins in Net Nuetrality

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thursday May 17, 2018

Trump files new paperwork to cover the payment to Stormy Daniels

Allison Mack details

Gina - CIA Director when Crossfire Hurricane code name was made

Trump asks Sessions to prosecute Oakland Mayor

Anthony Weiner Warrant 


IG Report will declare they broke the law 


Obama era gun smuggling probe

Texas man kills his 3 kids, himself, new boyfriend, and injures wife

President Trump on fallen officer

Past Predidents on the lie of moving the embassy to Jerusalem

President Trump on MS13 Illegals Sanctuary Cities

Mark Dice - Deportation Bus

Antifa after the deportation bus

Massachusetts - Sharia Law

Epstein has a video of Chuck Schumer and 14 yr old boys???? says this tweet

YouTube going through videos and removing thumbnails of all cleavage

Graduation photos of girl w/ her gun

MSM spies being paid off

Pence trying to be President

Sol video for Trump and deep state

lady calls cops over a barbecue

California = Soros pouring millions into race

John Kerry s daughter

California  naked man going to the bathroom in front of a police car  San Francisco  OMG

Girl urinates in public restaurant  beyond fathom

Stormy Daniels legal fund paid by this ex Clinton staffer

CNN loses 30% of viewers

French seaside - tourists are scared to go

Q Thread

Fake News

Video why socialism does not work

There are more registered voters than there are live adults by at least 3.5 million people

NYT lying about what Trump said

Sara Huckabee, calling MS13 gang members animals is not strong enough

Brennen will be hauled off !!!!! 

CIA  led in framing Trump 

Whitehouse joke LOL


Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Wednesday May 16, 2018

N Korea backing down on summit again

DWTS Finale - Tonya Harding

Pope Francis stepping down

Trump visiting Melania

Flynn plead guilty because they threatened him and his son

Kellyanne - Firing leakers and traitors

Stephen King makes fun of Melania

DOJ files appeal to keep Bill Clinton's records secret????? What?????

Ecuador Ex President says not torturing Julian, when they are

Treatment of Julian is unjust says the minister

The Gov't has spent $30M surveilling Julian Assange

Julian Assange Petition

Jeff Sessions on leakers

UK Role in Julians' detention

Free Julian march in Brazil

Podesta Linked to murder

BMW door closes and woman almost loses her thumbs

AT&T Internet Bill of Rights

Dossier linked to Theresa May 

Mueller not indicting Trump 

Mueller under fire now 

 Obama - armed ISIS

Trump round table on sanctuary cities 

Senate Votes to reverse Net Nuetrality

Cartels smuggling immigrants 

 Melania sends out message after surgery

Debbie Wasserman - terrorist

Wasserman Ballots destroyed 

Fox pays $10 Million in Discrmination lawsuits

Seattle WA raising taxes to pay for illegals

Comey sent Strzok to London 90 days before the election to set up Trump

Whitehouse leaker

Obama defeat in Abortion being mandatory funding

Michael Avenatti - digging deeper

Michael Cohen, still working on Stormy Daniels 

 Irish people being set up to house mirgrants

Brain overload

New chairman at Fox News

 ISIS leader captured

IG Report Draft

Bad Lip reading

Mueller coerced Mike Flynn into pleading guilty

Lisa Rinna Says She sold her soul to look good



Twitter Censorship, Youtube, Facebook Etc Lawsuit data

Non stop twitter censorship and deletions of links, videos, tweets,  etc


Trump calls out twitter

Shadow ban club lol

Twitter plunges

Selling Twitter shares

Twitter Shadowbanning

Twitter statement

Twitter Breitbart

Matt Gaetz

Matt Gaetz on Tucker

Twitter denys  shadowbanning, but they do

Trump going to look into Twitter abuse


Twitter loses money

Putin Soccer ball has chip inside

Matt Gaetz goes after Twitter

twitter censorship

twitter suspends 70 million accounts 


James Okeefe Baked Alaska - Youtube censorship

Twitter deleted this tweet of the Trump Train????

Twitter hiding all Julian Assange tweets and hashtags nov 4th 2017

Twitter deleting pinned tweet 0 when Trump won

Trump keeps praising China via twitter  - has to do w/ fixing our finances I think

Gab - deleted tweets

Censorship lawsuit


twitter censorship during election  minute 10 about

Huge Missouri AG taking on Google

Twitter bans Roseanne Barr

Roseanne banned for tweeting who is Q

David Seaman


account closed

Donna Warren

Susan Wojcicki petition to fire her


Internet VPN

Twitter's rules

Twitter rules

Motion to Quash Twitter Policy

Twitter violates its own terms

Facebook lawsuit

Ted Cruz fighting to end internet censorship

Facebook suspends 200 apps

Twitter shadowbanning on May 15, 2018

Megan Merkle's instagram account deleted

Twitter on a tare


Case law over free speech
Roseanne on twitter

Twitter shadowbanning



Hillary and Google







Devin Nunes slams Google

Google ends agreement w/ Pentagon

Patreon page of lawsuits


Google fine

Left wing - Facebook

Mark Dice Live Stream
🔴 Test via @YouTube




U aware been F***ing w/us.. supporters....Closing..Suspending Accounts..taking AWAY I get..everyDay..ONLY CREDIT about 10..someWeeks ZERO sent THEM several Notes NO response..I Tweet ESSAYS Facts..Truth..MASTERPIECES..for..

Facebook - having to answer for crimes

Wisconsin Terrorist uses Facebook