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The truth never changes, lies always do

Monday, April 23, 2018

Tuesday April 24, 2018

Tape of Uranium One w/ Democrats

We must fight video inside Q  made in 2013 

 CNN historic change w/ N. Korea giving up nuclear weapons

James Comey on the view, just too stupid for words

Rabbi forced 17 year old into prostitution

Spirit Cooking Marine lies about her "art work" 
Marina Abromovic!

Allison Mack granted $5 Million bond 

British men caught in Thailand orgy by cops

Democrats will lose in mid terms if Republicans link her to the failure of dems, 

The Real Trump 

Kanye West took the red pill

Alan Dershowitz, Mueller should be investigated

 Milo had to leave NY bar due to bullying

French President gives Donald Trump a tree for the south lawn

French Billionaire detained while Trump meets Marcon

President Trump

NJ has new ticks dangerous

Mexico - Illegals seeking asylum going to be made difficult

Madonna loses in court over her posssessions

Senator Warren and Shiva in the political race, they tried to make Shiva take down his signs

Smart Meters are taking your life resume inside your home

In the Trump lawsuit now they can depose Hillary

On Fox, calling the democrats socialists

Jerry Brown destroying Calif, ICE wants him locked up

CIA created al Qaeda

Trump tweets about california breeding illegals in the streets

City Vice Chair indicted on fraud charges

Paying for illegals is still inside the budget, would save us $210 million or more to eliminate it, but dems would not,

EPA they want to destroy Pruitt, because he's cutting out the slush funds

The lie we were told about those that died in the Challenger space ship, did not die and 6  of the 7 are still here

Amazon, so frightening, now delivering to your car, meaning they spy right to your auto wow

Stormy Daniels lawyer cancels on Fox

Awan Brothers

President Trump by SOL

Trump and Marcon at the Whitehouse

Goose attacks a golfer that got too close to the eggs

Mexico, - wants to literally cut the hands off of people that steal

Jeff Sessions not recusing himself from Michael Cohen case

Trump fires a reporter, does not say who

Mike Huckabee

Planned Parenthood sues to stop inspections - wow,  what are they hiding?

 Penn State bans outdoor hikes that have been on ongoing tradition
saying too risky, no cell phone coverage for protection

French President uses illuminati signs at White House balcony

 Comey lawyers up

Boston Globe faked news about Boston Marathon Bombing

Federal Judge rules trump should continue DACA

McCabe issued stand down order on Clinton Investigation

China launches

Strzok and Page text messages being released

Judicial Watch releases 29 pages of Tarmac meeting notes

DC Russia hacking comes from Google linked firm

Military plane crashes, pilot survives