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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday April 28, 2018

Trump Rally Photo - Q Trust the Plan

This is the line of cars heading to the rally - wow

President Trump salutes at the rally

Juanita Broderick says now it's time to lock up Bill Clinton

Alphie Evans dies from starvation - too sick for words

Conservative Judge rules for 1st Amendment 

Sumo coach & wife sexual harassment to students 

 The fight over illegals at the border 

Fox News at the border

Drugs found in shipment to Starbucks - wow 

 Ben Carson - taking away HUD housing abuses 

 CNN Money on Ben Carson balancing the HUD program

 Fox News, Hillary trying to con for additional funds for daycare for people working on dem platform 

Bridget Macron says she is freer to go outside in Paris, less scrutiny than Melania

15 ce;ebrities that support Trump

2 Sheriff's murdered since the Parkland shooting, why?????

 Texas couple enslaved a girl for 16 years

 Celebrities who stopped following Kayne

Milo says many people secretly support Trump but can't say it

Roseanne, does expose mind control, her show is fine

Border jumpers will face jail - migrant crisis

In Maine, the democrats VOTE for Female Genital Mutilation

JFK the lies the told, there were 2 shooters

Cuomo insists feds cease arresting illegals

President Trump credited for ending Korean war

Bill Cosby - on house arrest

The Setup of Flynn was a total trap for him

Hulk Hogan extortion case & Stormy Daniels extortion case = same lawyer

$100 bill scam - don't go get the fake money

Q anon - Ex Presidents being jailed = pay attention

Cosby's conviction sends a clear message - end of sexual assault

Trump may visit Jerusalem for embassy moving

Secret Service issues statement over the lies spread to try to prevent the VA doctor from being approved, disgusting

2/3 voters support cut in legal immigration

Troy CA trying to harm students and is full of microwave technology

3,5 Million people fleeing from California and NY

29 year old teacher w/ teenage student

California sex trafficking and pedogate ring

Democrats cut out Melania of photo, now lie to hide humiliation

Kim Un Speaks

Divine Cosmos talking about the takedown, long article

Theft of social media  American Intelligence
Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg

Wikileaks releases more Clinton emails,  Hillary says she's removed from ordinary people lol

Video of MSM already planning that Hillary won,

Trump calls for Tester to resign 

Down The Rabbit Hole Q

Trump Rally in Michigan instead of Correspondent's dinner

SOL  Hillary Campaign

Prison Time for Mexican Cops - rape bribery


Thursday, April 26, 2018

Friday April 27, 2018


Luke Messer nominating Trump for Nobel Peace Prize

Trump Effect

CNN posts truthful statement from S. Korea that credits Trump for the peace treaty

Me Too Movement lawmaker hates Asians???? WOW

Hillary beat up staff 

House Intel Officially clears Trump in Russia Probe

House Intel clearing Flynn as well

House Intel report 250 pages long, clears everyone under Trump

Trump We Should Get On W/ Our Lives

House Intel - John McCain to retire

Mueller thread

 Remains of 140 Children founds in Peru

Sen Menendez - forced to repay gifts

Trump meeting and greeting children, priceless

DOJ hiding damaging texts, 

Kim Un's message of peace he signed 

Kid News Anchor - beware, he's adorable, better protect him

Merck fighting Fraud lawsuits

10 Poorest Cities below the poverty line 

Rothschild art on wall - beyond fathom

Strzok Page partial memo's  they did not release what matters

  How the Muslim brotherhood brainwashes kids

Saudi Crown Prince has executed 48 people in 2018

Baby Drummer 

Pedogate  Mel Gibson says Hollywood sucks on the blood of children 

Cry Closet - beyond belief

Trump gives himself an A+++ and he is correct

Cold Weather more depressing than a terrorist attack, study shows

Coldest April in recorded history in some cities

Trey Gowdy on lying Comey

Russin Ties in our banks

Is Feinstein dodging CA debate or really just busy?

