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Saturday, June 9, 2018

Jume 10, 2018 Sunday

G7 Summit Meeting Trump Merkel  favorite photo  lol

Marijuana - amazing video watch

Atlanta Sex Trafficking

Trump's Masterclass G7 Summit
Good Cop

Trump's approval rating 52%
World Leaders are groomed and bribed. They are members of secret societies. Trump is his own man. A brilliant billionaire businessman who cannot be bought or told what to do. They will never be as smart and streetwise as he is and that drives them crazy.

Food waste

Paul Manafort evidence

Still waiting for the evidence of a Russia Hack

Huge lawsuit against Hillary and the DNC - misapporpriation of funds

FL man charged for trying to kill Trump

Cellphone use releases mercury from fillings into your body

Dennis Rodman

Obama tried to give Iran access to our financial system


Candace Owens tells of Ellen

Colorado monument

Cops beating up a woman

 Trump TRudeau

Welcoming Trump in Shangra-Li

Trump showing leadership

bad judge

Immigration raid

DOJ Renages On Commitment to turn over document

 Hailstorm on airplane 

 Justin Trudeau's eyebrows 

Ken Star - Monica Lewinsky

FCC bans phone company hidden charges

9 Internet scams we are still falling for

Forest  Gump facts

Sara wins over fake news

Kansas cannot account for $900,000 of money

All Globalists panic as Trump Uses The Trump card - The USA

Angela Merkel

Christopher Wray provided false information to

Contempt charges

Obama  wow

Supreme Court

Eric Trump - Luke Trump  Potus 55

Summits Are Tricky

Modern Family Actor dies

5 Reasons Why Trump will win 40 states in 2020

Trade relations w/ China

Traitor Trudeau

Trump top aide on Trudeau

Bureaucrats subpoena records of home schoolers

Candace Owens tells off Ellen

Federal Judge Sides W/ Obama on illegals


Vince Vaughn

Trump staff have to rip up papers back up, LOL

dairy farmers 

Democratic Senator backs Trump

Disabled protestors stalk Trump and get arrested

Pruitt hails over obstacles

President Trump LOL


Friday, June 8, 2018

Saturday, June 9, 2018

IG Report being scrubbed


Trump ends taxpayer dollars going to unions

Anthony Bourdin final days

Anthony Bourdin tweet - info on Hillary

Anthony Bourdin's mom - no idea

Marilyn Monroe Statue in Connecticut 

Nike refuses to supply cleats for World Cup

Several countries rejecting muslims now

Trump skips climate change meeting at summit

addiction to fructose

Judge Jeanine

Protecting Julian Assange

Disney Animation Pioneer stepping down

16 REPUBLICANS for gun control = RINOS

Suicides connected to Clintons

shoes made w/ dead children

Poll on the best first lady,  Michelle Obama so far 2%

Wikileaks - spirit cooking emails from John Podesta

cancer screenings

Tormenting Julian Assange

changing the rules to run in 2020

Woman Fighting for Julian Assange

IG report being released on Trump's 72nd birthday

Nancy Pelosi on jobs rates - she needds to stop talking

NY Bans Styrofoam

Congress going after Mueller doing audit of money he wasted

$142 Million paid out to families w/ babies from secret vaccine court in 2017

March for terrorism in London

DOJ releases illegal crime statistics


Vaccine permanently harms child

Trump ends federal marijuana ban

Target - Over the Top Shop Lifting policy and they were wrong OMG

Wow, the doctor that verified Obama's birth certificate died in a crash????

Trump signs VA Mission EO giving vets more choices for health care

Sara Sanders giving it to the press !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ford making popular truck again

Democrats and Bill Maher would rather have the country in poverty than Trump succeed

President Trump talking about trade LOL  brilliant

President Trump telling off the press  LOL

181 Clinton Foundation doners

Whitehouse Statement

Paul Manafort talked to Russia even after he was indicted


Arrested leaker broke the public's trust

Canceling Obamacare

CA Nominee Defends Trump

N Korea has a one shot deal

Former Vatican diplomat indicted on child porn


Trump kicking ass to CNN

Germany Migration

LeBron punched whiteboard

G7 Summit update

Stormy Daniels - getting sued

Trump at the Summit

Trump's signature at the summit
Guardasil vaccine kills women

Jordon tweet
You’d be surprised, many ETs look exactly like us (humanoid). We can travel through space/time just as they can (if we learned how...) & in terms of galactic slave trade. What if many Jews didn’t exactly die..but were taken as slaves to Antarctica & “elsewhere”...Ponder.


