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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Thursday April 26, 2018

Subway closing 500 stores

Upset about the President's Pardon

Mariah Carey 

 Bill Clinton encouraged President Trump to run

Hillary wants to "sell" her voter list

 Awan giving data to Pakistan

 Frank Sinatra trafficked underage girls

Harvey Weinstein trying to murder Rose McGowan

Melania's Birthday and amazing photos

CNN Melania 

Allison Mack trying to lure others into her sex cult 

Jeff Sessions is he pretending to be doing nothing when he's doing everything?

Hollywood - collapsing

Macaulay Culkin

Louisiana on Sodomy and Beastiliaty bill  omg what a sad world

Revealing that 9/11 was a controlled demolition

NY Judge 0ut of their mind saying people can be kicked out of a bar because they support TRump

Facebook trying to not censor conservatives now?

Meryl Streep & Harvey Weinstein

Pedophile Illegal immigration who was murdered - body put in front of Parliament

MSNBC - We were paid to spread CIA propaganda

Big Pharma synthetic marijuana is killing people

48 Page on how corrupt Robert Mueller is - True Pundit

Delta tied a woman to her wheelchair????? What  these airlines are insane

Michael Cohen & Stormy hearing

They put Diamond and Silk under oath, but not Mark Zuckerberg  WOW

Diamond and Silk

Dan Bongino on the abuse to Diamond and Silk 

Senate approves a bill to protect special counsel

John Bolton cleaning house

 Ted Cruz has left opposition in senate race

Bill Cosby convicted of rape

Cosby show pulled from TV after verdict 

Bill Cosby - terrible after verdict, left screaming

JFK Documents released

HSBC Former head sentenced for global banking scheme 

Brittany Spears prays for forgiveness over illumaniti connections

Pompeo confirmed as Secretary of State

Jeff Sessions on Marijuana

Q Said in January the texts would be missing and here we are now, w/ them being "found" and released

Voting out Sheriff in Florida Wow

Teacher walkout closes schools

Grand jury's set up for McCabe and Comey

NY Judge rules against MAGA hat

Jeff Sessions testifies to wrapping up Mueller probe

Sexual survivor's house set ablaze to prevent her from giving names to police

NBC News coverage of N Korea & S Korea

N & S Korea meet

Walmart FEMA camps

Trey Gowdy on Leaking - why isn't Comey in cuffs?

Michael Cohen was thought to be in line for Chief of Staff

MS 13 Gang brings in underage kids to USA to be in this gang and get juvenile 

Lindsey Lohen's mom loses the house in NY failed to appear in court

Tom Brockaw - sexual harassment accusations

Facebook - Conservative Erin Cruz having her accounts tampered with

Nevada - has to sue 1st Amendment over 2nd Amendment

Paul Ryan dismisses house chaplain who is Catholic, no one knows why

Koch Brothers tried to manipulate w/ DACA and use Abraham Lincoln

Trump delays some JFK files until 2021  wow, so deep state

 Allison Mack on recruitment video for sex trafficking

Guilty until proven innocent - new standard

copy of the shell game, and everyone knows it, and no one does anything to prosecute them 

Coast Guard sends illegals back to Cuba