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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday April 29, 2018

Kayne West - tweets are destroying the dem party

Dossier being created on Mueller

Horrible comedian at Correspondent's dinner,  so tacky

Democrats rigged the 2016 election - Sen Warren

Comey memos were fake, set up to appoint a special counsel

Trump in Michigan stated if they don't fund the wall, he will close the country in Sept

Trump rally,  look at this crowd 
Boy Scouts Jamboree - 2017

Berkeley Lawsuit

Tragic car crash, killed parents and baby sister

Anti Trump election tape


Q has revealed the plan

Former White House Florist compliments Melania Trump

Bill Gates warning of a disease to wipe out 30 million
he would know, sick globalist

Bill Gates donates $12 Million towards flu vaccine

Facebook, busting open Silicone Valley

Border Caravan

Border Caravan

Border - beyond belief

Going after leakers, they seem to be trying to target Julian with the rest of the actual leakers of classifed documents

Candace Owens on Tax Cuts for dummies

James Comey's brother  & the connection to Clinton Foundation

Q trying to figure out Kayne & Candace

Facebook poisonous anti Semitic rants

Clapper & Brennan were the only 2 people that had access to Mike Flynn
one of them leaked

Whitehouse dinner comedian was such trash, some people walked out, she went after the Trump staff of women

Government Dual Citizenship List