Planned Parenthood fails to report sex crimes

Illegals crossing over 

Authorities free 177 from Human Trafficking group

Alligator kills a woman

Julian Assange attorney

Johnny Appleseed

OMG Using the Illegals Wow

Update on Tuscon

Turkey Fines Music From Rhianna

Antifa accounts to block on Twitter

Saudi Fashion Show

Graduate standing

Judge Jeanine

 Judge Jeanine

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Friday June 8, 2018

Julian Assange
Pamela Anderson: Why Julian Assange is in danger via @YouTube


Alex Jones on Tuscon says no child trafficking

2 Yr Old Shoots Himself w/ Daddy's gun

DOJ To release report on June 14

Budweister bailing on Made in America festival

Baltimore Cop to serve 25 years

Pedogate raping babies

Queen Elizabeth - pedogate

Undoing Obamacare

Kim Kardashian

Half of Humanity wealth belongs to 8 people

Ouch, spygate

Tennessee store puts no gays allowed sign up

Facebook and Fake News Get Married

Austria closing mosques


AT&T Price hike

Anthony Bourdin dies of suicide

Donald Trmp Jr

Obama's letter to Trump

Melania's surgery

155 Million employed, highest in history


Trump pardoning others


Copyright law wants to make memes illegal

Facebook shared posts w/ 14 million viewers

DOJ - investigating 27 leaks of classified information

Talks over bringing Julian Assange home to Australia

Paul Manafort Charged by Mueller

 Trump is a genius

Charges on Wolfe

Muslims kicking over gravestones

UK Pedogate

Seth Rich lawsuit Subpoena's Twitter

Tuscon Arizona update

Stormy Daniels sues her own attorney

Iran confesses to 9/11

9/11 attacks confession

Hillary Timeline

Anthony Bourdin - Hillary Clinton

Anthony Bourdin looks more like Clinton Body Bags

Obama posting photo w/ Anthony Bourdin

56 Lawmakers Call For PP Investigation

Trump on Classified Info

Describing illegals

Illegal immigration is a scheme being used by the Democrat party to create a future base of liberal voters, destabilize our culture, and destroy the rule of law

Diane Feinsteins's staffer

Last Munchkin character of Wizard of Oz dies at 98

Candace Owens

Skull found near Tuscon

NH Governor bans gay conversion of minors

Congress votes to audit Mueller probe


Julian Assange

Veteran that wanted 100 birthday cards, received 50,000

Charges made in London Fire

Queen of Holland's sister found dead

June 7, 2018 Thursday

Seizure of illegal money in law suit now

Alice Johnson freed

Alice Johnson

Bill Clinton pardoned a man, but not a woman, same offense

Roommate murder

HIV infection on purpose

North Carolina Amber Alert

Obama helping Iran

Trump inherited corrupt FBI

Matt Gaetz calling for Paul Ryan to be removed

$30 K a month to be Trump operative

Obama's treason

660 Take down in Disney

Media weaponizing

Mulvaney fires 25

Bill Clinton 30 years later

Pedogate arrests


New Immigration rule

Dr. Ben Carson

Ted Cruz

Yellowstone Nat' Park

Awan Brothers

Jeanine Piero

30 companies invested in loans under Obama

Pizza worker

Chelsea Manning wellness check

Justice Dept

World Cup Ref caught taking a bribe

Colin Kapernick

Paul Ryan drafting an amnesty bill

McCabe Blackmailing Trump

Sommerville MA kindergarten

Death Penalty for California man

James Wolfe Arrested

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Wednesday June 6, 2018

Late Primary voting results

Rosie O'Donnell

Andrew McCabe attempting to flee Tuesday night?

