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Saturday, May 19, 2018

Saturday May 19, 2018

cold and rainy temp under 60 degrees outside in May  ne 

USA Royal Family

A seat left for Diana at the Royal Wedding

The Satanic symbolism at the royal wedding, so sad 

Royal Wedding photos

7 Wedding Gowns

Roseanne Barr so upset over twitter hatred 

Whitehouse Press Secretary  Trump Trade agreement w/ China

Saudi Arabia

Fake News covering their tracks ahead of IG report, are now reporting on facts of the witch hunt and trying to control the narrative

illegal loopholes closed by Jeff Sessions 

Judge Jeanine - Sessions is most dangerous man in USA

The F in FISA means foreign, never applied to Trump to begin with

Loretta Lynch and Comey colluded w/ FBI

Podesta Group

Obama spied so much w no evidence of a crime

Trump forces the DOJ and FBI to come clean over the spying 

More on the FBI Spy 

Candace Owens 

Candace on women that don't have kids  LOL

Liberal says he would let his daughter date an MS13 member OMG

Hillary - wants to "take back the country"  OMG Lock Her Up 

150 People set out to Trap President Trump

FBI Trump Spy was a Cambridge Professor

 Gunman Arrested was a porn star, liked Melania

Rudy Guiliani goes after Sessions

Chuck Schumer on naming the FBI Spy

Syria's Assad meets w/ Putin after Trump's threats

Julian Assange - 1 yr anniversary of Sweden dropping false charges

Julian Assange Petition

Julian Assange - Gary Webb they killed him

President Trump on Twitter

W. Virginia School asks students to write a submission to Allah

James Comey goes silent after caught putting spies in the Trump Campaign

Sandra Bullock

Phone spying on devices all over

Mueller and Eric Holder and Sec of State sending and receiving emails on unsecured server after Benghazi attack

BPA BPS - same toxic equal to drinking river water

TSA Groping

Roger Stone - Pence & Nicki Haley Ticket if Trump does not run 

Treaty of Paris was blackmail 



Jeffrey Epstein's little black book redacted

20 Priests in the Cuban plane crash