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The truth never changes, lies always do

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dec 5 2017

The liberal lie - pushing their brands to cover for federal crime of the theft of the land

Comey's deal revoked

Mlord & God - Comey

Royal Wedding - Obamas want to go

Queen takes Obamas off guest list

Sean Hannity

Obama's removed from wedding list by Queen

Cop shot serving warrant

Obama used Logan Act on Trump since day 1

Mueller investigation over $5 Million & Nothingburger so far

Charging Flynn is to justify expenses

Mueller's credibility problem

Bill to imprison those that harbor illegals

Putin Defends Trump in October 2017

Maryland - counterfit licenses

18 yr old confesses to molesting 50 children

USA fake news



Trump in Utah

John Conyers resigns

2nd mueller team

Mueller's tab in part

Doug - Alabama

Mueller witch hunt = scam

Leaking info on investigation

Trying to pass dreamers

sean hannity 12/5

Theresa May's life threatened

DOJ handing over messages of anti-trump

Hillary caught paying cash for secret gov't info


The View

Ivanka w/ her boys