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Saturday, February 3, 2018

February 4, 2018

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James Comey pretending he's still in the FBI

LED Lights poisoning us - they are putting them all over the streets

13,605 Sealed Endictments

tweet of sealed endictments

now 18,000 sealed endictments

Trump Tweet

This video has great photos, and this person thinks Trey Gowdy is going to work w/ Mueller,  I disagree, but the video is good and has awesome photos

Judicial weekly update

South Carolina Train Crash  - Wreck  how many of these are there going to be??????

False Flag coming out from the memo coming out, the democrats are losing their minds

She Knew - Hillary did know and did it anyway

Adam Schiff, - losing his mind


Everyone turned off by Superbowl and they are feeling it,

January 23 2018  2 More executives out from sexual harassment

Dan Bongino on the National Anthem

Bongino reveals that McCabe will have to throw Obama under the bus

Rence Preibus states that Trump was not going to fire Mueller

Presidential Speech towards the game


FBI - Superbowl

Players were paid hush money

Boycotting the Superbowl, honoring our heroes

Eagles Win Superbowl

KellyAnne Conway

Roger Goodell's last contract, expires in 2019

Superbowl Security Replaced


Trump was right

Sara Carter

Ex CIA Threatens Trump

DNC is bankrupt

Trump paid more taxes than all of these others

Copy of Mueller Special Counsel investigation related to election of 2016

Human trafficking = 13 arrested back in July but 1 girl brought down so many

Sex Offender released & raped a 13 year old 1 month after release


Grand Jury will be coming soon

Tree of Logic on memo release

Chuck Grassley memo after release asking to investigate Christopher Steele

John McCain trying to pass a plan for DACA but no wall

2006 Article on Adam Schiff = they knew who he was back then, why is he still in power?

Adam Schiff walking the fine line over disclosing classified information


Illegal kills Indiana Colts Player Edwin Jackson

Judicial Watch

Obama's Accomplishments

FOX wins highest State of the Union Address ratings in history

Hoover Dam 58 large safety violations

Steven King's Warning on Obama

Pharmacy Harmacy - Medicine, Health Healthy Big Pharma Iboprufen Pain Pills - Dangers

Doctors are paid to give drugs to patients, and there is a secret payout court for vaccines gone back, even causing death.

Health Ranger - Natural cures instead of pills

Doctors get paid by the drug companies to use the drugs that they carry, and they do not care what happens to you, they write so many side effects on the bottles, they think they are covered

Dr. Irma Rasmussen is just one of hundreds of thousands of doctors all over that harm their own patients, and never let them live within their own natural bodies.  They always prescribe to people and insist on many annual visits to continue to refill your drug prescriptions, and to change them.

Vaccine dangers all over this page, as well as Agenda 21, with Iboprufan, etc

Vaccine Court - payouts for consequences of vaccines



holistic doctors disappearing



Iboprufan linked to hearing loss

$142 Million paid out in secret vaccine court in 2017

10 year old gets $174,000 after vaccine

Friday, February 2, 2018

February 3, 2018

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So expensive to do the 24 hour news, very hard to survive as a truth teller

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Our untrustworthy government

FISA MEMO release


Judge Jeanine

Jesse Waters

Dan Boningo

The Democrats on cable news have gone full police-state. This is an incredibly frightening moment in our history. These aren’t political lightweights, these are Dems with real power. And they’re now all in for police-state spying and faux “you’re a Russian agent” McCarthyism.

Rudolph Conteras - FISA Judge Appointed by Obama

House Intel meeting minutes prior to the release of the memo

Democrats have to write their own version of their own MEMO dissing all of the facts, and defending the crimes of the parties, in fact, they just further implicate themselves

Charges & responses - brilliant

16 Bombshells in the Nunes Memo

Judicial Watch uncovers that Mueller is involved in so much more - Mueller was involved in the IRS Scandal also - targeting conservatives

Corrupt Judge holds on to Comey Memos claiming that Muller can still have access to them, he's part of the FISA court as well.  Very dangerous

Jeff Sessions - No Dept is perfect,  yes but most of them are not treasonous criminal conspirators


Phase 2 - State Dept & John Kerry

Jim Beckwith - End Prophacy Times

Obamagate - Most Consequential Scandal in History

Greg Jarrett - 2nd source comes forward that Rosenstein threatened Nunes

They need to prosecute everyone

Tucker Carlson - an episode of a diseased democrat

Clinton Foundation & Conflict

Freedom of Information Act*&caseNumber=F-2016-07895

Comey Coverup Memo

Hillary Benghazi Email

Paul Gossier Statement on released memo

DOJ seeking criminal prosecution over memo = treason

Adam Schiff - the train crash and helicopter crash

Trey Growdy

Trey Growdy not going to become a federal judge


OMG I thought I had seen everything, but now,  a couple more suprises up China's sleeves
Sex Dolls that do chores


