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Monday, January 29, 2018

January 30, 2018 State of The Union Address

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Message to America

Melania Trump stuns in white

Trump leaving w/ speech in hand

Democrats played Candy Crush at the SOTU address

High approval rating


President Trump's State of the Union Speech

Full text of State of the Union Address and Speech

Look at the Democrats during the speech

Look at the black democrats when they hear that this is the lowest black unemployment in history

Preston Sharp covered 40K graves w/ flags, can you imagine?

5 Things Democrats did not stand or clap for

Sean Hannity

Ivanka Trump at dinner before speech w/ her family

Trump does so much to turn the economy around, highest in history

Trump Extends Open Hand To Democrats On Immigration

Police Officer who adopted heroin addicted baby is Trump's guest

President's Order on maintaining Gitmo

Democrats bringing illegals to State of the Union Address

Democrats  threatening violence if illegals are arrested

Illegals should be arrested if they attend

Look how the Democrats want everyone down, submissive, broken, so they can use and control us all,

All illegals should be arrested if they try to attend

Boycotting the State of the Union Speech, the dirty dozen

Obama & Clinton slammed illegal immigration at their speeches

Investigation on McCabe now continues

Saying now that Trump will release the memo after the speech, perfect timing

Look at Jeff Bezos Worth - Ouch

Dreamers Arrested for Human Smuggling across the border

This is the tortured man that had to escape w/ his crutches from N. Korea.  Originally, these type of situations were the only ones that came here, and then it was abused.

Stormy Daniels - what a sleaze

Q QAnon postings

Hamas founder shoots himself and dies

Trying to overthrow the government - all are guilty of this

Counter Intelligences Reviewed the Memo to be released & did not find any factual errors, which means they were giving it the OK to be released

Rosenstein will be fired after memo is released

Bob Mueller - let's end the witchhunt

Shocked to the core

2nd dossier

Bongino blasts Adam Schiff and he should, what a coward and liar

Money stolen from ATM's

My guess is that these were ordered under Obama, not Trump

Bullying has gotten insane,  now they are trying to bully Tom Brady's daughter?

FCC Chairman opposes 5G,  and we all should, that is total control over our phones and spying on us

Globalist health care


For people that won't face body doubles, and that Hillary is not what you think you see, maybe this photo will help.

Bi Partisan Approach to DACA  will never work

Glee Star Commits Suicide at age 35 - so tragic

Deep State - Going Down

Hillary turning off democrats

Las Vegas shooter (2nd one) unopened  Douglas Haig

Gloria Allred now suing Walmart for a girl's hair locks - (celebrity cases are down)

Hillary campaign manager says Hillary overruled her, kept sexual assault staffer