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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Dec 10 2017

Trump Saves Christmas - youtube video

Hiding FBI crimes
Hiding FBI crimes


New Q Message

16 Songs That Came from Christmas movies

Tax Plan

Sara Huckabee Gving President Trump Credit  (even though Obama is trying to take credit)

Trump - Fire fake news reporter

Mueller Lied !!!!!

Going After Hillary & Obama



Prince - Murdered?  Likely

Luis Gutierrez retires from Congress

80 yr old marries 12 yr old

mean cruel bullying

what bullying does to a child

Celebrity reaches out to Keaton

Hillary go away

80 yr old marrying a 12 year old

Mueller represented Clinton Foundation against Racketeering charges

Congress calling for Mueller resignation

Taking on Ford Motor Co -

12 Previous Presidents did not do what Trump is doing

FISA Abuse - Nunes

Making fun of Obama - too funny

Supreme Court Rules Trump can withhold documents on DACA

Awesome snowman

It's like 2 countries, not 2 different Presidents

Hillary money trail all the way to Canada

John Stahl - on the trash of NY Times

Obama Admin - more corrupt than the mob

Are these the leakers?

Black Community would not share the stage w/ Trump

How can anyone lose track of our soldiers?

The Fires in CA video saying China owns Calif

Dec 9th 2017

Murder conviction stands

More Countries agree w/ Trump about Jerusalem

9th Circuit Court Judge

Former Democrat

Trump to be in Mississippi

Air force bombs suspected drug labs

Trump in Mississippi

Casey Anthony

Leaking James O'Keefe donor list

The donor list

Transgender Olympics

Arizona Cops murder in hotel

Media meltdown over Trump's tweets

Google's lie of removing videos



Chicago - abusing a disabled person 0 jail time

The Pope Slams Trump over Declaring Jerusalem = Capital

Terrance Williams

Lindsey Vonn injured

Glee Club (Navy) Singing in the snow - Nat'l Anthem

Forgery - Gloria Allred

Handwriting expert turns on Gloria

To Gloria on Twitter

Judge Jeanine - Take Them out in Handcuffs

Germany - allowing for murder

UN Rejects The Capital Claim - Tragic

Child Trafficking

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dec 8 2017

CA fire destroys home after purchase 5 days ago

Real Indian taking down Senator Warren in 2018

Going After Hillary is not yet done

Mark Zuckerberg changing diapers  - scary photo for me

Deep state still trying to operate & run a 2nd gov't 2 sets of rules

Ungrateful basketball players

Joe Arpaio

Mueller Investigation crumbles

Mueller getting ready to get out

Shooter dresses as a student

Ouch, Kevin Spacey

Roy Moore Accuser


Wikileaks Calling Out Fake News


Julian to CNN = 18 questions

Defending Julian

Donald Trump JR


Tooooo Funny, Doggie Dress Up

Tomi Lahren

Mueller dirty cop

Manafort working on case while under house arrest

Cop Workout

Moore - Yearbook Forgery

Made up story unfolds

Trump keeping campaign promises

Take Down

Trump & the Troops

New Homeland Sec & Building the wall

Bannon Protecting Trump

Florida Trump Rally

PItiful Obama trying to take credit for Trump's growth

Obama used Brits to spy on Trump

Democrats crash the DNC - they know it's all rigged now

purple tie

banning plexiglas in PA

Seth Rich

Trump - periscope in FL

The Christmas sign in FL

Trump called out everyone

Not worshiping gov't, we worship God

Annonymous - not reporting news is also fake news

Getting our Christmas wish - end fake news

65th record high on dow jones

Auditing the Budget

Baby Trump

Joel Osteen - moving away from church

Standing for National Anthem

Arab news ( they are a day ahead )

Mike Cernovich

Published in Oct - Why Do You Hate Trump ?//  Very funny to watch

Ron Johnson demands FBI Turn over emails

Nov 19 2017

April la June  she is telling the truth  (from some kind of place w/ bricks?  Underground?
but very accurate

