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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Saturday April 28, 2018

Trump Rally Photo - Q Trust the Plan

This is the line of cars heading to the rally - wow

President Trump salutes at the rally

Juanita Broderick says now it's time to lock up Bill Clinton

Alphie Evans dies from starvation - too sick for words

Conservative Judge rules for 1st Amendment 

Sumo coach & wife sexual harassment to students 

 The fight over illegals at the border 

Fox News at the border

Drugs found in shipment to Starbucks - wow 

 Ben Carson - taking away HUD housing abuses 

 CNN Money on Ben Carson balancing the HUD program

 Fox News, Hillary trying to con for additional funds for daycare for people working on dem platform 

Bridget Macron says she is freer to go outside in Paris, less scrutiny than Melania

15 ce;ebrities that support Trump

2 Sheriff's murdered since the Parkland shooting, why?????

 Texas couple enslaved a girl for 16 years

 Celebrities who stopped following Kayne

Milo says many people secretly support Trump but can't say it

Roseanne, does expose mind control, her show is fine

Border jumpers will face jail - migrant crisis

In Maine, the democrats VOTE for Female Genital Mutilation

JFK the lies the told, there were 2 shooters

Cuomo insists feds cease arresting illegals

President Trump credited for ending Korean war

Bill Cosby - on house arrest

The Setup of Flynn was a total trap for him

Hulk Hogan extortion case & Stormy Daniels extortion case = same lawyer

$100 bill scam - don't go get the fake money

Q anon - Ex Presidents being jailed = pay attention

Cosby's conviction sends a clear message - end of sexual assault

Trump may visit Jerusalem for embassy moving

Secret Service issues statement over the lies spread to try to prevent the VA doctor from being approved, disgusting

2/3 voters support cut in legal immigration

Troy CA trying to harm students and is full of microwave technology

3,5 Million people fleeing from California and NY

29 year old teacher w/ teenage student

California sex trafficking and pedogate ring

Democrats cut out Melania of photo, now lie to hide humiliation

Kim Un Speaks

Divine Cosmos talking about the takedown, long article

Theft of social media  American Intelligence
Facebook & Mark Zuckerberg

Wikileaks releases more Clinton emails,  Hillary says she's removed from ordinary people lol

Video of MSM already planning that Hillary won,

Trump calls for Tester to resign 

Down The Rabbit Hole Q

Trump Rally in Michigan instead of Correspondent's dinner

SOL  Hillary Campaign

Prison Time for Mexican Cops - rape bribery