US already fighting Al Qaeda before 9/11

Alphie case is too sick, too cruel,  they even gave him Italian citizenship to move him, but UK is refusing to let him go, wow, sickest thing I ever heard of

Priest removed for saying God was watching on Aplhie case

Bruce Willis - Trump is the Best President Ever

Obama ordered 1/2 million fugitives deleted from the FBI files and background checks

Mid Terms voter apathy is up to 75%

Neil Gorsuch on OIL decisions, they are raising prices again

Jim Jordon - James Comey screwed up the Clinton Foundation

Trump On Korea in 1999  - he was right

Twitter won't "trend" this historical meeting w/ N and S Korea and they are targeting conservative accounts

Diamond and Silk

Testimony, they were trying to set up the girls for reimbursement of travel costs and calling it pay,  2 different things

Introduction into destroying the dreams of our young

Open Secret the introduction into pedogate

Hollywood pedogate

Mel Gibson, Hollywood pedos have no where to hide

Backpage CEO pleads guilty

Cop killer ejected from court for racial slurs

EPA removes climate change from website - genius

Clapper also a leaker - big problem

Jake Tapper out sick today

Google secret pentagon meeting

Mike Pompeo saying Trump liking to end Iran Agreement

Ex-Monroe Judge Pleads guilty

Feinstein Staffer discloses $50 million spent

US Policy - ISIS

People are so sick of the redacted documents, now they are tweeting about it

Calling for the arrests now, one by one

Trump calls out correspondent's dinner - fake news prom

NY-NJ Port Authority resigns after video shows disrespect w/ police

Clapper leaked to Tapper, what a surprise

Texas trying to clean up voting laws

Ending DACA

Meehan resigns

Pittsburgh removes a statue because it had a slave at its feet

US AG Sessions probed on recusing himself on Cohen raid

Tom Brokqw

Oklahoma makes gun carry law to protect everyone 

Appeals court restores voter id

Candace Owens - taking the country by storm w/ conversation to educate african American voters

Jack, on Twitter apologizes to Candace for calling her far right

Democrats unhinged because black people are connecting the dots

Kayne West - independent thinking

USA Olympians At Whitehouse

Romaine Lettuce - ecoli

Judge delays the Stormy Daniels case

Update on Q  thread


CNN gave Clapper a job after leaking

Sara Carter 3 take aways from 248 page report

Judge orders massacre of Las Vegas shooting released

Olympic team at Whitehouse

Tom Brennan reacting to John Brennan's tweet

LA Cop trying to smuggle illegals??? Wow,

Roseanne Halloween Ideas

What Can Roseanne Wear For a Halloween Costume??????

She can be a pad lock

She Could Be A Bail of Hay

She Could Be A California Sign

She Can Be A Billboard

She Can Be A Fairy God Mother

She Can Switch Outfits w/ Aunt Jackie and be a Nasty Woman

She can go in disguise

Or, the one that takes the cake 

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thursday April 26, 2018

Subway closing 500 stores

Upset about the President's Pardon

Mariah Carey 

 Bill Clinton encouraged President Trump to run

Hillary wants to "sell" her voter list

 Awan giving data to Pakistan

 Frank Sinatra trafficked underage girls

Harvey Weinstein trying to murder Rose McGowan

Melania's Birthday and amazing photos

CNN Melania 

Allison Mack trying to lure others into her sex cult 

Jeff Sessions is he pretending to be doing nothing when he's doing everything?

Hollywood - collapsing

Macaulay Culkin

Louisiana on Sodomy and Beastiliaty bill  omg what a sad world

Revealing that 9/11 was a controlled demolition

NY Judge 0ut of their mind saying people can be kicked out of a bar because they support TRump

Facebook trying to not censor conservatives now?

