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The truth never changes, lies always do

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Dec 6 17

Trump tipping rule

Fox, most tweeted news in 2017

Nancy Pelosi

Kate Steinle

murder & pedogate

Trump Declares Jerusalem The Capital

Rainbow over Jerusalem today

prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

Fox News on Jerusalem

Obama promising in 2008, but failed & then paid Palestine

288 Months of failed presidents could not do this, Trump did it in 10 months

Moving the Embassy

Sen Warren

FBI Directors ignored sexual harassment claims

Time cover

Theresa May

WIping away the Clinton evidence

House turns down impeachment vote

Judge awards $1 Million to illegal 's right wow

Mueller investigation


Drug Bust


100 Year Old, Still Sewing

Flynn Indictment clears Trump

Charges for Lois Lerner

Apology rejected

over 10,000 texts

Sessions criminal charges for selling body parts being investigated

Obama called ISIL vs ISIS

Corey Feldman livestream

John Conyers son arrested & appointed

message from Q

Mueller implicated in sex trafficking

House calls in for Mueller's team to testify

Lou Dobbs