2nd Report on DACA people smuggling illegals over the border

ICE gave notices from 77 business on illegals


You Are Free TV on Monsanto & Amazon

7 People sentences in money scam

Trump Rips Senator Blumenthal for his fake lie about Vietnam

American Thinker

Iran arrests 29 women, who are fighting to remove their head scarves

New York Times posts that DACA and dreamers are the backbone of the democratic party
and we all know it now, and are NEVER going to allow DACA to pass

Federal Judge arrested in Texas

Disney Hands out $125 Million In Bonuses

Massage Parlors - fronts for sex trafficking


Israel National pleads guilty to cocaine charges

Fairbanks - child porn

Austin TX - 7 sentenced

Orange Country CA child porn

Rockford IL - Child Porn


Hillary Documents and Huma emails

Hillary was so dependent on Huma, she never could have operated as a President without her, Huma did everything, including running the USA from Pakistan 3 months a year while she was secretary of state*&caseNumber=F-2016-07895


Trump & Social Security

People write things without any facts to base it.  This title states that Trump will cut social security when there is not 1 stitch of this article that proves this, in all 13 pages.

Russian Plane shot down

6 Arrests for manipulating the market
Gold & Silver Prices Rigged & Some Arrested

zero hedge

Maxine Waters trying to scam through Obamacare,  this would pay people over 1 billion dollars

Cops That Kill

We have to rid the country of all FBI and cops that kill
Their job is to arrest and bring to trial but too many are still Obama overholds and kill people even on camera

Thursday, February 1, 2018

February 2, 2018 Memo Released

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So expensive to do the 24 hour news, very hard to survive as a truth teller

I appreciate any donations


6 more weeks of winter



FISA Court turned DOWN the request to Surveil Trump, so they invented the
dossier to trick the court

Memo is a disgrace - President Trump

Sean Hannity

6 Agencies colluded to spy on Trump

The Memo is only the tablecloth


List of Crimes

False Evidence to a judge to obtain warrant
Wire Tapping, Spying, Unmasking,
Scandal, International Abuse of Power
Abuse of Power
Undermining an Election - Federal Crime
Money Laundering


 DOUBLE OPERATION: It seems the FBI may have simultaneously covered up for Hillary while putting out a surveillance hit on Trump

Donna Davenport blog

Comey disgraced the FBI


Seeking charges for treason now

2nd Memo????

2nd Dossier?

Presidential Authorities

The Memo takes down the following

MEMO  Julian Assange

here's the breakdown of all guilty parties that engaged in trying to take down Trump

More Hillary emails released*&caseNumber=F-2016-07895

378 days ago, we almost lost this country

McCabe Makes Admission

McCabe lawyers up - a lawyer cannot save him

The names of everyone that signed the FISA warrants = jail

Bob Brady retires from Congress

John McCain - now truly blaming Russia

McCain did not "appear" this was just quotes, I think McCain is all done, just a hunch

Truck collision was of course an attempt to kill people before the release of the memo

Comey & McCabe prevented Awan's wife from arrest after this was all discovered about the Awan brothers, they were actually supposed to arrest her, not let her flee

Now they all need to be fired and most of them arrested

Democrats freaking out and trying to downplay it's implications, backfiring of course

The parties involved in this attempt to take down Trump goes on and on,

Trump Comey conversations will not be released

Clinton Obama & Media Treason


Woah!!!!!!!!!  Newsweek heads step down

Arizona - sexual harassment

Amy Schumer admits to being raped

The DNC is nearly broke - finally

Father of the gymnast attacks coach Larry Nassar

Father explains why he snapped, so so sad, he feels like he failed his daughters

Sick Florida robbery steals the remains of a deceased person, & assumes it's drugs

States Running An Underground Government
Governors trying to keep net neutrality even though Trump rules over that, it's federal

Religious Freedom allows people not to take Flu Shots and any other things that are mandated that you do not agree with

way to get out of Vaccines and flu shots

How to get out of flu shots, vaccines, abortions, etc.  religious freedom;postID=8904394044371096797;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=0;src=link

Where to they get rights to force vaccines????  = Corrupt government

Exemptions from vaccines

Era Of Light - Flu Vaccines

200,000 jobs added in January fastest pace in 8 years

Virginia Atty Sentenced

Menendez Case - DOJ drops charges against him and will not retry

Cops Killed a woman, body cam shows (not in this video) but they killed her, this is a crime

Is the NFL paying players hush money to stand for the anthem???