Meryl Streep & Harvey Weinstein

Pedophile Illegal immigration who was murdered - body put in front of Parliament

MSNBC - We were paid to spread CIA propaganda

Big Pharma synthetic marijuana is killing people

48 Page on how corrupt Robert Mueller is - True Pundit

Delta tied a woman to her wheelchair????? What  these airlines are insane

Michael Cohen & Stormy hearing

They put Diamond and Silk under oath, but not Mark Zuckerberg  WOW

Diamond and Silk

Dan Bongino on the abuse to Diamond and Silk 

Senate approves a bill to protect special counsel

John Bolton cleaning house

 Ted Cruz has left opposition in senate race

Bill Cosby convicted of rape

Cosby show pulled from TV after verdict 

Bill Cosby - terrible after verdict, left screaming

JFK Documents released

HSBC Former head sentenced for global banking scheme 

Brittany Spears prays for forgiveness over illumaniti connections

Pompeo confirmed as Secretary of State

Jeff Sessions on Marijuana

Q Said in January the texts would be missing and here we are now, w/ them being "found" and released

Voting out Sheriff in Florida Wow

Teacher walkout closes schools

Grand jury's set up for McCabe and Comey

NY Judge rules against MAGA hat

Jeff Sessions testifies to wrapping up Mueller probe

Sexual survivor's house set ablaze to prevent her from giving names to police

NBC News coverage of N Korea & S Korea

N & S Korea meet

Walmart FEMA camps

Trey Gowdy on Leaking - why isn't Comey in cuffs?

Michael Cohen was thought to be in line for Chief of Staff

MS 13 Gang brings in underage kids to USA to be in this gang and get juvenile 

Lindsey Lohen's mom loses the house in NY failed to appear in court

Tom Brockaw - sexual harassment accusations

Facebook - Conservative Erin Cruz having her accounts tampered with

Nevada - has to sue 1st Amendment over 2nd Amendment

Paul Ryan dismisses house chaplain who is Catholic, no one knows why

Koch Brothers tried to manipulate w/ DACA and use Abraham Lincoln

Trump delays some JFK files until 2021  wow, so deep state

 Allison Mack on recruitment video for sex trafficking

Guilty until proven innocent - new standard

copy of the shell game, and everyone knows it, and no one does anything to prosecute them 

Coast Guard sends illegals back to Cuba 


Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Indictments - Unsealed


Wednesday April 25, 2018

Buffalo NY  Race won by a conservative democrat

Allison Mack bail terms

Ashton Kutcher on Pedogate

McCulay Culkin doing a song in a band about pizza, wow, so sad

Democrats having an epiphany if Republicans win, they have to go

Amazon limiting reviews of James Comey's book

Huma never filled out vacation forms, so her "vacations" were paid in full

This was on the dark web and is not from Federal court, but from Common Law court
Unsealed Indictment for Hillary and Uranium One

GOP wins in Arizona

Wisconsin power outage

DACA ruling

Miami Herald lawsuit filed on Jeffrey Epstein

They are murdering Alphie and depriving him food and oxygen,  It's so sick, it's impossible to believe or watch, but our government control hospitals are this cruel and murderous

Sally Yates was the real blackmailer

The missing texts contain language about killing Trump and are about to be released

Fox News, Judge Napilitano - get a grand jury on Hillary

Obama photographed w/ Pedogate Richard Branson
He had him in the Whitehouse

Huge Win for taxpayer that refuses to pay for abortions

Broward County so corrupt, about to bust wide open

State Dinner Menu

Kyle interrogated at a gun range

DOJ investigating collusion between carriers and may prevent another merger

Brenden Fraser was abused, pedogate

Comey's Book Sales

Stormy Daniels reason for her "Trump claims"

Trump denies clemency to 180 requests very typical, not everyone deserves it, but many ask

Olympians arrive at the White House for their dinner

7 organ transplant successful

Big Pharma telling women that it's OK to have a vaccine for the flu shot while pregnant, can cause birth defects and autism  WOW, so sick

Jordon Hamlet 
Man going to be sentenced for trying to get Donald Trump's social security number before the election

Court to release names of Jeffrey Epstein's pedo gang

Apple having to pay billions to Ireland in back taxes

Hillary - big drinker 

Chicago times leaves front page blank - MSM is hurting all around and they are losing people

Bank robber pleads guilty

Trump may send Mike Pompeo to Jerusalem to move Embassy

VA Nominee - not a good resume, might not be able to be confirmed

Tennessee Senate want to build a statute to remember abortion victims, has to be passed in the house

Chicago MCDonald's menu has food from around the world

Putin said in 2016 that vaccines were destroying our kids

Nancy Pelosi on her "tax crumbs" of $1,000 per person

Kayne West

Federal law prohibiting spraying chemicals upon us, chemtrails etc

Fox News Beats  CNN

Gay Rights Rescinds the Award they gave Joy Reid

Israeli Gov't justifies killing children

Dow goes down, gold and silver go up

Daily Caller wrote wonderful article for Julian Assange

DNC slapped w/ order to preserve evidence in their case against Trump Wikileaks & Roger Stone

France increases NATO from 3% to 35%  Unbelievable !!!!!