Huge news, relating to JFK murder

White House Jumper

Veteran dies

Tues Nov 28 2017

Obama's daughter - wow, apple from the tree

Soros sues DOJ

Fake News

Tax Bill

white rabbit

Liz twitter

Judge Jeanine

Meeting canceled

9th Judge confirmed

Court Rules in Favor of Trump

Sen warren

Deep state trying to derail Q

Fox McCullah


Matt Lauer & Others

Josh Caplan - Matt Lauer

secret button under his desk

senator moore & alabama

Senator Warren


Hillary did not appear for book signing

Judiciary Committee

Congressional Hush Fund

nov 29 Wed 2017

Keith Oberman

Illegal killed innocent victim Thanksgiving night



N. Korea


dems are done


Trump on retweeting England Terror and talking to Theresa May

Nov 30, 2017

Important Watch

the sick deep state & harvesting children

Supreme Court

Matt Lauer apology

Whitehouse changes of staff

Manafort deal

Trump's 3rd quarter salary

Orin Hatch

Kate Steinle

Kate's dad testifies

dems messing w/ tax bill

Dec 2 2017

Agent Removed From Mueller team

Mike Flynn contact w/ other countries - no problem

Obama admin allowed Mike Flynn's contact w/ Russia

Rosa Parks

Trump greeted in NY

Tax Bill

Illegal immigration

Matt Lauer's things

Travel costs for Obama & Trump

Jared Jushner




UN Pullout





Dec 1

Investigating terrorists like Antifa

ending chain immigration

Trump furious over Kate Steinle verdict

Trump's Account deleted

tax reform

Joan Rivers calling out Michelle Obama as a tranny

Trump & MJ

CNN Producer

NFL losing billions


Flynn pleads guilty to 1 count of lying to FBI

Matt Lauer


The Tax Bill


Marco Rubio

Baby talk - too cute

Sexual harassment settlements

Texas Town Drops English as primary language

Dec 5 2017

The liberal lie - pushing their brands to cover for federal crime of the theft of the land

Comey's deal revoked

Mlord & God - Comey

Royal Wedding - Obamas want to go

Queen takes Obamas off guest list

Sean Hannity

Obama's removed from wedding list by Queen

Cop shot serving warrant

Obama used Logan Act on Trump since day 1

Mueller investigation over $5 Million & Nothingburger so far

Charging Flynn is to justify expenses

Mueller's credibility problem

Bill to imprison those that harbor illegals

Putin Defends Trump in October 2017

Maryland - counterfit licenses

18 yr old confesses to molesting 50 children

USA fake news



Trump in Utah

John Conyers resigns

2nd mueller team

Mueller's tab in part

Doug - Alabama

Mueller witch hunt = scam

Leaking info on investigation

Trying to pass dreamers

sean hannity 12/5

Theresa May's life threatened

DOJ handing over messages of anti-trump

Hillary caught paying cash for secret gov't info


The View

Ivanka w/ her boys

Dec 3 2017

Obama - climate change

ABC fake news

Trump to Fox News - No Collusion

Trump's lawyer

Tax Reform

MSM won't cover Kate Steinle Verdict

Merkel & Hitler were photographed when she was so little

FBI - Loretta Lynch



DOJ FBI destroyed to protect Hillary

Documents reveal the coverup

Muslims throwing gays off buildings


Rosie won't stop,

House holds FBI in contempt of Congress


Tom Fitton

fake news is going to honor women now  OMG

Sean Hannity Tweet to Comey

FBI to Trump

Sean Hannity tick tock

James Woods on Kate Steinle Murder

Killed by a shark

Trump - Being Normal
Gold Standard

Roy Moore leading


NFL empty


FBI in trouble for covering for Hilary

Obama should be charged w/ sedition

Dec 4 2017

Ice Detention for Illegal

arresting the bad guys

fighter jets

the case against Trump is bogus

Matt Lauer, Vaccines,

Mom dies 2 days after FLU diagnosis

why we need a wall

It costs $19 Million a day to house illegals in jail waiting to be deported

Travel ban approved & stated that it does not discriminate against Muslims

Dismissed FBI agent changed Comey's report

Mueller & his affair

Podesta interviewed again


Sean Hannity 12/4/17

Obama holdover

Obama's crimes

Dec 6 17

Trump tipping rule

Fox, most tweeted news in 2017

Nancy Pelosi

Kate Steinle

murder & pedogate

Trump Declares Jerusalem The Capital

Rainbow over Jerusalem today

prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Fox News on Jerusalem

Obama promising in 2008, but failed & then paid Palestine

288 Months of failed presidents could not do this, Trump did it in 10 months

Moving the Embassy

Sen Warren

FBI Directors ignored sexual harassment claims

Time cover

Theresa May

WIping away the Clinton evidence

House turns down impeachment vote

Judge awards $1 Million to illegal 's right wow

Mueller investigation


Drug Bust


100 Year Old, Still Sewing

Flynn Indictment clears Trump

Charges for Lois Lerner

Apology rejected

over 10,000 texts

Sessions criminal charges for selling body parts being investigated

Obama called ISIL vs ISIS

Corey Feldman livestream

John Conyers son arrested & appointed

message from Q

Mueller implicated in sex trafficking

House calls in for Mueller's team to testify

Lou Dobbs