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Thursday, October 4, 2018

October 2018

October 1, 2018

First Lady departs

Melania at be best tour

IRS apologizes for targeting conservative groups

Trump awards his own secret service man Medal of Honor

Alyssa Milano - one scary girl look at her tweet, making fun of Kayne West

Dr Shiva voting against Senator Warren

Indonesia Tsunami & Quake

House republicans vote to release Russia probe documents

White powder sent in envelopes - wow

Recin sent to Trump
Utah man arrested for sending recin

US Navy veteran was the recin suspect

Ontario Canada bus driver sentenced to 5 years after lacing kids treats w/ semen

438 seats up for Re-Election

Mueller has Roger Stone's emails

Mueller lets more attorneys go, winding down investigation

October 3, test alert signal from homeland security

Democrats unhinged  ripping up signs in support of Kavanaugh

Trump cracks down on the UN

Jared Kushner helped save a large trade deal

Brad Kern fired from CBS over sex abuse claims

Mike Pompeo to meet Kim Jong Un

Trump terminates Iran deal after UN threatens US

Brazil gun control


FEMA - Presidential Alert

Presidential alert humor

School lockers during presidential alert - too funny

Presidential Alert

Arrest in Dem party of releasing private info

Rape memory from Sharyn Bovat - Diane Feinstein donor

Avenatti & Avenatti porn lawyer ad - too funny

FISA memo released

Russia Collusion

Spygate being blown wide open

Jeff Sessions to testify


The busboy who tried to help Robert Kennedy in 1986, dies

George Bush quote

Thursday morning press conference

James Baker testimony

CA Judge rules against Trump & effort to cease benefits for illegals

Tony Podesta stepping down

Texas Pro life and abortion news  - too sick to process

Trump Flag Quilt

DACA recipient arrested on meth

Crazy biking in Nepal wow, over a cliff

Flight cabin pressure causes nose and ear bleeds - insane

China developing space lasers to detect submarines

Man who designed the Statue of Liberty died 113 years ago today

Switzerland makes homophobia illegal

James Woods

New Mexico border wall

22.1 Illegal immigrants live in USA

Dangerous selfies claim 259 lives

China not happy w/ Trump - they want different President

US indicts 7 Russian intel

Alec Baldwin fired

Georgia transgender policy allows a child to be sexually assualted

Nobel Peace Prize

Hyatt Hotels ban conservatives

Steve Daines Montana attending daughter's wedding over vote for Kavanaugh

OK Daines will vote

Gerber Baby Meets Gerber Baby

Nobel Peace Prize winners

Nobel Peace Prize winner tells all

Better Middler Tweets

Liz Wheeler

Julian Assange

Perkins Coie

Toronto Canada - no sharia march

sparkling water

Hope Hicks hired at Fox

Limo crash

Limo driver arrested, son of the owner

Stormy Daniels

Bulgarian journalist killed

Judicial Watch Documents show US State dept working w/ Albania & Soros w/ our tax dollars

China hacked Hillary server

Columbus Ohio cancels Columbus Day

23B Bill to fund border wall

Juanita Brodderick Petition

Hillary Clinton

zero hedge 33 million won't be traveling

Woman behind Roe V Wade is a conservative that was forced to lie, and used by the democrats