Trump reforms welfare

59 Illegals smuggled over the border

HPV Vaccines should never be given to boys

Newt Gingrich on Trump and economy

Article that came out last year saying Bill Cosby was framed because he wanted to buy NBC
sounds strange first time I have seen this

SC Corrections - charged w/ Rackettering

DACA Judge keeping it alive

Whitehouse dinner for French President was the same China that the Clinton's stole and had to return to the Whitehouse, - no coincidence

Muslim running in Michigan, the state where they have already perfored FGM on women

Student in a school built a cry closet - wow, so strange

Chemtrails now found to be causing illness by a doctor

Professor charged for spraying fake blood on the NRA's house wow

N Korea test site collapsed and could have been leaking into the air, could be reason that they are suspending testing

Sessions investigating Obama & missing $6 Billion

Supreme court likely to uphold travel ban

Melania was stunning for French President

The danger we are in, smart phones, smart car keys, our bank accounts, wake up everyone

Pedogate Internet ring of 70,000 or more

Monday, April 23, 2018

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Tape of Uranium One w/ Democrats

We must fight video inside Q  made in 2013 

 CNN historic change w/ N. Korea giving up nuclear weapons

James Comey on the view, just too stupid for words

Rabbi forced 17 year old into prostitution

Spirit Cooking Marine lies about her "art work" 
Marina Abromovic!

Allison Mack granted $5 Million bond 

British men caught in Thailand orgy by cops

Democrats will lose in mid terms if Republicans link her to the failure of dems, 

The Real Trump 

Kanye West took the red pill

Alan Dershowitz, Mueller should be investigated

 Milo had to leave NY bar due to bullying

French President gives Donald Trump a tree for the south lawn

French Billionaire detained while Trump meets Marcon

President Trump

NJ has new ticks dangerous

Mexico - Illegals seeking asylum going to be made difficult

Madonna loses in court over her posssessions

Senator Warren and Shiva in the political race, they tried to make Shiva take down his signs

Smart Meters are taking your life resume inside your home

In the Trump lawsuit now they can depose Hillary

On Fox, calling the democrats socialists

Jerry Brown destroying Calif, ICE wants him locked up

CIA created al Qaeda

Trump tweets about california breeding illegals in the streets

City Vice Chair indicted on fraud charges

Paying for illegals is still inside the budget, would save us $210 million or more to eliminate it, but dems would not,

EPA they want to destroy Pruitt, because he's cutting out the slush funds

The lie we were told about those that died in the Challenger space ship, did not die and 6  of the 7 are still here

Amazon, so frightening, now delivering to your car, meaning they spy right to your auto wow

Stormy Daniels lawyer cancels on Fox

Awan Brothers

President Trump by SOL

Trump and Marcon at the Whitehouse

Goose attacks a golfer that got too close to the eggs

Mexico, - wants to literally cut the hands off of people that steal

Jeff Sessions not recusing himself from Michael Cohen case

Trump fires a reporter, does not say who

Mike Huckabee

Planned Parenthood sues to stop inspections - wow,  what are they hiding?

 Penn State bans outdoor hikes that have been on ongoing tradition
saying too risky, no cell phone coverage for protection

French President uses illuminati signs at White House balcony

 Comey lawyers up

Boston Globe faked news about Boston Marathon Bombing

Federal Judge rules trump should continue DACA

McCabe issued stand down order on Clinton Investigation

China launches

Strzok and Page text messages being released

Judicial Watch releases 29 pages of Tarmac meeting notes

DC Russia hacking comes from Google linked firm

Military plane crashes, pilot survives