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Thursday, June 7, 2018

June 7, 2018 Thursday

Seizure of illegal money in law suit now

Alice Johnson freed

Alice Johnson

Bill Clinton pardoned a man, but not a woman, same offense

Roommate murder

HIV infection on purpose

North Carolina Amber Alert

Obama helping Iran

Trump inherited corrupt FBI

Matt Gaetz calling for Paul Ryan to be removed

$30 K a month to be Trump operative

Obama's treason

660 Take down in Disney

Media weaponizing

Mulvaney fires 25

Bill Clinton 30 years later

Pedogate arrests


New Immigration rule

Dr. Ben Carson

Ted Cruz

Yellowstone Nat' Park

Awan Brothers

Jeanine Piero

30 companies invested in loans under Obama

Pizza worker

Chelsea Manning wellness check

Justice Dept

World Cup Ref caught taking a bribe

Colin Kapernick

Paul Ryan drafting an amnesty bill

McCabe Blackmailing Trump

Sommerville MA kindergarten

Death Penalty for California man

James Wolfe Arrested