Harvey Weinstein in court

Perjury in Weinstein case

Trump News Gazette
NY Statue of Trump saying Pee on Me,%202018

Trump signs bill banning pharmacies from hiding way to buy less expensive drugs

Nixon's Grandson may join Trump Admin

Fusion GPS Co=Founder, pleading the 5th

Kid Rock at the Whitehouse

Saudi Prince

Trump's Accomplishments

Toxic moms

Ending Human Trafficking

Fall River Mayor unsealed indictment

US Pastor released from Turkish prison

Hurricane Relief campaign = DNC fundraiser page

Security Clearances Revoked

Michael Avenatti

Manchin wanted to use opioid money

Birthday video from Amy Barbara

American Idol singer

Army discharged more than 500 illegals

Border wall funding

Trump calling out the federal reserve

Harrassment from Kayne West visit

Bullying of Melania Trump

Saudi Arabia murder

Iraq murdering women

Pablo Escobar's money found in 2018 on a farmer's land


Senator Warren DNA result

Cherokee Nation responds to Senator Warren

Lindsey Graham on Sen Warren

Senator Warren Consumer

Senator warren faked recipies in a cook book for Indians


Paul Allen Microsoft founder, died at 65

Fox News

Letter Sent to Susan Collins home

Alyssa Milano

Hillary Clinton

Internet Censorship

Trump having a diet coke portrait hanging in the Whitehouse

Twitter was deleting all tweets that proved SEN Warren is not Indian

Senator Warren's husband

FBI raids San Juan Offices

Hondurans trying to come to USA

paying the Honduras women cash

Brazil robbers

Keith Ellison divorce records being revealed

Project  Veritas uncovers more McCaskill Lies

First Man Flops At the Box Office

Arrest - Russia leaked classified documents to Buzzfeed


Melania Trump's plane

Senior FBI Official lied about receiving tickets from the press

Osama Bin Laden hidden by Obama in a safe house

Trump appointing federal judges that are conservative

Trump tops 100 Million in fund raising

Ex USA Gymnastics chief arrested

Nevada - GOP Candidate found dead

Media sues for Trump calling them fake news

Hillary car crash

Cooperating w/ Mueller investigation

Cooperating w/ Michael Horowitz

Washington State Bar Former President Arrested for stealing

Trump tweet on illegals

Treasurey employee arrested

MA Man pleads guilty to sending white powder to Trump's sons

Manafort charges

Trump cuts Obamacare regulations

Faebook delete disabled veteran's page

FBI bribes

FBI agent gets 4 years in prison

Jill Stein

Trump threatens to close border

Trump's new lawyer

America For Sale

Drug cartel

Saudi journalist

Burgers get F for bad things in burgers

Texas registering illegal votes

Russian indicted

mob protests

Trump kids

Kamala Harris, tax cuts

George Soros behind censorship

Trump calling out Russia

attacking  Mitch McConnell in a restaurant,  TMZ

Facebook & Instragram voter fraud


Kate Plus 8

NXIVM scandal

Friday, September 21, 2018

Patreon embezzlement

Donald Strickland
Im a 5 dollar per month giver i was going to back out and could not get into my account to do so 1 Natasha - V Natasha - V 
Natasha - V 4 hours ago Wow, that's ridiculous, you have to be able to get into your own account. I am going to be posting some things in there again, and set them up for part 3, but you need to be able to get in to any accounts that are yours. I want to go check what they are doing w/ your account and see if they have you still active. That may be an account they tamper with. 

 Donald Strickland Donald Strickland 4 hours ago @Natasha - V it may be i hope its not one they jack with the only way i can close it is to cancel my debit card then they cant get any money i thought it was mighty weird i couldnt get it i get no notifications fro patreon on your vids either 

Natasha - V Natasha - V Natasha - V 1 second ago Donald Strickland Here is the link to your account, sign into Patreon under a different email address, and tell them you want access to your own patreon account, (you can threaten to sue them, or report them, but that is your right to have access to your own account, you should not have to cancel a debit card. They are really shameful. But you have a right to every piece of your own virtual property, they might have locked out more of the people that subscribe me to, many don't go on there now since I stopped posting, but I am about to start posting again and this may be common. Veronica Lake

Saturday, September 1, 2018

September 2018

September Summary

Trump rally's

Las Vegas


2 mile long line for Trump rally


Trump rally's on fire

black people speak out


Sharia law in Iran

Texas Hospital charges nurse w/ capital murder

Protests for Julian Assange



Jack CEO Twitter on Trump

Devin Nunes

Ben Sasse At Kavanaugh Hearing

Cory Booker taking bribes

military tribunals

Gamos Family trafficking

Obama blah blah


Obama taking credit is destroyed by CEA Kevin Hassett


cop shooting

CBS Les Moonves to step down

miss Universe dies of liver cancer

Only 750 people turn out to see Obama in CA

Anthony Bourdain

Obama Disneyland

Omarosa Needs to be arrested

Arrests are Imminent read

Ny Post Young Blood

Trump leasing federal land

9/11  17 years later 9/11 tribute

NH polling results,_2018,_election_results

Julian Assange

39 Million Illegals fake social security numbers

Google hid documents for Hillary (from Congress)

Julian Assange Class Conscious

Vatican  Pope calls meeting

China's vaccine scandal

health ranger


NY Post  Economy not Obama's credit

Texas cop murder

turning PA Blue again

dali lama

Manafort plea deal

Julian petition

Texas Votes to erase Hillary


Matt Couch Kavanaugh

Julian Assange - Russia visa

Bret Kavanaugh

Boston gas leaks

illegals and their separations

Hillary midterms

Jeff Sessions

Mueller texts  Freedom watch

Jeff Sessions remarks

Obama foundation
Chicago Sun Times

Trump hug at the North Carolina flood

Trump "hugger" on Fox News

North Korea & South Korea

Gang of 8 seek to defy Trump declassification order

Big Game productions, A Dem's Life

Betsy DeVos
Globalist Education

Democrats stalling any confirmation of a judge for 2 years

The illegal lie
social security fraud

Freedom watch
FOIA release of Mueller emails

Federal Law for those opposing Trump's Executive Order

FEMA executive orders

Ann Coulter on Christine Ford games

go fund me for Christine ford

How to stall a nominee from being appointed to the Supreme Court

Christine Ford excuses

Christine Ford asks for more time, stall tactics

Christine Ford Facebook on confirming Neil Gorsuch

After closing time for Christine Ford, Chuck Grassley extends again

James Woods locked out of Twitter, for a tweet

Rod Rosenstein - wearing a wire

Rosenstein denial

Rosenstein leak interpretation

Sara Carter

Rosenstein's weak denial

Rosenstein - NY Times

Rosenstein 2nd time wearing a wire to set up Trump (discussed)

