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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January 31, 2018

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State of the Union Speech goes down in history

Press Secretary calls out Nancy Pelosi

First Lady did not stand, twitter goes wild

still true now

Most tweeted about State of the Union address

Trump cleverly did not mention Obama by name, but he referred to him

Trump didn't mention Obama by name last night, but he referenced him several times. My favorite instance was this pair of lines by Trump: "We don't run our military according to an artificial timetable." "We no longer tell our enemies our plans,"

Democrats wearing every label but the American Flag 

Democrats complained that Trump used "America" 80 times in his speech  - so ridiculous

Democrats throwing shoes at the screen while watching the SOTU Address

Matt Gaetz warns Clintons - Justice coming

HUGE Mueller requests Michael Flynn sentencing be postponed due to memo and Strzok

I pray they are all arrested, no pensions

More delays in releasing the memo 

Trying to alter the memo 

The meeting before the memo release

Saying less than 24 hours now, let's see

Christopher Wray & Rod Rosenstein object to memo release

Germany testing auto exhaust on humans and monkeys

Germany overspent it's budget on refugees under Merkel

Germans taking their country back

Sex trafficking protection during superbowl

James Munder's computer is being targeted - he does a lot on Q QAnon

Accident killing at least 1 GOP lawmaker

Train Wreck

Trey Gowdy returning to the Justice System, he can be more effective there this is amazing news

Trey Gowdy Statement

Trye Gowdy on the FBI

Memo being released soon

IRS investigator arrested on sexual assault


Human Trafficking crackdown - California
500+ arrested, 56 rescued

Former Schwartzenegger manager arrested in child trafficking ring

Resignation of Center for Disease control - huge huge

Immigration Marriage fraud

Rape claims in Paris

Fastest Rise since 2008

Judicial Watch Reveals That Obama tried to undermine Trump

James Munder Computer attacked and strange van outside his house

Julian Assange on Hillary protecting sexual harasser

Tom Brady wishes all troops well before Superbowl

Bob Brady Retiring from Congress

Skin Cancer

Pedogate - gymnastics

Bernie Sanders - waste of a senate seat

More messy politics and affairs

Suicide does not make sense
Dr. Dean Lor????

Suing Equifax

Newport Beach Helicopter Crash

Ending Chain Migration - President Trump

Red Pill

Main Stream Media & other puppets of Rothschilds