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The truth never changes, lies always do

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Sunday May 20, 2018

Obama can still be impeached 

Trump orders investigation

DOJ spokesperson 

Collusion against Trump timeline

John Brennan & Other criminal freaking out 

James Comey's neighbor tried to set up Donald Trump Jr

Fed Gov't Paid 571 Million in disablity to people that had jobs

Tracy Beanz Thread 

Trump Staffer Zinke provided restricted tours

Hillary and Google tampered w/ browser on Benghazi emails

Media lies about Trump and calling MS13 gang animals

Santa Fe Shooter killed a girl who rejected him

More on Trump defunding Planned Parenthood

Mueller probe 1 year later

18 Classified emails on Weiner's laptop

Key FBI staff flip on McCabe and Comey

Pulse Nightclub shooter was FBI informant

Wilbur Ross, Trump's Pick for Commerce Secretary

Drug dealers and the cops

Jake Tapper last year, on covering Trump's wiretapping claims looks so stupid today

Article, Trump will not go quietly

Climate change professor fired for telling the truth

Devin Nunes - Red line crossed 


Alabama hotel manager charged


LA Country

UN wants to migration more muslims by 2030

Truck's fuel tank hid $90 M of liquid meth