Trump hits Hezzbollah w/ sanctions

Episcopalian Church wants to make God gender neutral

Wikileaks exposes Monsanto & Bill Gates Connection

Man who sold ammunition to Las Vegas Shooter charged

Fidel Castro's Son Kills Himself at age 68

A year ago today, Trump meets Harley owners on the Whitehouse lawn

Electric Strips can cause fires when we plug heaters into them  be so careful

Texas Border Agents Arrest DACA for smuggling in Immigrations

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

February 1, 2018

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I appreciate any donations

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I won't be able to continue without them

Sean Hannity


Woman hand cleaning the Trump star on the walkway

Trump & Justin Trudeau

The Difference between Nixon and Obama

Trump Successes v Obama failures

McCabe learned about Clinton Emails on Weiner's laptop 1 month before he reported them

McCabe - my guess, not likely to get pension, but prison

Massive fear on releasing the memo

Information about FISA warrants

Poll shows dem lead disappears in 2018

Dan Bongino

The panic over the memo release

Memo Release

New texts show Page & Strzok trying to skirt all laws

Pelosi Freakout

Uh Oh The criminals are in trouble now

Releasing the Memo tomorrow morning

Wyden coming out with more classified info against the memo


*** Updated Q Map w/ Shadow Government attached

President's Schedule

Review of the Drug Control Funds

Audits of the Port of Authority


Natalie Woods Murder - Robert Wagner a person of Interest

Natalie Wood - Christopher Walker

UMMMM  how does a 12 year old get into school w/ a gun?

Florida Mayor removed from Office

Presidential Delegates to attend the Winter Olympics

Steel Imports should be tariffed

ICE - Sanctuary City Crackdown


Look at Bill Clinton LYING to the camera on illegal immigration

Obama, the only people who don't want the truth have something to hide - watch

Great video on current news, Trey Growdy

Julian Assange writes in Chinese

Mueller's budget

Frank Luntz -

Now 300 Firms giving tax cuts - WOW  (last week it was 250 companies)

Lost NASA satellite reappears after 13 years

The 4 Tier System

Kelly & Trump

Las Vegas Coroner won't release the autopsy report on the deceased

Mexico Seizure of Russian RPG

Maxine Waters - can anyone be crazier?

Democrats caught playing Candy Crush game during Trump Speech

The Sinking of the Titanic

Flu Cases surge in NY

Haiti Official who exposed the Clinton's is dead

Trump bails on Superbowl interview

Mulvaney needs no funding for 2nd quarter

Newsweek Chair & Finance director step down

January 31, 2018

Thank you to anyone that can help support the channel, website and blog.  I keep trying to get news to everyone

State of the Union Speech goes down in history

Press Secretary calls out Nancy Pelosi

First Lady did not stand, twitter goes wild

still true now

Most tweeted about State of the Union address

Trump cleverly did not mention Obama by name, but he referred to him

Trump didn't mention Obama by name last night, but he referenced him several times. My favorite instance was this pair of lines by Trump: "We don't run our military according to an artificial timetable." "We no longer tell our enemies our plans,"

Democrats wearing every label but the American Flag 

Democrats complained that Trump used "America" 80 times in his speech  - so ridiculous

Democrats throwing shoes at the screen while watching the SOTU Address

Matt Gaetz warns Clintons - Justice coming

HUGE Mueller requests Michael Flynn sentencing be postponed due to memo and Strzok

I pray they are all arrested, no pensions

More delays in releasing the memo 

Trying to alter the memo 

The meeting before the memo release

Saying less than 24 hours now, let's see

Christopher Wray & Rod Rosenstein object to memo release

Germany testing auto exhaust on humans and monkeys

Germany overspent it's budget on refugees under Merkel

Germans taking their country back

Sex trafficking protection during superbowl

James Munder's computer is being targeted - he does a lot on Q QAnon

Accident killing at least 1 GOP lawmaker

Train Wreck

Trey Gowdy returning to the Justice System, he can be more effective there this is amazing news

Trey Gowdy Statement

Trye Gowdy on the FBI

Memo being released soon

IRS investigator arrested on sexual assault


Human Trafficking crackdown - California
500+ arrested, 56 rescued

Former Schwartzenegger manager arrested in child trafficking ring

Resignation of Center for Disease control - huge huge

Immigration Marriage fraud

Rape claims in Paris

Fastest Rise since 2008

Judicial Watch Reveals That Obama tried to undermine Trump

James Munder Computer attacked and strange van outside his house

Julian Assange on Hillary protecting sexual harasser

Tom Brady wishes all troops well before Superbowl

Bob Brady Retiring from Congress

Skin Cancer

Pedogate - gymnastics

Bernie Sanders - waste of a senate seat

More messy politics and affairs

Suicide does not make sense
Dr. Dean Lor????

Suing Equifax

Newport Beach Helicopter Crash

Ending Chain Migration - President Trump

Red Pill

Main Stream Media & other puppets of Rothschilds