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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

February 1, 2018

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Sean Hannity


Woman hand cleaning the Trump star on the walkway

Trump & Justin Trudeau

The Difference between Nixon and Obama

Trump Successes v Obama failures

McCabe learned about Clinton Emails on Weiner's laptop 1 month before he reported them

McCabe - my guess, not likely to get pension, but prison

Massive fear on releasing the memo

Information about FISA warrants

Poll shows dem lead disappears in 2018

Dan Bongino

The panic over the memo release

Memo Release

New texts show Page & Strzok trying to skirt all laws

Pelosi Freakout

Uh Oh The criminals are in trouble now

Releasing the Memo tomorrow morning

Wyden coming out with more classified info against the memo


*** Updated Q Map w/ Shadow Government attached

President's Schedule

Review of the Drug Control Funds

Audits of the Port of Authority


Natalie Woods Murder - Robert Wagner a person of Interest

Natalie Wood - Christopher Walker

UMMMM  how does a 12 year old get into school w/ a gun?

Florida Mayor removed from Office

Presidential Delegates to attend the Winter Olympics

Steel Imports should be tariffed

ICE - Sanctuary City Crackdown


Look at Bill Clinton LYING to the camera on illegal immigration

Obama, the only people who don't want the truth have something to hide - watch

Great video on current news, Trey Growdy

Julian Assange writes in Chinese

Mueller's budget

Frank Luntz -

Now 300 Firms giving tax cuts - WOW  (last week it was 250 companies)

Lost NASA satellite reappears after 13 years

The 4 Tier System

Kelly & Trump

Las Vegas Coroner won't release the autopsy report on the deceased

Mexico Seizure of Russian RPG

Maxine Waters - can anyone be crazier?

Democrats caught playing Candy Crush game during Trump Speech

The Sinking of the Titanic

Flu Cases surge in NY

Haiti Official who exposed the Clinton's is dead

Trump bails on Superbowl interview

Mulvaney needs no funding for 2nd quarter

Newsweek Chair & Finance director step down