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Friday, February 2, 2018

February 3, 2018

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Our untrustworthy government

FISA MEMO release


Judge Jeanine

Jesse Waters

Dan Boningo

The Democrats on cable news have gone full police-state. This is an incredibly frightening moment in our history. These aren’t political lightweights, these are Dems with real power. And they’re now all in for police-state spying and faux “you’re a Russian agent” McCarthyism.

Rudolph Conteras - FISA Judge Appointed by Obama

House Intel meeting minutes prior to the release of the memo

Democrats have to write their own version of their own MEMO dissing all of the facts, and defending the crimes of the parties, in fact, they just further implicate themselves

Charges & responses - brilliant

16 Bombshells in the Nunes Memo

Judicial Watch uncovers that Mueller is involved in so much more - Mueller was involved in the IRS Scandal also - targeting conservatives

Corrupt Judge holds on to Comey Memos claiming that Muller can still have access to them, he's part of the FISA court as well.  Very dangerous

Jeff Sessions - No Dept is perfect,  yes but most of them are not treasonous criminal conspirators


Phase 2 - State Dept & John Kerry

Jim Beckwith - End Prophacy Times

Obamagate - Most Consequential Scandal in History

Greg Jarrett - 2nd source comes forward that Rosenstein threatened Nunes

They need to prosecute everyone

Tucker Carlson - an episode of a diseased democrat

Clinton Foundation & Conflict

Freedom of Information Act*&caseNumber=F-2016-07895

Comey Coverup Memo

Hillary Benghazi Email

Paul Gossier Statement on released memo

DOJ seeking criminal prosecution over memo = treason

Adam Schiff - the train crash and helicopter crash

Trey Growdy

Trey Growdy not going to become a federal judge


OMG I thought I had seen everything, but now,  a couple more suprises up China's sleeves
Sex Dolls that do chores


2nd Report on DACA people smuggling illegals over the border

ICE gave notices from 77 business on illegals


You Are Free TV on Monsanto & Amazon

7 People sentences in money scam

Trump Rips Senator Blumenthal for his fake lie about Vietnam

American Thinker

Iran arrests 29 women, who are fighting to remove their head scarves

New York Times posts that DACA and dreamers are the backbone of the democratic party
and we all know it now, and are NEVER going to allow DACA to pass

Federal Judge arrested in Texas

Disney Hands out $125 Million In Bonuses

Massage Parlors - fronts for sex trafficking


Israel National pleads guilty to cocaine charges

Fairbanks - child porn

Austin TX - 7 sentenced

Orange Country CA child porn

Rockford IL - Child Porn


Hillary Documents and Huma emails

Hillary was so dependent on Huma, she never could have operated as a President without her, Huma did everything, including running the USA from Pakistan 3 months a year while she was secretary of state*&caseNumber=F-2016-07895


Trump & Social Security

People write things without any facts to base it.  This title states that Trump will cut social security when there is not 1 stitch of this article that proves this, in all 13 pages.

Russian Plane shot down

6 Arrests for manipulating the market
Gold & Silver Prices Rigged & Some Arrested

zero hedge

Maxine Waters trying to scam through Obamacare,  this would pay people over 1 billion dollars