Walmart makes big move to keep up w/ Amazon

Scientist predicts volcano

Time to oust Jerry Brown

Buckingham Palace Tourist Guide - jailed only 9 months

Judge who sentenced Brock Turner likely to be recalled

Devin Nunes

Obama Comey McCabe formed secret spy group

Trying to unseat Nunes

Christopher Wray FBI's Watergate

President Trump Furious over Tom Brady's skipping Whitehouse Dinner

Sex Dolls

Dennis Rodman will be meeting w/ Trump and Kim Jong Un

Maine votes to expand Medicaid

Fighting For Julian Assange

Comey defied authority FBI

IG Report leaked

IG Report

Trump commuted sentence of Alice Johnson

Paul Ryan, Trey Gowdy said its OK to spy on Trump

Hearing on restoring war powers to Congress

Obama Lies


Obama Iran

Sean Hannity - DOJ Find Comey Defied Authority

Maryland - Muslim sentenced

Mueller - demands cell phones be turned in

Veterans Care Act

Sessions Memo

Trump Reorganizing federal gov't

David Cassidy

California voting error

Hillary not off the hook just yet

Canceling on Julian Assange

University will pay $$$ To expose people to the flu

IG Report
Leaked documents show Yates & Comey

Debbie Wasserman

Sad Obituary 

Traitor Paul Ryan

Alyssa Milano

Jerry Falwell

Obama allowed Iran to access our financial system

Trump and Kim Jung Un

NFL died

Boeing won't deliver planes to Iran

Atlanta 160 children rescued

News fatigue

Chuck Grassley letter of today

Chief of Staff resigning

Arrests up at the border

Muslim Canada

Robert Mueller

DOJ not releasing records of Seth Rich


Monday, June 4, 2018

Jue 5, 218 Tuesdsay

Monica Lewinsky

Trudeau complaining about tariffs

Debbie Wasserman Shultz

Majority of people believe feds tried to stop Trump from Winning

The murder of Scalia changed the balance of power in the Supreme Court

the unions are fighting now in many cases, see thread

Defendant acquitted in Trump riot

Jerry Brown

Ny Studio cost $15 million to build sold for less than $1 Million

Trump Tweet from 2014

President of Nickelodeon stepping down

Mueller is a tyrant,

Trumps Whitehouse Doctor

Cemex = pizzagate

Liz Crokin
Cemex bullet points - huge

Dinesh DeSousa = selected for political prosecution

Kate Spade

Kate Spade's Husband

Theory behind the mouse mask

Kate Spade

Kate Spade

Kate Spade found dead = suicide at 55

Kate Spade - Clinton Foundation

Kayne West Post on Kate Spade 

Kate Spade

Human Trafficking

Andy Spade Pizza Party

Andy Spade instagram photos

Veterans on patrol in Tuscon

Sex Trafficking

Kate Spade suicide tied to Clintons 


Suicide Note

Sex Trafficking Children Cemex

Cemex under investigation


Miss America Pageant ditches swimsuit competition 

Disney pedogate arrests 

Mitch McConnell says work through summer

Keith Ellison wants to run for Attorney General 

Virginia - illegal muslim gets 5 years for lying on application

Ohio ICE arrests 114 in Lawn and Garden Business

Broward County endorses Republican

Irish voters challenge results - voter fraud over abortion

IG report

Clinton Email hearing

 Spies in Trump campaign

NY Defamation lawsuit against Trump discovery by January 2019

Social Security and Medicare becoming insolvent

 Student felt pressured from dean over bad test score

Senate releasse 500 pages of texts

Sex Trafficking Tuscon

Fake news lying about Trump and Melania

Saudi Arabia gave first licenses to women

Contractor arrested outside Whitehouse

Too Many Coincidences

CHild molestor text photos from prison

Passing DACA will increase illegals

Promises Kept

Pamela Anderson on Tucker Carlson

Awan brother copping a plea on July 3, 2018