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Monday, April 23, 2018

Monday April 23, 2018


Florida Judge removed

Obama - file & fake identity!Kyw1CZDA!d1Qy4fqtFkbEk-2YcRdou9eV_IW7Y1GKoPVEdAKsGgo

Bottled water is a scam

Devin so brave on taking down Hillary, can't wait til she's locked up

Nancy Pelosi - wealth 1% of population

Book exerpts show Cher taking off her clothes as a babysitter of a minor

Pedogate UK

They are petitioning to abolish the house of lords, these are major changes going on in the world

St. Louis and other places sprayed w/ chemical warfare

Woman fined $500 for carrying an apple from France to USA


 Jim Jordon might run for speaker of the house

These countries got weapons deals from Hillary

Kayne posters are being put around,

Allison Mack  jailed without bail
David Seaman

The FBI cleared Flynn back in 2017 so my guess is he will be freed from his charges soon

Rod Rosenstein - awake enough to know he should leave DOJ

Jeff Sessions gives $1 Million to FL after parkland shooting

CNN loses 30% of their viewing audience

Roger Stone demands the preservations of servers in the Trump law suit

Red Cross and Haiti

Sex cult parties w/ Richard Branson

Allison Mack tried to lure others to sex cult

George Bush in intensive care

QAnon hashtag hit 60 Million impressions

What's in a hotdog?????

Clinton Foundation - biggest scandal in history

Papadopoulos on Russia Collusion

Q Thread for today

Stormy Daniels garbage

Tippy Top  Hannity Our Sanity Hour

McCabe wants more go fund me funds

Trump asks Netanyahu if he wants peace

Jeff Sessions on illegal caravan

House Judiciary Committee agrees to share the sought after documents

Former NY Mayor wants to cut a check for the Paris Accord

Armenian PM resigns today

James woods on twitter