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Monday, June 4, 2018

June 4, 2018 Monday

Donald Trump 500 Days of Greatness

500 days of winning

Complete list of Trumps 500 days in office

1st President Attacked for Keeping his promises
Colin Kaepernick

Pope Francis orders white women to breed w/ muslims

London closing churches opening mosques


Starbucks denver

Look what they are teaching in kindergarten

NJ Prepares for Shutdown

Bernie Sanders & Disney

Big Win For Religious Freedom - Wedding Cake Win

Same Sex wedding cake  rules 7-2

Supreme Court ruling on gay wedding cake

President Trump's 500 days of greatness

Amy Mek

San Diego Wall

Bill Clinton would still be w/ Monica again today OMG

Hillary wanted to win because you can't indict a sitting president for their crimes,

Trump wins on high court abortion ruling

Woody Allen

Apple phone addiction

Edde Clearwater Blues Singer Dies

Trump calls out the Resistance in Senate

DOJ adds 300 new Assistant US Attorneys

Craig Sawyer update


Cemex  easy to hide the children

Update Child Trafficking Tuscon Arizona = Clintons & Mexico

Liz Crokin

Rothschild involved in Tuscon

Tuscon Police not helping and denying child trafficking WOW

Starbucks CEO stepping down again

Netflix plummets

Jerry Brown wants to tax drinking water in CA

Only 10 Millennials shows up for Maxine Waters Event

Hillary's email scandal coming up to a hearing

Democrat Dictionary description

Updated Democrat Dictionary 1) Illegal Immigrants: Dreamers 2) Trump Supporters: Deplorables 3) MS-13 Killers: Human Beings 4) Human Beings in the Womb: Not Human Beings 5) Hamas Terrorists: Protestors 6) Law Abiding NRA Members: Terrorists 7) 7 - 2 Supreme Court Rulings: Narrow

California fining people $1,000 a day if the use more than 55 gal of water

James Woods Offers to Jail Bernie Sanders

1.3 of senate is up for re-election this year

Mexico Cemex under investigation

Navy Seal pardoned by Trump is going to sue Obama

Bill Clinton says he does not owe Monica Leewinsky an apology

Democratic Senators try to control the meeting w/ Kim Jung Un

Mueller abused prosecutary discretion

Studio 54 NY

President Trump meets Candace Owens

FBI Arrests Former Defense Intelligence Officer Ron Hensen

322,000 Manufacturing jobs up since Trump - Ben Stein

Reagan's daughter, a former playmate

Homeland Security compiles a list of all bloggers and social media influencers

George Papadopolous plead guilty under threats

BREAKING: George Papadopoulos's wife says her husband had nothing to do with Russia, he only plead guilty because Mueller threatened to charge him as a foreign agent of Israel - Daily Caller

Trump has cut 24,000 federal jobs since taking office

Boulder CO just banned AR15's

Philadelphia Eagles will not attend Whitehouse dinner

Ron Rockwell Hansen arrested

Obama sued

President TRump appealing ruling on Blocking Twitter account

Peter Strzok's boss to testify in Congress tomorrow

Italy defeats Soros

Mueller asks judge to revoke bail for Paul Manafort

Democrats try to buck Trump at Summit

Google ends program w/ Pentagon

Gsy Wedding cake

Gay cake