Sean Hannity on how they want to set up Trump

Brett Kavanaugh - accuser must testify - or move to vote, it's a setup

Christine Ford attorney caught at a "resist" protest

Christine Ford

Christine Ford, Be Careful what you wish for

Christine Ford, trying to defy Chuck Grassley, asks for extension

Friday 10:00 pm deadline passes, no commitment from Christine Ford

Brett Kavanaugh supporters at Trump Rally - Fox News

Saturday 9/22 18 drams


Obama still trying to take credit for Trump

Obama scolds people for not paying attention to him

James O'Keefe part 3

Sean Hannity plays Project Veritas footage at Las Vegas Trump rally

Peter Strzok texts reveal FBI used unsecure server

Wisconson workplace bullying shooting

Trump - get rid of lingering stench at DOJ, FBI

Harvard giving Colin a medal for disrespecting the flag

Google on the election of Trump

NY Bar owner dress code sparked as racist

Paypal bans Alex Jones

Joan Rivers death

Texas republican wins democratic spot held for 139 years

GE Shut down

Bill Cosby Sentencing

Scientists drugged octupuses

man caught who made threats against Trump

This from last year about 1 unclassified memo, and it implicated everyone, now 1 year later, going to finish the declassification of the rest of the documents and implicate everyone

Maxine Waters

Ben & Jerry ice cream - democrats

Yale Study finds double the amount of illegals than we thought

Senator Kirstin Gillibrand tied to NXIUM cult

Kirsten Gillibrand - other sexual harassment hoaxes

Kirstin Gillibrand worked for Harvey Weinstein

3rd witness rejects Kavanaugh accuser allegations

4th person - there was never any party

4 people all deny, here are there names

1) Brett Kavanaugh 2) Mark Judge 3) Patrick J. Smyth 4) Leland Ingham Keyser

Dr Suess - Kavanaugh, lol

Senate Judiciary Page shows hearing postpones

Senate Judiciary Sept 23

Senate Judiciary seeks polygraph & documents

Robby Ball poll

Judge Kavanaugh out of town, shows his calendar for 1982

Christine Ford's Husband

Diane Feinstein trying to smear Kavanaugh

Just like Anita Hill & Clarence Thomas,

Kavanaugh the nail salon thread

now $400K richer, evidence shows no one was at the party

Christine Ford - abortion pill

Kavanaugh Christine Ford thread

2nd and 3rd accusers NY Times

Senator's numbers
Grassley: (202) 224-3744 Hatch: (202) 224-5251 Graham: (202) 224-5972 Cornyn: (202) 224-2934 Lee: (202) 224-5444 Cruz: (202) 224-5922 Sasse: (202) 224-4224 Flake: (202) 224-4521 Crapo: (202) 224-6142 Tillis: (202) 224-6342 Kennedy: (202) 224-4623

Contact info

Michael Avanetti post on Bret Kavanaugh

Brett Kavanaugh must also be asked about this entry in his yearbook: "FFFFFFFourth of July." We believe that this stands for: Find them, French them, Feel them, Finger them, F*ck them, Forget them. As well as the term "Devil's Triangle." Perhaps Sen. Grassley can ask him.

Whitehouse web site 9/24/18

Diane Feinstein releases letter and the font does not match up, it's also cut and pasted

Diane Feinstein did not even receive the original letter, wow

Michael Avanatti hides his twitter account - Sept 25, 2018

Avenatti got pranked

George Soros linked to group to stop Kavanaugh

More terms before she testifies?

Christine Ford's dad works w/ Peter Strzok's mom

Rex Twitter feed

Trump tweet


Trump drafting E/O on social media globalists

Pelosi & Schumer try to defy the executive order

Banning Infowars & Alex Jones

Chicago murders in 2018

Manhunt ends for PA man who threatened POTUS

Vaccines killed 2 infants

Julian Assange

Comcast outbids Fox to buy British network Sky

Natural news, Iphones cell phones & texts all monitored

Self Driving cars

Mark Meadows calls for Rod Rosenstein to testify before Congress

Trump & JFK

Senate map in 2018

Egg Producer caught using child slaves

Before its news shows Obama

Obama Gloria Allred

Twitter - admits to getting paid for anti-Trump tweets  Brian Krassenstein

Clinton Foundation & Australia

James O'Keefe

Murder in FL over an affair

pushing people to vote via the internet

Nike considering cutting Colin Kaepernick

Joy Reid

80,000 people died from flu last year

NH Vote Yes on Question 1

Border patrol agent killed 4 women

Julian Assange

Michael Avanatti - restraining order on his earnings from bankruptcy judge

Trump to unveil infastructure plan

voting hacking

Facebook hacker

Corey Booker - Judicial Watch

Hyatt Hotels - hate groups

North Carolina torture program

House Intel Committee votes to release 53 transcripts

Maxine Waters -

House votes to make tax cuts permanent

Inspector General Report Clinton had direct contact w/ Obama

Democrats seek 5 times more refugees into the USA

China to cut tariffs

Trump ends the sale of aborted baby parts

Canada folds and joins Mexico

Jerry Brown in CA signs net neutrality into law

Kayne West

Tent City - illegal children

UK The Middleton's bloody princess costume pulled from the site